Birthday poems for dad

Birthday card wishes for dad

Birthday poems for dad: Wish your father a Happy Birthday with a short rhyme that reminds him of all the wonderful memories and funny moments he has shared with his children. You don’t get a chance to express your feelings every day but his birthday is the moment when you can really make him feel nice. It will bring tears to a dad’s eyes when he reads a sweet birthday poem written by his own daughter or son. Post it on Facebook, send it by email, write it on a greeting card, send it as a cute text – do whatever it takes to make the man who gave you the childhood you deserved, feel the love that he deserves.


1) Knowing all my weaknesses

Always bailing me out of crisis

Knowing all my secret ways

My happy and sad days

Knowing all my strengths

Motivating me to new lengths

Knowing all my mistakes

Giving all my bad runs a break

Knowing who I really am

Always being sweeter than jam

Thanks for being the dad you are

Happy birthday to my life’s superstar


2) Be brave and be honest

Be true and be bold

To me as a child

This is what you always told

Let’s celebrate your birthday

With a few laughs and a beer cold

With a wish that our happiness

Keeps increasing manifold

Here’s to our father-son bond

More precious than gold

Happy birthday dad


3) You are the fire in my eyes

The balm of my cries

The solace of my being

The one who gives me that cozy feeling

The warmth of my smile

Always inspiring my style

To such a wonderful dad today

I wish a happy birthday


4) Dear dad, your strong and firm shoulder

Is enough to move any boulder

Whatever I am today

Is because of the way

You brought me up to be honest and true

Please accept my heartfelt birthday wishes for you


5) Life with you

Has always been a smooth sail

As beautiful and dazzling

As a fairy tale

Your footsteps

I always hope to trail

Without you I would

Have been dull and pale

Happy birthday dad

With you by my side I will never fail


6) If there is a person

Who means a lot me

My life without whom

I cannot see

If there was a person

Who I would truly call great

Whose return from work

I would, as a child await

Dad, that person

Would be you any day

Wishing you a

Happy birthday today


7) Going to sleep knowing there is someone

To wake you up in the morning

Keeping awake waiting for daddy’s good night hug

To be tucked into bed by him is a heavenly feeling

Daddy, you will always be with me

Wherever I am, wherever I go

I love you with all my heart

Is all I want you to know

Happy birthday dad


8) I may be just a teenager yet

But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand what it takes

To provide for the family abundantly

To pay the bills and the mortgage

Dad, we really appreciate all the hard work

We are thankful for all that you do

Your birthday is our chance

To thank you, spoil you and pamper you

Happy birthday


9) Dad, I wish I can be

The person you want me to

Dad, I wish you can see

How much I look up to you

On your birthday I want you

To have lots of fun

Here’s a bear hug

I love you tons


10) The only person with whom I share

My deepest worries and my cares

Is turning a year older today

On this occasion what can I say

You are the best dad in this world

Without you I would wither and curl

With a dad like you around me

Life is perfect and happy

As you blow the candles and I clap away

I hope that you have a smashing birthday

Birthday poem to father from daughter

11) Dear daughter, heed my advice

Don’t ever change or stop being nice

As you grow up, and become an adult

Things are only going to get more difficult

But if you hold on to what you believe in

You will always win

This is what you said to me

When I was a little girly

Even today, I hold on to your advice tightly

Because it has helped me live happily

Happy birthday dad


12) Even though you forget

My mistakes every day

To you, I know

I have much to repay

To such a father

So lovable and dear

I wish a life

Full of happiness and cheer

Happy birthday


13) My father, so loving

So precious and kind

He always knows

What is on my mind

My father can always

Guess what I feel

The layers of my heart

He can easily peel

Happy birthday

To the best dad

I am so happy that I

Am the daughter you had


14) You are the apple of my eyes

Super strong and so wise

Today is your birthday

It’s your time to shine

Let’s say cheers with a glass of wine

Should I think of a toast to raise

Or shower you with dazzling praise

I think I should just be glad

That I have you for my dad

Happy birthday


15) Benevolent and compassionate

Honest, true and pure

With your advice

I am always sure

You are the antidote to my problems

For all my worries, you are the cure

You have always

Taught me how to endure

You are not just the best

Wishing such a caring

Cool and an awesome dad

A happy birthday

…with love from your lad


16) I know I was tough as a child

Unfettered, crazy and wild

I know I have been a bit of a rebel

Never having treated you well

I know I did not live up to your dreams

Drowning your happiness with my screams

But now I have realized everything

Now to my daddy, I want to cling

Thanks for sticking by my side

Even when I lied

I hope I can repay you some way

Beginning by wishing you a happy birthday


17) Your hair

May have turned gray

All day long

In your sun chair may you lay

But today

I want to say

What you have accomplished

In life, is no child’s play

Wishing my dear daddy

A happy birthday


18) You may have crossed fifty

But I know you are still nifty

You may have aged a bit

But young, is your spirit

You may have become weaker

But in your mind, you are stronger

Here’s a birthday wish for a dad

Who by heart, is still a teenage lad


19) If not for your guiding light

I would have been a sorry sight

If not for all your wise words

My life would have been blurred

If not for your loving hugs

Life’s worries, I would have never shrug

Daddy, thanks for sticking by even when I went astray

Wishing you a happy birthday


20) I better leave

My feelings unspoken

And give you

My heartfelt token

To thank you

For always being there

All these years

When I was heading nowhere

Happy birthday dad


Sweet birthday card poem for dad

21) Dear dad, for you

I have a million prayers

May you always

Embarrass your naysayers

May your wishes

Turn into a reality

May your success

Be a resounding finality

May all your dreams

Finally come true

Here’s wishing a very

Happy birthday to you


22) Thanks for being the best dad

Anyone ever could

For the way you backed me

And by my side, you stood

May you have

A birthday full of joy

Have an awesome day

You birthday boy


23) You have always

Been my pride

I remember how

You gave me piggy back rides

You have always

Been my superstar

Because you made me sit with you

In the front seat of the car

Little memories like these

Have made my childhood awesome

Here’s a birthday wish for a dad

Who was, is and will always be my best chum


24) Everyone should have a dad like you

Fathers like you are precious and few

You are a rock star of a dad

I hope I never see you sad

As you gear up for your life’s new year

I wish a happy birthday to my father so dear


25) By making me resilient

And teaching me to endure

You have made me strong

That is for sure

It is because of you

Our family bond is sturdy

Thank you for being

Our pillar of support, daddy

Happy birthday


26) Always a winner

Never a loser

Is what you have always

Taught me to me, father

Dad, thank you

For teaching me what

No one else

Could have taught

Happy birthday


27) My daddy is the strongest

Not because he can lift the heaviest

But because he is the reason

Why I can have fun

He is the coolest dude

Always happy, never crude

I want to grow up to be the same man

Because I am my daddy’s biggest fan

Happy birthday


28) Nothing can come in-between

Me and my daddy

Nothing can stop us

From being always happy

For my dad is my best friend

I am his best buddy

To be his son

I am just so lucky

Happy birthday


29) I know I have been a bit of a brat

With you, I should have had too many spats

I shouldn’t have argued, I shouldn’t have screamed

Instead, I should have tried to live up to everything you dreamed

But I want to put all the behind

Let your birthday usher in a new father-son bond

I hope you make the same wish when you blow the candles away

So from all the murky quarrels, we can take our relationship beyond

Happy birthday


30) A birthday gift for a dad as cool as you

Is a gift that hasn’t been made yet

Simply because there is nothing in the world

That can be worthy of a man so perfect

No matter what I buy, it will never be enough

Because he has made every day of my life

Seem like a gift, wrapped in the best possible way

He is the best, dad to me and husband to his wife

Happy birthday