80th birthday poems

80th birthday card poem for grandmother

21) A tender and comforting voice

Affectionate and warm embrace

Grandma, even at eighty

You have the most beautiful face

Feathery and frizzy white hair

Nimble and soft arms

My cute grandma

You are such a charm

Happy 80th birthday


22) The vantage point of life

At the age of eighty

Exhilarating and awe-inspiring

Is bound to be

It is like standing tall

On a building which is high

From which you can see your life

You feel like you want to fly

From these dizzying heights

Enjoy your life’s splendid view

With all my heart I wish

A happy 80th birthday to you


23) You are one of the few

Eighty year olds I know

Who uses the internet

Even when you are on the go

To use Facebook and Twitter

You are a rare octogenarian

All I can say is grandpa

You are a really cool person

Happy birthday


24) We are lucky to be blessed

With a granddad like you

Amazing octogenarians

In this world are few

Most eighty year olds

Are feeble and wobbly

But you are a true example

Of positivity and longevity

Happy 80th birthday


25) There is nothing different

In turning eighty

From the time when you

Turned seventy

At this life stage you will realize

That age is actually just a number

So stay the same, don’t change

Hope you never lose your thunder

Happy 80th birthday