Birthday poems for nephew

Birthday card poem for a nephew

Birthday poems for nephew: In an ideal situation, aunts and uncles share a special kind of relationship with their nephews. Unlike a parent-son bond, this relationship is more about pampering and spoiling rather than nagging and scolding. This is why people carry fond memories about their aunts and uncles from their teenage years. Write a cute poem on a birthday card to let your little nephew know how special he is to you. From cool quotes to sweet messages to funny rhymes – make sure your greeting stands out from everyone else in the family. Don’t forget to follow up your wishes with a gift that he will love and go nuts over. Your nephew’s birthday is the perfect moment to cement your status as his favorite aunt or uncle. Don’t let it slip by.


1) A nephew so sweet

A nephew so cute

His adorable charms

You just can’t refute

A nephew so bubbly

A nephew so loving

His presence in my life

Means to me, everything

A nephew so innocent

A nephew so delightful

Watching him grow up

Makes me happily tearful

Happy birthday


2) No matter how many candles

I put on your cake today

It is not going to match the brightness

You emanate in any way

No matter how many decorations

I use to pep up the house

It is not going to match the joy

In my heart that you rouse

No matter how many sweet treats

I make for all the family guests

Nothing can sweeten my life

Like a nephew who is the best

Happy birthday


3) As your aunt

I will always dole out advice

As your mentor

I will always teach you to be nice

As your best friend

I will always lend you support

As your life coach

I will always teach you to be a sport

As your godmother

I will always pray for your joy

Here’s wishing a happy birthday

To my nephew, the birthday boy


4) Unlike all these years, I haven’t got you

A cool gadget on your birthday

Or some other awesome gift

That would impress you in any way

I haven’t thrown you

A really amazing party

Or given you a gift certificate

To fund your shopping spree

But there are pearls of wisdom

That I want to share with you

A wonderful life like yours

God gives to only a few

So make most of what you have

Delve deeper beyond the obvious

Live a remarkable life

By being kind and generous

Happy birthday


5) To my dear nephew…

From the rules of your parents

I will always give you respite

If needed, I will intervene

When you all are in a nasty fight

From tedious school work

I will help you get a break

When you are down and out

Your favorite goodies I will bake

I will help you to sort through

Your worries and your stress

Amidst all your problems

I will recreate happiness

Remember, you have my place

When you have nowhere else to go

I love you very much

Is what I want you know

Happy birthday


6) To my dear nephew…

I never knew

That I would find a friend in you

I never realized

That you would be so prized

I was never able to see

What you would mean to me

I never really found out

What you were all about

Until now, time just flew

Without me knowing much about you

But now we are on a journey

To know each other deeply

Cheers to our cool pair

May there be fun times to share

Happy birthday


7) I really love the role

Of being an uncle

It makes my life a lot more

Worthwhile and special

Being with my nephew

Is what I love a lot

It eases stress and tension

With which my life is fraught

From every worry in the world

He makes me feel carefree

Wishing a happy birthday

To my coolest buddy


8) I have the privilege

Of living my youth twice

I have the luck

Of reliving those times so nice

Because destiny has given me

A wonderful nephew

To share, whose life I’ve been

One of the lucky few

Through him I have lived

Every dream I couldn’t achieve

Through him, the goodness of life

I have come to believe

Call him my son or best friend

He is everything to me

I wish you well on your birthday

May you always be happy


9) The best pictures in my photo album

Are of you and me

They are my most prized ones

Among the entire family

For they are the candid ones

That exude love and care

Proving that we both are

The perfect aunt and nephew pair

Happy birthday


10) There are aunts and then there are super aunts

I fall in the second category

For I have a super nephew

Who brings out the best in me

There are nephews and there are super nephews

You fall in the second category too

For there would be no way in which

I could become a super aunt without you

Happy birthday

Cute birthday quote poem for a sweet nephew

11) My adorable nephew

You will always occupy

A special place in my heart

Forever, until I die

With happiness, your cuteness

Makes my heart overflow

For you, my love

Will never crease to grow

Even when you become

A grown-up later

My little buddy you’ll be

Now and forever

Happy birthday


12) Like a balloon, you make

My heart fly in the air

Like a parachute, you make my soul

Drift away without a care

Like a trampoline, you inspire me

To be the very best

Like a telescope, you make me see

The world with minute interest

Like a beautiful rainbow

You fill my life with color

I consider myself lucky to have

A nephew like you so dear

Happy birthday


13) From babysitting you

And tolerating your howls

To watching you grow up

And enduring your teeny scowls

From seeing you fall in love

And going out on a date

To witnessing your maturity

Seeing responsibility on your plate

Being your aunt has been

An incredible journey

It has been the best ride

That life could ever give me

Happy birthday


14) My full time job should be

Spoiling and pampering you

My occupation should entail

Showering you with things new

My most wonderful pastime

Should be us, spending time together

My most passionate hobby

Should be readying you for the future

In short all my activities

And everything else I want to do

In some way or the other

Should revolve around my nephew

Happy birthday


15) What makes me so happy

What makes me so amazing

What makes me feel great

What gives me a good feeling

Is not that I have a cool job

Or a home which is enviable

It is a nephew like you

Who makes my life so special

Happy birthday


16) You are a special treat

Life’s beautiful token

You are a special gift

Making life full of fun

You are a celestial sign

A true indication

That people with nephews like mine

Are one in a million

Happy birthday


17) My dear nephew…

Your amazing life

Reminds me

Of all the things

That I could be

But there’s no regret

That I harbor

Just because I couldn’t

Do those things ever

I will live my life

Through you each day

Accomplishing all

My dreams that way

Happy birthday


18) When I see you

I see myself in many ways

You make me think about

My wonderful younger days

Your energy and enthusiasm

Are so contagious

You remind me of my zeal

Which too was infectious

While I faded myself out

I want you to rise and shine

For that I send best wishes

To the most favorite nephew of mine

Happy birthday


19) I thought I could teach you lots

But there is much to learn from you

You debunked the myth I had

About most things I already knew

From cool stuff on the internet

To the latest about sports and trivia

From the best place to party

To sorting emotional dilemma

Every day that we’ve spent together

I’ve learnt something from you

That is why I like spending time

With my most beloved nephew

Happy birthday


20) It would just be terrific

If I could weave some magic

To make you my son

Then life would be so much fun

Everything would turn out perfectly well

If I could just cast a spell

To make you stay with me forever

Life just couldn’t get better

But since I can’t do any of this

Let me seal my words with a kiss

To God, I fervently pray

In each other’s hearts, we always stay

To my dearest nephew

I wish a happy birthday to you

Birthday greeting poem to nephew from aunt or auncle

21) To the darling of the family

My nephew, the superhero

As a birthday wish to you

We want you to know

That all of us consider

You to be a real star

We believe that you have

The potential to go really far

Happy birthday


22) As you forge ahead in life

By growing a year older

I wish you all the luck

For a wonderful future

May you live up to every bit

Of your tremendous potential

In the world, may you carve out

Your own niche, extraordinarily special

Happy birthday


23) I can’t put a finger on

What I love so much about my toddler nephew

Whether it is his adorable smile

Or hands and feet as delicate as dew

Whether it is the way he squeals

Filling the house with happiness

Or the way he trips while crawling

Arouses laughter that is endless

Everything he does makes me strive

To be a better aunt everyday

I hope he cherishes later in life

The beautiful memories we make today

Happy birthday


24) With my sister I have

Always terribly fought

But there is one reason

For which I love her a lot

And that reason is

Her having given birth to a son

In my life who has

Brought lots of fun

All my fights with her

Have been washed away

For she gave me a nephew

Who changed my life in every way

Happy birthday


25) I am glad that you haven’t taken after

Just your mom and dad

If you would have left me out

That would have made me sad

I am happy that some of my best traits

You have inherited too

For those are the very qualities

That makes you a wonderful nephew

Happy birthday