Birthday poems for friends

Birthday poems for friends: Prove your friendship by writing a sweet poem on a birthday card for your friend. Think of cute and funny moments that you have spent together and weave your poem around those sweet memories to create the best birthday poem. Incorporate touching quotes about friendship as you bring out your creative best. You can write your poem on a greeting card, send them as text messages or post them on Facebook and Pinterest. As you wish your friend a happy birthday, he or she will be overcome with emotion, love and happiness after reading the heart-warming lines you have written.


1) You and I, are not just friends

You and I, are not just mates

Because we have shared everything

From money to cars to dates

You and I, are not just buddies

You and I, are not just pals

Because we have done everything together

From games to jobs to studies

You and I, are much more

You and I, are friends in a way

But I like to think of us as brothers

Wishing you a happy birthday


2) I couldn’t find a greeting card

That conveyed my wishes perfectly

I couldn’t find a poem online

That expressed my feelings correctly

I couldn’t find a birthday gift

That could communicate my emotions precisely

That is why I wrote this original poem

To tell you what you mean to me exactly

Happy birthday


3) You are an amazing person

You are a real friend

You make the complexities of my life

Easier to comprehend

Today, all your friends are happy

To see you so cheerful and bubbly

We wish your birthday comes every day

So that this smile on your face, always stays

Happy birthday my friend


4) The bond between me and you

Will never go away

It has become a deep connection

That will forever stay

You are the one, my dear friend

Who I have always looked up to

Without your guidance and support

I don’t know what I would do

Happy birthday


5) To my dear friend….

Life is worth looking forward to

Because friends like you are around

Life is worth living

Because you keep my mood from going down

Life has so much meaning

Because you are there to share every emotion

Life has so much depth

Because you make it a celebration

In short, life is livable

Because you are my friend

On your birthday

Lots of hugs, to you I send

Happy birthday


6) We have known each other since we were small

In our childhood, we have had a ball

During our awesome teenage years

As friends, we got closer and nearer

Then finally when we started getting bigger

We sorted all of life’s problems together

Happy birthday to my lifelong friend

More time with whom, I crave to spend


7) Do you know why I love Facebook

So that on your life, I can keep a constant look

Do you know why I love Twitter

So I can send you sweet tweet when you are bitter

Do you know why I love Pinterest

So I can show you images, that are the best

Now you know why I love social networks

Keeping a tab on friends like you, is one of the big perks

#happybirthday my friend


8) The best way to celebrate

The birthday of a mate

Is to party the night away

And raise our glasses to say

That we love having you as a friend

And hope that our friendship never ends

Happy birthday


9) Friendship with you

Is sometimes sour and sweet

But friendship with you

Is always so neat

Friendship with you

May be sometimes bitter

But friendship with you

Is for now and forever

Happy birthday my friend


10) Everyone wants to add you on Facebook

Because you are the coolest teen

All the boys run around you

Because you are the beauty queen

But I want to give you this card

Because you are the coolest friend

And I am friends with you because above all

The beauty of friendship transcends

Happy birthday


11) Life was dull and incomplete

With bad company it was replete

I had no one to talk to

Friends to hang out with, were few

But then you came along

Like the melody of a sweet song

And turned my life around

Since then, I have never been down

To such a special friend today

I have something to say

Good friends like you are few

I wish a very happy birthday to you


12) Every day I look forward to

Accompanying you in doing something new

Every day I look forward to

Getting your help in ticking of my list of things to do

Every day I look forward to

Spending time together with you

Happy birthday


13) Pictures of camping trips and vacations that we took

I have put for everyone to see on my Facebook

Incidents of all our embarrassing moments and unachievable feats

I have gone ahead and written about in my tweets

Pictures of us both at parties and our college fest

I have put up on Instagram and Pinterest

Our bond shows what real friendship really means

Amazing mates like you, I have rarely seen

Happy birthday


14) As you are growing old

You are becoming like gold

Precious, valuable and priceless

A source of nothing but happiness

In my life, I will keep you safe and secure

Because your friendship is beautiful and pure

Happy birthday dear friend


15) One quality about you I appreciate

Is that to open up your heart, you never wait

If you always be the way you are

From happiness, you will never be far

May your birthday bring you nothing but joy

Have a great day, birthday boy


16) From your mom, I heard you were an awesome kid

As my school friend you have been the best, on that I can bid

As a teenager you were nothing less than a cool dude

I was always jealous of your free spirited attitude

With this birthday, as you become an year older

For support, I promise you will always have my shoulder

Just promise me back that you will keep rocking like always

And you will never change your fun and mischievous ways

Happy birthday girl


17) You still have your naughty ways

Which reminds me of our childhood days

When we used to have so much fun

With all the crazy stuff we had done

Things are no different now

With you, I still have fun and how

For a jovial friend like you, I pray

That you have a fantastic birthday


18) Bullies at school don’t affect me much

Tough assignments don’t bother me as such

A classmate’s bad remark doesn’t touch me

The point of making fun of others I don’t see

As long as I have friends like you

I know that only good companionship will ensue

That’s how fond you, I am my dear friend

On your birthday, a great day I hope you spend

Happy birthday


19) Hey you birthday girl, listen up

We demand a treat from you today

No excuses will be accepted

We will come for a party wherever you say

Hey you birthday girl, think about this

If you call all of us to your bash

How many different gifts you will get

Aren’t you looking forward to see that stash

Happy birthday


20) What is the point of giving lovely flowers

To a friend who is already as lovely as you

What is the point of giving cool books

To a friend who is already as intelligent as you

What is the point of giving smart gizmos

To a friend who is already as tech-savvy as you

That is why heartfelt birthday wishes is all I have to give

To a friend who is as amazing as you

Happy birthday


21) Our friendship is like a ship

Only different in one way

Ships sail and may drown

But ours would never, I pray

Our friendship is a like a ship

Similar in one way

Ships are famous for their strength

Just like our bond is, what do you say

Happy birthday


22) As you celebrate one more year of joy

Don’t forget to include me in your festivity

It is because of friends like you

That my life is likely to have good longevity

As you arrange for your birthday party

Don’t forget to send me an invite

My presence in your bash

Will make sure that you have a fun filled night

Happy birthday


23) Buddies in trouble

Buddies in happiness

You and me

Are buddies prices

Buddies in a storm

Buddies in calm

To each other we are

Like a healing balm

Happy birthday buddy


24) Whether it is night or day

Friends we will always stay

Whether it is summer or fall

Our friendship will always stand tall

Whether we face good fortune or bad luck

With each other we will always be stuck

Happy birthday to such a wonderful friend

May out friendship never end


25) You are a friend, you are a mate

My need for companionship, you satiate

You are a pal, you are a buddy

Your company keeps me from being fuddy-duddy

You are a chum and a partner in crime

With you, I love spending my time

Happy birthday my friend