Birthday wishes for granddaughter

Birthday wishes for granddaughter: As a loving grandparent, what is the best way to wish your granddaughter happy birthday? By writing a sweet message or a funny quote on her birthday greeting card and giving her a nice birthday gift, of course. Show her that you can be a tech-savvy grandma or grandpa by wishing her on Facebook too. Whether your granddaughter is a cute infant, bubbly toddler, cute preteen girl, beautiful teenager or a lovely woman – she is never too young or too old to be pampered by her grandparents.


1) You innocent love heals our heart. Your cuteness drives headaches away. Your sweet voice is like a lullaby for us oldies. Maybe we will never need a doctor after all. Happy birthday to our granddaughter.


2) If I was given the chance to live my life all over again, I would want to live it the exact same way so that I can become a grandfather to you again. Happy birthday cuteness.


3) When you were an infant, you were innocent. When you were a preteen, you were charming and when you were a teenager, you were pretty. But as you are growing up, you are turning into the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Happy birthday to my lovely granddaughter.


4) I will always have a limitless supply of three things for you in life – advice, love and cookies. Happy birthday to my dear granddaughter.


5) I always thought that my daughter was the most beautiful woman in the world. But I have to admit that you proved me wrong. Happy birthday to my beautiful granddaughter.


6) You are my daughter’s daughter and I am your mother’s mother. That means you will give me double the love and I will give you double the advice. Happy birthday.


7) The word granddaughter suits you perfectly because you make our life truly grand. Happy birthday sweetheart.


8) Now we know why God made us face so many hardships and struggles when we were younger. He wanted to balance out the sadness in our lives with the extreme happiness of having a wonderful granddaughter like you. Happy birthday.


9) You have made the twilight of our lives more radiant and vibrant than its breaking dawn. Happy birthday to our favorite granddaughter.


10) Your parents have done quite a few amazing things in their lives. But from our perspective, the best they did was that they gave us a cute granddaughter like you. Happy birthday.


11) The only job your grandpa would love to do without being paid is to be your full-time babysitter. Happy birthday little one.


12) We thought we already witnessed the happiest moment in our lives when your father was born to us. But destiny planned to give us loads of other happy moments after you were born. Happy birthday sweetie.


13) Your mom hasn’t genetically inherited too many of my good personality traits. But it seems you have inherited every single one of them. Happy birthday to my darling granddaughter, from your loving grandma.


14) You are the reason I know how to send emails, play games on Wii, read books on Kindle and use the tablet to make Skype calls. Without you, I would have been stuck in the eighties. Happy birthday to my tech savvy cutie pie.


15) If you think that your grandpa and grandma have put on some weight, it is only because we have puffed up with pride of having a beautiful granddaughter like you. Happy birthday.


16) Your grandparents don’t need medicines. All they need is a weekly supply of your love and your smiles. Happy birthday to the granddaughter who drives all our sicknesses away.


17) As you celebrate your 18th birthday, we welcome you to the big bad world of adults. But don’t worry, as your grandparents we will always be there to protect you every step of the way. Happy birthday dear granddaughter.


18) Your pretty face makes all the hardships and troubles of old age worth it. Happy birthday to the granddaughter we are so proud of.


19) Until you were born, I saw princesses and fairies only in Disney movies. After you were born, I saw a real one – You. Thanks for making our lives magical, happy birthday to our princess.


20) If life is a cake, you are the slice which tastes sweetest. Happy birthday to our dearest granddaughter.


21) Many grandparents have wonderful children who become their friends. But we are one of those few lucky grandparents whose children’s children too have become their friends. Happy birthday to our best friend and granddaughter.


22) Had I known that I would be having such a fun and delightful granddaughter to keep me company, I would never have worried about getting old and being alone. Happy birthday and thanks for spending your weekends with me.


23) Thanks to you, I know what hair straightners, fake lashes and nail art are all about. Without you, I would have been a boring, unfashionable grandma. Happy birthday darling.


24) The day you were born, you promoted us to the status of being grandparents. From then on, we have been doing our full time job of spoiling and pampering you. Happy birthday to our spoiled one.


25) With every passing birthday, you become more of my best friend and less of my granddaughter. Happy birthday.


26) On your birthday, I promise to continue to pamper you enough, spoil you silly and most importantly, protect you from your parents when they get angry. Your grandpa loves you, happy birthday.


27) Our lives would have been much easier if we directly became grandparents of a loving granddaughter like you rather than parents of a naughty child like your dad. Happy birthday little one.


28) When your mother was young, she was lazy and naughty. But you my dear granddaughter, are well behaved and delightful. At least someone got my genes. Happy birthday.


29) We have always been proud of your dad and all the achievements he has made in his life. But we are most proud of his biggest achievement – becoming a father to an adorable princess like you. Happy birthday to you from your grandparents.


30) We always thought that your mother was the prettiest woman in the world. You proved us wrong. Happy birthday to the prettiest teenager ever.


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