80th birthday poems

Beautiful 80th birthday card greeting for oldies

80th birthday poems: As old as it sounds, turning eighty is a lovely milestone if someone is in good health. It is a vantage point from where people can look at how their lives turned out after all the decades. Whether it is your grandfather, grandma, dad, mother, uncle or aunt – do your bit to make them feel loved on their eightieth birthday. Visit them, spend some time with them and give them a reason to smile. Better yet, bring them home and gather the entire family including their children, grandkids and siblings. Make it a celebration that is a befitting mark of the sunset phase of their lives. Top your celebration off by writing a touching quote or a message on a birthday card which you also use in a speech while raising a toast to the octogenarian.


1) Even after going through

A lifetime of struggle

Even after having so many

Responsibilities to juggle

We are happy to see you

Standing so strong and tall

Celebrating your eightieth

Is a proud moment for us all

Happy 80th birthday


2) I can’t seem to believe

Of you whatever I see

You look so wonderful

Even at eighty

I am simply blown away

Looking at the way you are

You are nothing less than

An octogenarian superstar

Happy 80th birthday


3) Your 80th birthday is the time

To reveal the secret to your vitality

It is time to spill the beans on what

Makes you so hale and hearty

Exercising, eating well or being happy

Please tell us what it is that you do

To be as glowing as you are

Happy 80th birthday to you


4) Life has finally unfolded

The time that you dreaded

When you will be unable to walk

When you will stutter while trying to talk

When you will not be stand upright

When you will have weak eyesight

When you won’t have any memory

Mate, welcome to life at eighty

Happy 80th birthday


5) In your footsteps

I want to walk

With your resounding wisdom

I want to talk

Under your foliage

I want to grow

In the direction of your life

I want to go

A life like yours

I want to experience

Full of happiness and


Happy 80th birthday


6) You have reached the magic number

The age that petrifies everyone

For living this age with grace

You are the right person

Not everyone has your zest

Your energy or gusto

You the perfect eighty year old

Amongst all the other oldies that I know

Happy birthday


7) Nothing has changed

From the time you were seventy

Except your age

Which is now eighty

You are the same person

Energetic, youthful and strong

Wish you a happy birthday

We hope that you live long

Happy 80th birthday


8) I haven’t seen a luckier

Eighty year old in my life

Who has nothing to worry about

Who lives without any strife

Who has the most loving

And caring family

Now I know why you have no qualms

About turning eighty

Happy 80th birthday


9) Eightieth birthdays are all about

Acting as if you can’t do anything

Pretend that you are in pain

And that you can manage nothing

Fool people when you are eighty

By acting wobbly although you’re strong

And if this trick seems to work

Keep using it all life long

Happy 80th birthday


10) When you turn hundred

We will have a grand party

This is just a lead up

To all that festivity

Eighty is the beginning

Of the good times to come

I hope the rest of your life

Turns out to be awesome

Happy 80th birthday


11) I wonder what I should call you

A great dad or an awesome retiree

There are so many things that you have

Accomplished successfully

Loving husband, dad and cool grandpa

You seem to have aced it all

Like the perfect provider you have

Supported your family like a wall

All I can say is congratulations

For living such a wonderful life

You have been an idol

For your kids, grandkids and wife

Happy 80th birthday


12) Today you have a herculean

Task ahead of you

You don’t have to blow candles

In numbers that are few

Eighty candles on your cake

You have to blow away

Good luck to your fragile lungs

Wish you a happy 80th birthday


13) I am sure you still have

All the energy

To wear a crisp new suit

And dance at your party

A grand celebration

Your birthday deserves to be

After all dear grandpa

You have turned eighty

Happy 80th birthday


14) If life was a roller coaster

You’ve had one hell of a ride

Sometimes luck has been with you

Sometimes disaster by your side

Sometimes you’ve just managed

To barely get along

Sometimes you have been an example

Of a person who is strong

Your life is a treasure chest

Of experiences that are myriad

May you celebrate this journey by having

The best birthday you’ve ever had

Happy 80th birthday


15) Happy birthday to my grandma

Who loves me to no end

She is less like a grandparent

And more like my best friend

She is the perfect nana

That anyone have ever seen

I have surrendered my heart

Under her affectionate reign

Happy 80th birthday


16) Everyone I know

Envies you a lot

For you have everything

A great family and what not

In your shoes is where

Everyone wants to be

It doesn’t matter that you

Are turning eighty

Happy 80th birthday


17) You are as wise as the mighty owl

You are as dignified as a queen

Nana, you are the most amazing

Eighty year old that I have ever seen

You know facts as if you are an encyclopedia

Your know words as if you are a dictionary

You know places as if you are an atlas

Kudos to you for tuning eighty

Happy 80th birthday


18) Family, friends and grandchildren – you have

Everything that anyone could ask for

You lack absolutely nothing

Of that I am very sure

God has given you just about

Everything that makes a man happy

All I can say is that you are

The luckiest guy at eighty

Happy 80th birthday


19) Even though you have turned eighty

You will never cease to be

My icon, my Superman, my hero

That is what I want you to know

Age can never be the determining factor

For the love that I have for my grandfather

Whether you turn eighty or ninety

You will always be my dearest granddaddy

Happy 80th birthday


20) Although your body turns eighty today

May your spirit never turn old

May you always be as bright

And as radiant as gold

Your vitality may get a setback

But your enthusiasm should stay strong

This is my wish on your eightieth

As we sing your birthday song

Happy birthday

80th birthday card poem for grandmother

21) A tender and comforting voice

Affectionate and warm embrace

Grandma, even at eighty

You have the most beautiful face

Feathery and frizzy white hair

Nimble and soft arms

My cute grandma

You are such a charm

Happy 80th birthday


22) The vantage point of life

At the age of eighty

Exhilarating and awe-inspiring

Is bound to be

It is like standing tall

On a building which is high

From which you can see your life

You feel like you want to fly

From these dizzying heights

Enjoy your life’s splendid view

With all my heart I wish

A happy 80th birthday to you


23) You are one of the few

Eighty year olds I know

Who uses the internet

Even when you are on the go

To use Facebook and Twitter

You are a rare octogenarian

All I can say is grandpa

You are a really cool person

Happy birthday


24) We are lucky to be blessed

With a granddad like you

Amazing octogenarians

In this world are few

Most eighty year olds

Are feeble and wobbly

But you are a true example

Of positivity and longevity

Happy 80th birthday


25) There is nothing different

In turning eighty

From the time when you

Turned seventy

At this life stage you will realize

That age is actually just a number

So stay the same, don’t change

Hope you never lose your thunder

Happy 80th birthday