Birthday wishes for aunt

Birthday wishes for aunt: Wish your auntie a happy birthday by writing something sweet on her birthday card. Post a funny message on your aunt’s Facebook, tag her in a cute birthday tweet or send her a text message greeting. For an aunt, her nieces and nephews are no less than her own children. So show some love and spoil her with a gift and a party, just like how she spoils you all year round. Make her feel like the world’s coolest aunt by doing something special on her birthday.


1) You are a parent minus the fighting, sibling minus the blaming, friend minus the betraying, mentor minus the obliging and a guide minus the preaching. You are my aunt but you play many other roles in my life. Happy birthday auntie.


2) I can’t wait until you have kids because I want to be an amazing aunt to my niece or nephew, just like you have been an amazing aunt to us. Happy birthday.


3) The only reason I was never scared to make mistakes when I was young is because I knew that you would always be there to defend me in front of mom and dad. Happy birthday to the best aunt ever.


4) You should take classes to teach other women how to be fantastic aunts to their nieces and nephews. Happy birthday to an awesome aunt.


5) If people celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why can’t they celebrate Aunt’s Day? After all, an aunt’s contribution in a child’s life is no less important than a father or a mother. I officially declare your birthday as Aunt’s Day from now on. Happy birthday and Happy Aunt’s Day.


6) I have always been your mischievous nephew and you have always been my loving and tolerant aunt. That is a match made in heaven. Happy birthday.


7) You deserve the best in life, whether it is a top notch promotion at your job, luxurious holiday, beautiful apartment, cool car or an awesome nephew like me. Happy birthday aunt.


8) Not everyone in this world is lucky enough like me to have the love and care of two mothers. One is my real mom, and the other is my aunt who is my second mom. Happy birthday to my aunt.


9) The word Aunt is a part of the word flaunt but that is not the only reason why I love flaunting you off to my friends. My friends are so jealous of me for having such a cool aunt like you who is a style diva. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt ever.


10) Super aunts like you don’t just deserve birthday messages or wishes. Super aunts like you deserve truck loads of hugs and kisses. Happy birthday dear aunt.


11) Everyone gets tired of doing a full-time job but aunts like you never get tired of their full-time job, which is loving and pampering their nieces. Happy birthday auntie, we love you.


12) A witty text message, a sweet card, a lovely tweet or a mushy post on your Facebook wall will never be able to contain the number of characters that I will need to convey how much I love you. Happy birthday auntie.


13) Although you are much elder to me, I never understood the meaning of the phrase generation gap because you have always been a friend to me. Happy birthday auntie.


14) You add spark to dull family parties, glitz to boring weekend getaways and spirit to family gatherings. In short, family events without you would be so dead. Happy birthday to my fun aunt.


15) You are an awesome sister to my mom, awesome sister-in-law to my dad, awesome wife to your husband and an awesome aunt to me. Is there anything in life which you are not awesome at? Happy birthday.


16) Just like important documents and data in computers need backups, mothers need backup in real life too. That is why Gods created wonderful aunts like you. Happy birthday.


17) I should wrap you up and keep you safely in a warm corner of the house to preserve you. Aunts like you aren’t made too often anymore and I don’t want anything to happen to you. Happy birthday auntie.


18) If I was asked to choose between my sister and my aunt, it would be a difficult choice because a sister can never replace an aunt but an aunt can replace a sister. Thank God I don’t have a sister, so I don’t have to face the guilt of choosing. Happy birthday.


19) I would love it if you were my sister and not my aunt. But the only reason I am happy that we aren’t sisters is that we never fight or blame each other for anything. Happy birthday.


20) Aunts are like pillows – necessary, comforting and soft. Happy birthday to my favorite auntie.


21) There are lots of things that I wish my parents did differently in my childhood. But the one thing I am glad my parents didn’t do differently was to appoint you as my godmother. Happy birthday to my godmother aunt.


22) My friends didn’t like it when I posted a picture of us both on Facebook today. They thought I had been hiding from them all this while that I have a beautiful elder sister. Happy birthday to my lovely aunt.


23) My aunt is the pillar in the building of my life. She holds my life together and she is someone who I can always lean on for support. Happy birthday auntie.


24) If you weren’t a part of our big family, by now everything and everybody would have gone crazy.  Happy birthday to the aunt who spreads joy at every place she goes, and in the life of every person she knows.


25) Your birthday is the only day in the year which is not marked in the calendar on my study table or in my iPhone because I will remember it without being reminded. Happy birthday to a special aunt.


26) All these years, you helped me with my stuff at school and college. Now allow me to return the favor and help you to party the night away. Happy birthday auntie.


27) I will be unhappy on your birthday today if I can’t manage to make you have as much fun as you made me have on mine. So let’s get started and let the party begin. Happy birthday auntie.


28) Your birthday party is not just a celebration of one more year in your wonderful life. It is also a celebration of how youthful you have kept all of us with your contagious energy. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.


29) When people say happy birthday, they convey their good wishes for a day. But I will say happy birth-year so that my good wishes stay with you for the whole year. Happy birthday auntie.


30) Happy birthday to my aunt who comes to rescue me every single time I feel as small, timid and insignificant like an ant. Happy birthday.


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