Birthday poems for grandson

Birthday card message for grandson

Birthday poems for grandson: Write a cute rhyme to show your grandkid how sweet birthday wishes can really be. It will be a nice lesson to show him that even with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, texts messages and what not, nothing comes close to a heartfelt wish written on a greeting card. If you pair your card with a gift that he always wanted – grandma and grandpa will become two of his favorite people in the world.


1) Your smile is the solution

To every difficulty

Your hugs are the one time fix

To life’s every worry

You are the amazing grandson

That fate gives to only a few

In life, I wish you the very best

Happy birthday to you


2) It feels like just yesterday

When I was watching my son grow up

Now I am watching my toddler grandson

Learning how to eat from a cup

Sometimes I sit and wonder

How quickly time flies

But I can’t complain

Because you are my life’s prize

Happy birthday


3) To my dear grandson…

When you were born

My stomach was in cute knots

The minute I saw you

I started loving you lots

When you looked at me

A new feeling I felt

When I first held you

My heart began to melt

When you first crawled

My heart left with joy

Time has flown since then

You are now a handsome boy

Happy birthday


4) My dearest grandson…

You are the reason for my joy

The cause of my happiness

You have wiped out each worry

And everything leading to stress

You are the root of my bliss

The source of my delight

You have filled our lives

With so much light

Happy birthday


5) No teddy is as cute

No cookie is as sweet

No candy is as nice

Nothing can possibly beat

The love of my grandson

At my heart, the way he tugs

Granny wishes you today

With lots of kisses and hugs

Happy birthday


6) We are too old to attend

Your birthday party

But present in spirit

We will always be

When you cut the cake

Do remember both of us

Imagine us hugging you

Making all kinds of fuss

When you get everyone’s wishes

Think of us giving you one too

We wish you a happy birthday

May all your dreams come true


7) There is something about grandkids

That is so serene

It makes you see a side of life

That you have never seen

There is something about their love

That pierces like a dart

That brings happiness to the soul

Not just the heart

Happy birthday


8) Happy birthday

To my dearest grandson

I still remember the time

When you were a little one

Scampering around the house

Crawling in my lap

Waking me to up play

Every time I felt like a nap

But now you have grown up

By leaps and bounds

I am so happy to have

A grandson like you around


9) To our grandson…

Whether we become sixty, seventy or eighty

Our knees will always become wobbly

When you come running into our arms

To smother us with your irresistible charms

Whether we find ourselves tired and breathless

Running after your will always bring us happiness

Whether our backs ache or our legs give away

We will be there to wish you a happy birthday


10) Out of all the joys in my life

You my grandson, are my most prized

You have made the happiness

In my life so super sized

Out of all my possessions

You are the one I am obsessed about

I love you more than everything

Of that I have no doubt

Out of all the moments in my life

Those spent with you are the ones I most cherish

May you have a great year ahead

On your birthday, is my wish

Happy birthday

Cute birthday card poem for grandson

11) I need no medicine

Even though I am old

For I have something which is

More precious than gold

I need no doctor

In this fragile phase

For I have someone

Who I can embrace

That person as all about

Lots of happiness and fun

He is none other than

My dearest grandson

Happy birthday


12) We want your life to give you

All that we never had

We want you to get success

Even more than your mom and dad

We want you to grow up

To do things that make us proud

Our grandson is the best

Is what we want to shout out loud

We have many hopes and dreams

Pinned to your future

Wishing you lots of luck

And a happy birthday to you dear


13) My grandson…

The epicenter of my universe

The core of my being

You are the reason that

My life is worth celebrating

The axis of my world

The fulcrum of my joy

The reason of my pure delight

Is you, birthday boy

Happy birthday


14) I had always imagined myself

Teaching my grandchildren how to play

Never in my wildest dreams did I think

That my grandkids would be showing me the way

From teaching me how to use the iPad

Facebook and new ways of giving high fives

My life as a grandparent has turned out

To be a happy little surprise

Happy birthday


15) May this birthday bring

Lots of luck to you

May you grow up to make

A real good buck or two

May this year usher

Lots of success your way

May your life get a kick start

From this very day

Happy birthday


16) I see myself in you

I am happy to be able to

You remind me of my young days

My happy-go-lucky ways

May your life turn out like mine

Full of kids and grandkids so fine

But with much more success

Double the fun and happiness

Happy birthday


17) You don’t allow us to nap

You harass us a lot

You come to us after

You and your parents have fought

You steal cookies from the kitchen

You come to us only when you’re sad

Irrespective of all these things

You’re the best grandson we’ve ever had

Happy birthday


18) A cute little grandson is a treasure

For a grandma and granddad

His presence makes sure

That they are never sad

A sweet grandson is like a fortune

For his mommy and daddy

He makes sure that the whole

Family remains happy

Happy birthday


19) Your grandma will always dote on you

No matter how old you grow

Your grandma will always remember you

No matter how far you go

Your grandma will always fuss over you

No matter how independent you become

Your grandma will always pull your cheeks

Even if others call you handsome

You will always remain little

For your loving grandmother

Even when you get married

Or become a father

Happy birthday


20) I feel happy to see

That you take after me

Not just in one way

But in many more, I could say

Just like me you are

A handsome superstar

And just like me you will be

A man who lives his life successfully

Happy birthday

Sweet birthday wish for grandson

21) Being a grandparent

Has its highs and lows

I know all the highs

The rest I don’t know

The highs keep coming

Day after day

I hope being your grandpa

Always stays this way

Happy birthday


22) All these years

Of hard work and worry

Seem worth it after you came

Into the family

So many decades

Of strain and pressure

I can now excuse because

An adorable grandson like you is here

Happy birthday


23) You are a grandson

So special

You make our joy

More than double

You have made our lives

So exceptional

Happy birthday to

Our angel


24) Becoming a grandfather

Has been my biggest achievement

It has been a journey

Full of fun and enjoyment

I feel proud to have the privilege

To see my third generation

I hope my wishes and gift

Add happiness to your birthday celebration


25) Having a grandson like you

Makes me look back at my life

It makes worthwhile

All the difficulties and strife

Being a grandparent

To a young boy like you

Makes me feel content

In a way that I never knew

Happy birthday