Birthday poems for granddaughter

Cute birthday card poem for granddaughter

Birthday poems for granddaughter: Cute, sweet, adorable, funny, bubbly and girly – this is what birthday wishes for granddaughters are all about. Play your part as the doting grandparent and write a delightful rhyme on a greeting card for your granddaughter’s birthday. You can even surprise her by posting your short poem on Facebook and Pinterest. Childhood memories are all about spending those carefree and playful moments with grandpa and grandma. Your granddaughter’s birthday is your chance to pamper her with gifts and give her memories which will become priceless in the years to come.


1) Your delightfully girly ways

Light up my boring days

You are the epitome

Of how a granddaughter should be

Like a gift from the heavens

You remind me of life’s innocence

Never change, stay the same

Happiness is yours to claim

Happy birthday


2) The bounce in your step

The sparkle in your eye

Have made me forget how quickly

All these years have passed by

The calmness in your nerves

The maturity in your actions

Have made me realize that you

Have grown into a lovely young woman

Happy birthday


3) The day you were born

Was my happiest

The day you first smiled

Was truly the best

The day you started walking

Was the most beautiful

The day you slept over

Was the most joyful

The day you said you loved me

Was the most special

In every way you have made

My life memorable

Happy birthday


4) You may be my granddaughter

But you are my bff in disguise

I may be your grandpa

But I think you are more wise

Having you around

Takes life to a whole new level

Because our bond is not ordinary

It is so special and delightfully magical

Happy birthday


5) Spending time with you

Makes me feel youthful

It makes every moment of life

Oh so beautiful

Talking to you

Makes me feel very wise

It makes me reflect

On times that make me feel so nice

In my dull and boring routine

You create a lovely buzz

My darling granddaughter

You fulfill my life’s purpose

Happy birthday


6) Happy birthday to a princess

Who we love to the moon and back

She is the fairy in our lives

Giving us everything that we lack

Her smile is like a magic wand

Her hug is like a secret potion

Our lives have become celestial

Because of all the magic she has spun

Happy birthday


7) My dear granddaughter, you are…

Sometimes sweet

Sometimes annoying

Sometimes cute

Sometimes charming

Sometimes rebellious

Sometimes girly

Sometimes adorable

Always pretty

Happy birthday


8) My treasure chest of cheer

My box of memories, sweet

My closet full of happiness

To my life, you are a treat

My handful of kisses

My basket full of love

I will watch over you even when

I am up in the heavens above

Happy birthday


9) I thought that the happiest day of my life

Was the one when I became a mother

But it was nothing in comparison to the day

When I had a cute little granddaughter

It is hard to describe the heart-warming moment

When I held you in my arms for the first time

It gave me a different perspective to life

A feeling so magical, heavenly and sublime

Happy birthday


10) My granddaughter

My love, my pride

I love every moment

When you’re by my side

My wonder girl

My reason to live

You don’t how much

Happiness you give

My sweetheart

My joi de vivre

Happy birthday to you

Is all that I want to say

Birthday greeting card message for granddaughter

11) The icing on the cake of life

The cheery on the ice cream

Dear granddaughter you make

Life seem like lovely dream

The chocolate flakes on a pastry

The colorful confetti topping

Darling you make every day

Of our lives worth celebrating

Happy birthday


12) I wish you have really good friends

With whom your friendship never ends

I wish you get yourself a really cool guy

Who never breaks your heart by telling a lie

I hope you get a really good degree

And finish college successfully

I hope you get the best that life has to offer

I wish a happy birthday to my granddaughter


13) You may be just a teenager

But I can see your potential already

Even though you are just a young girl

There are big things in your destiny

You are one of a kind, so special

Like you, there is no other

After all, you have got my genes

Which I passed down to your mother

Happy birthday


14) So sweet, so cute

So bubbly, so clever

Your parents are blessed

To have you as their daughter

As yet another year in your life

Flies by in a jiffy

A beautiful young woman

You are set to be

Happy birthday


15) Little granddaughters are meant to be

Cute, bubbly and adoringly girly

You are just that and much more – a perfect example

Of how a child can be so special

We love to pamper you and spoil you silly

Even if it means earning your parent’s glares, so chilly

As you grow up and fly out to pursue your goals

Always remember that you are the life of your grandparents’ souls

Happy birthday


16) It is amazing how just one person can have

Such a big effect on the lives of everyone around

Your sweetness has made everyone happier

Not just a little bit, but by leaps and bounds

Since the day you were born, our heart have grown fonder

Everything has become better, nothing has remained the same

If our lives had to be summed up in just one thing

It just needs one word, and that’s your name

Happy birthday


17) More precious than my own daughter

Darling you are the one

I want to do everything to make

Your birthday a lot of fun

The precious gem of my heart

Sweetheart you will always be

Lots of best wishes on your birthday

From your dearest granddaddy

Happy birthday


18) Happy birthday

To my cute little doll

You are a big part of my life

Although you are so small

Happy celebrations

For you, is what we wish

Every moment of your day

May you savor and relish

Happy birthday


19) Granny and grandpa may be old

But their hearts will never be cold

They will never forget to pamper you

And shower you with gifts new

Not just out of courtesy

But because they love you endlessly

For them, you are nothing less than a princess

You have unlocked all their life’s happiness

Happy birthday


20) In every way

You are just like me

The most intelligent

In the family

Not to forget

You are also the best

Just like me you too

Are full of zeal and zest

Looks like these qualities

Are hereditary

Skipping your mom they’ve gone

Directly to you from me

Happy birthday

Beautiful birthday poem to granddaughter

21) A granddaughter is like

A sweet melody

That makes life

Musical and full of rhapsody

She strikes the right chord

In life’s beautiful song

With her mesmerizing tune

She makes right every wrong

To one such granddaughter

Who is life’s perfect note

Don’t forget that your grandma

On you, will always dote

Happy birthday


22) The best part about having

A granddaughter like you

Is that every single day

Brings something new

You make every moment

Worth looking forward to

Lucky grandparents like us

Are rare and few

Happy birthday


23) Even though you are

Away at university

Your birthday brings back

A lovely memory

A recollection of the fun

Of the days in the past

When you were little

But you’ve grown up so fast

No matter how old

You become sweetie

You will always remain

My cute little baby

Happy birthday


24) Happier holidays

Happy weekends

Less of a granddaughter

More of a friend

Cheerful sleepovers

Jubilant reunions

You have always been

A bundle of fun

Happy birthday to the girl

Who is grandma’s pride

The girl who makes everyone

Around her, smile wide

Happy birthday


25) You are the best gift

Your parents have given us

You fill our lives

With a sense of purpose

Your granddad and I

Look forward to each day

Hearing your voice on the phone

Keeps troubles at bay

We hope you always fill

Our lives with effervescence

You are the reason

For our joyful existence

Happy birthday