Birthday wishes for nephew

Birthday wishes for nephew: Be the coolest and best aunt or uncle by surprising your nephew with a cute birthday greeting card. If you can’t meet him, wish him a happy birthday by sending a funny text message and posting a sweet quote on his Facebook. Show your love and pamper him with an expensive gift so that he feels like visiting his favorite aunt or uncle on every weekend. Whether your nephew is a toddler, teenager or adult – don’t think of him as your brother or sister’s son. Instead, treat your nephew like your own child and he too, will treat you like his own father or mother.


1) As your uncle, I am having the best of both worlds – I get to play with you and enjoy your company but I don’t have to worry about your grades or the mistakes you make at school. Happy birthday buddy.


2) Every time I see Justin Bieber on TV, I think of you. That’s because you are my talented, brilliant and good looking nephew who has the potential to become a star. Happy birthday.


3) Before you were born, I was just another ordinary man. But after your birth, I was elevated to the status of being an amazing uncle, all thanks to you. Happy birthday.


4) My birthday gift for you today is giving you the title of the best nephew in the world. I hope your party favor will be to give me the title of the best aunt in the world. Happy birthday.


5) Although I am still young, you are the one who makes my life youthful. Although I have plenty of things to do in the day, you are the one who makes every day enjoyable. Although I have many dreams, you are the one who makes my life worth living. Happy birthday to my adorable nephew.


6) Phew! Thank God I am one of those lucky few, to have a nephew like you. Phew! Thank God you are one of those lucky few, to have an aunt like me. Happy birthday.


7) I know why your parents hate me so much. That’s because they put a lot of their time and effort to discipline you and I put a lot of my time and effort to spoil you. Happy birthday to my dearest nephew.


8) Playing the role of a moderator during your fights with your parents is very easy. All I have to do is take your side. I love you so much. Happy birthday to my little nephew.


9) As you grow older, you will let go of your mischievous days, you immature ways and your naive phase. But please don’t let go of your sense of humor and please continue being my wonderful nephew always. Happy birthday.


10) My Facebook profile actually looks like your Facebook profile because it has more pictures of you than me. That just shows how much I am fond of you. Happy birthday.


11) All my best friends are jealous because now I have a new best friend who is younger and more fun to hang out with – it’s you. Happy birthday, dear nephew.


12) You are like my own child without nine torturous months of pregnancy and excruciating labor pains. No wonder I love you so much. Happy birthday to my dearest nephew-son.


13) You are an awesome sportsperson for your team at school. You are the perfect student for your teachers. You are a loyal friend to your buddies. But you beat all these things by being a terrific nephew to your aunt. Happy birthday.


14) I used to hate the idea of being called an uncle before you were born. But after you were born, being called an uncle became the best thing in my life. Happy birthday.


15) Your parents have done many amazing things for many people. But the best thing that they did for me was to give me an awesome nephew like you. Happy birthday dear nephew.


16) How can I explain to you how much I love you? Try to think of how you would feel if someone gave you a big gift box which had Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PlayStation all together wrapped into one massive gift. That is how I feel every time when I see you. Happy birthday little one.


17) I would never know the real meaning of the words mischief, fun, tantrums, excitement, thrill and adventure without having a nephew like you in my life. Happy birthday.


18) I have always been praying to God that whenever I get married and start a family, I want to have a son who is not similar to you, but exactly like you. Happy birthday dear.


19) Warning: You may be embarrassed when you log into Facebook today because I have posted your childhood pictures with me and tagged you in it. But it’s all fair because today is your birthday. Have a good one.


20) My birthday wish for you is that you should become famous, wealthy and successful. Then I will become a famous uncle of a famous nephew. Happy birthday.


21) I was looking for a cute birthday quotes on the internet but after searching for many hours I realized that there cannot be any quote that is even half as cute as my nephew. Happy birthday to you.


22) The difficulty with having a nephew like you is that everyone else in the family becomes too boring to spend time with. But I am fine with that as long as you keep visiting me every weekend. Happy birthday.


23) You are a star basketball player, but that is not what I am really happy about. You are a star student, but that is not what I am really happy about. You are a star at school, but that is not what I am really happy about. You are a star nephew to your aunt, and that is what I am really happy about. Happy birthday.


24) You motivate and inspire me to become the best aunt ever by being the best nephew ever. Happy birthday dear.


25) You help me with moving the lawn and running errands on the weekends and I help you with doing your homework and teaching you how to flirt with girls. I think we are a perfect uncle-nephew pair. Happy birthday mate.


26) If everyone in the world had a nephew like you, no one would ever bother having kids of their own. Happy birthday to my nephew.


27) If God distributed one nephew like you in every family, the concept of dysfunctional families would never exist, because you spread joy and laughter everywhere you go. Happy birthday.


28) I always considered myself to be a strong woman until a cute nephew like you came into my life. Now you have become my weakness because my heart melts when I see your cute face and I can’t help but splurging out on expensive gifts for you. Happy birthday.


29) The best thing about being an aunt of such a handsome young man is that I can make all my younger female friends go green with envy. Happy birthday young man.


30) I must confess that sometimes I get very annoyed because I am jealous of your parents for having a son like you. I guess I will just have to settle for being your aunt who pampers you with gifts all the time. Happy birthday to my sweet nephew.