Birthday wishes for teacher

Birthday wishes for teacher: Take ideas from these funny messages, quotes, greetings and sayings to write something sweet on your teacher’s birthday card. If it is your favorite teacher’s birthday, a couple of boys and girls or even the whole class can pool in some money to buy a small gift. You can take it to the next level by getting everyone to sing Happy Birthday when your teacher walks in. No matter how annoying your teachers or professors seem, always remember that they do it selflessly for the pure love of educating children and giving them a bright future.


1) You teach us math, now let us teach you how to party. Happy birthday teacher.


2) You are so cool that I wouldn’t mind having you as a friend on Facebook. You are so cool that I wouldn’t mind tagging you in a tweet on Twitter. You are so cool that I wouldn’t mind pinning our class photograph on Pinterest. In short, you are the coolest teacher around. Happy birthday.


3) Today is the one day of the year when you are officially allowed to ask us to stop being naughty and annoying. Happy birthday to the teacher who tolerates us all year round with a loving smile.


4) There is not a single gift in the world which can match the gift of education that you give to us every single day. But we still pooled in money to buy a present for our favorite teacher. Happy birthday.


5) Some people say that teachers are guides but we believe that nurturing teachers like you are our second parents. Thanks for making our classrooms feel like our second home. Happy birthday teacher.


6) Do you know what motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement have in common? We get all of them from you. Happy birthday to the teacher who inspires us to be better every day.


7) Sometimes we wonder how awesome it would have been if you were our age and we could study together. Happy birthday to the most fun-loving teacher in the whole school.


8) On your birthday we all want to make a wish that we hope to fail so that we can take your class again next year. Happy birthday to the most awesome teacher ever.


9) History class would have been a sleeping pill if it weren’t for your high energy levels and engrossing story telling ways. Happy birthday to the teacher who can make the most dull subjects come alive.


10) Since it is your birthday today, the whole class encourages you to take the day off. Happy birthday.


11) In every child’s life there is one teacher whose advice, wisdom and teachings remain engraved in the mind for a lifetime. For me, it’s you. Happy birthday.


12) I always thought that being a doctor, scientist or an astronaut was the coolest thing to do. I only realized in hindsight that becoming a doctor, scientist or an astronaut wouldn’t be possible if there were no teachers like you. Happy birthday to the person who has the most important occupation in the world.


13) By teaching me math, you didn’t just teach me how to add numbers but also how to add value to my life. Happy birthday teacher.


14) Before you became my teacher, I thought school was as dry as a desert. But you came and converted it into a beautiful oasis. Happy birthday teacher.


15) You were the only teacher who never told me that I did something wrong or failed at something. All you told me was ‘Why don’t you try again?’ That was what gave me the confidence that I needed to be successful in life. Happy birthday teacher.


16) How can I forget the birthday of the lady who never forgot my birthday when I was young? Happy birthday teacher.


17) For a person who taught me how to read, write and talk, remembering her birthday is not even an ounce of what she did for me. Happy birthday dear teacher.


18) Happy birthday to my first mentor, first idol and first hero. I will always look up to you. Happy birthday.


19) Remembering birthdays unfailingly is just one of the thousands of courtesies and etiquette that you have taught me as my teacher. Happy birthday to the best teacher in the world.


20) I wouldn’t just call you the best teacher in the world, universe or solar system, but the best teacher in the galaxy. Happy birthday.


21) When you taught me Geography, you didn’t just teach me how to find countries on the map of the world. But you have also inspired me to travel and experience the beauty of this planet. Happy birthday.


22) The fact that I remember your birthday even after so many years of finishing high school is proof of my admiration and respect for you. Happy birthday dear teacher.


23) You tirelessly put up with my silly mistakes, tolerate my bad behavior and succumb to my crazy tantrums in school. Even my parents can’t handle that. Happy birthday teacher.


24) Happy birthday to the teacher who teaches me valuable lessons from inside, and from outside the books. May you have a fantastic year ahead.


25) If excellence and dignity were to take the form of a human, they would be born as you. Happy birthday to an excellent and dignified teacher.


26) Most teachers teach students how to read books and understand what is written in them. But you are one of the few teachers who teaches how to implement what is written in them. Happy birthday.


27) I will have happy memories of college not just because of amazing friends, crazy parties, superb seminars and fun college trips. I will have happy memories of college because I have had a great time learning from an awesome professor like you. Happy birthday.


28) To be honest, I have forgotten much of what you taught me in school. But I remember the most important thing, and this is your birthday. Happy birthday teacher.


29) A great teacher does not crack down rebellion in a student. A great teacher channels it in the right way. And you are the teacher in my life who did that. Happy birthday.


30) You make rimless spectacles, vintage trench coats, neck scarves and ink pens looks chic and fashionable. Happy birthday to the coolest teacher ever.


31) I wouldn’t be able to write this message and convey my gratitude to you if you didn’t teach me English in first grade. Happy birthday teacher.


32) You are the best TEACHER in the world because you are Tremendous Exemplary Admirable Commendable Honorable Excellent and Respectable. Happy birthday.


33) You are a better teacher than the character played by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, Sidney Poitier in To Sir With Love, Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker and Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers. Happy birthday.


34) I don’t owe my impressive salary to the way I excelled in my job interview. I owe all the success in my career to the fact that I had an amazing professor like you. Happy birthday to my mentor.


35) Dear teacher, would you mind replacing the party favor in your birthday bash with good grades in my test? Happy birthday.