Birthday wishes for grandson

Birthday wishes for grandson: To wish your grandson a happy birthday, your message on his birthday card should depend on how old he is. Write a cute greeting for a toddler, funny wish for a teenager and an inspirational message for a young man. Show him that he has wonderful grandparents by giving him a gift and spoiling him like, just like how a loving grandfather and grandmother would. Send him an email or post your wishes on his Facebook if you can’t meet your grandchild on his birthday.


1) To have a healthy heart, there is no need for low-cholesterol foods in my diet as long as I have the love of a grandson like you. Happy birthday.


2) The best moment in my life was not when I got though college or when I got my first job or when I got promoted or when I finally retired. The best moment in my life was when your mother called me up and said ‘Dad, you are going to become a grandpa’. Happy birthday dear grandson.


3) There is not a single anti-aging cream available in the market which can make me feel as youthful and young as I feel when I spend time with my grandson. Happy birthday to my little bundle of happiness.


4) Happy birthday dear grandson. P.S You are way better than what your dad was at your age.


5) The wrinkles on our foreheads, the quiver in our walk, the pain in our knees and the discomfort in our stomachs disappear as soon as your mom places you in our arms. Happy birthday little one.


6) Do you know who is the most powerful couple in the whole world? When we hold you in our arms, myself and your grandpa feel like we are. Happy birthday to our grandson, our real strength.


7) If we were your parents, we would have pampered and spoilt a cute little toddler like you completely rotten. But since we are your grandparents, we plan to spoil you even more. Happy birthday cutie pie.


8) You have inherited ambitiousness from your father, intelligence from your mother and humility from your grandmother. But in the real world all this is useless if you don’t have the right attitude – and that you have inherited from me. Happy birthday from your loving grandpa.


9) It doesn’t matter how often you visit our place or how often you call us to say hello. Because just knowing that we have a grandson like you, makes life a celebration every day. Happy birthday.


10) I know that we oldies are not allowed in your birthday party tonight, but as long as we are allowed in your heart, we won’t feel offended. Happy birthday to be best grandson in the whole world.


11) From the day you were born till today when you have become a teenager, we have had a twinkle in our eyes and a healthy glow on our faces. Obviously, these are signs that you are good for our happiness and health. Happy birthday to our dear grandson.


12) We always knew that you will turn out to be an amazing child. After all, you were blessed with the awesome genes of your handsome grandfather and beautiful grandmother. Happy birthday kid.


13) May you achieve all the things that your grandfather or your father never did. On your birthday, I wish you success, happiness and good health for the rest of your life. Happy birthday to my grandson.


14) Even if you never win a race, don’t be disappointed. Be glad that you had a chance to be a part of it because many people don’t. That is the best piece of advice that your grandpa can give you on your birthday. Happy birthday sonny.


15) Your grandmother and I had promised each other to never fall in love with anyone else in the world. But then you came along and made us eat our words. Happy birthday to our precious grandson.


16) Since your nan does not know how to use Facebook or Twitter, she is sending you a birthday message along with a homemade cake. Now isn’t that much better than a virtual message. Happy birthday sonny.


17) As a teenager you are messy, naughty, unorganized, tardy, lazy and annoyingly loud. But we forgive all that just because you are and always will be our adorable grandson. Happy birthday.


18) Since the day you were born, I had planned to maintain a dairy of your childhood. But I got so busy admiring your cuteness that I forgot all about updating it. Happy birthday to our cute grandson.


19) Every day we thank God for giving us one more day to live, not because we want to experience more of life, but because we want one more day to spend with you. Happy birthday to our grandson.


20) If there is anything in life which is number one, then that is spending precious time with our grandson. Happy birthday.


21) Until now, we thought we could see our reflection only in the mirror. But now, we are clearly seeing our reflection in you too. Happy birthday dear grandson.


22) Your mother got my eyes, your aunt got my nose and your sister got my chin. But you my dear, got my heart. Happy birthday to my loving grandson.


23) May the coming year bring you pretty dates, better parties and more popularity on Facebook. Now do you believe that you have a grandma who is modern and trendy? Happy birthday to you, my dear grandson.


24) When you were young, I used to help you to model different shapes out of clay. But now I can see you modeling different dreams and ambitions of your life into reality. You have grown up really fast. Happy birthday to my grandson.


25) I had a great time being a father to your dad. But I am having a better time being a grandfather to my son’s son. Happy birthday to my adorable grandson.


26) Most folks of my age love showing off their golf kits, retirement party photos and gardening skills. I just like to show off my young and successful grandson. Happy birthday young man.


27) Most people of our age love their retirement because they can catch up on doing things that they could never do while working. But we love our retirement because we get to spend all our day watching a cute grandson like you. Happy birthday.


28) To be healthy and happy, the doctor has advised your grandma to be around people she loves. So be prepared to spend more time during weekends with your granny in the coming months. Happy birthday sonny.


29) I hope the sun spreads cute teddy bears instead of sunrays, the clouds shower lots of balls instead of rain and the night adorns itself with millions of candies instead of stars. That is because today is your birthday. Happy birthday to our cute little grandson.


30) Everyone has regrets, including your grandpa and grandma. But all our regrets in life disappeared on the day you were born. Happy 1st birthday to our grandson.


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