Welcome back home messages for husband

Welcome back home messages for husband: Looking for messages, wishes and quotes to write on a Welcome Back sign, banner, sweet handwritten note or a love letter? Take ideas from these romantic messages to welcome your loving husband from military deployment as a soldier, overseas business travel as a company executive, stay in the hospital for surgery or a vacation trip with his friends. Let him know how much his wife missed him as her partner and his kids missed him as a father while he was away.


1) Your home was incomplete without the man who built it. Your wife was incomplete without the man who loves her. Your children were incomplete without the man who raised them. Welcome back home dear, now we are all complete.


2) Welcome home to my soldier husband who risked his life to serve the country. Now you will be served, pampered and spoilt by your family. We missed you terribly.


3) Your kids waited for your fatherly touch. Your dog waited for your friendly touch. But I, your wife waited for your romantic touch. Welcome home to the husband who has a magical touch.


4) Your absence was unbearable, frustrating, annoying and agonizingly lonely. The only solution to this is to take your wife when you travel overseas next time. I have packed my bags already. Welcome back home my dear.


5) As a soldier, every day of your deployment must have been a fight for survival. As a wife to a soldier, every day of your deployment was a fight to stop myself from breaking down from worrying about you. Welcome home.


6) The kids missed their father who put them to sleep every night. I missed my husband who never let me sleep at night. I love you, welcome back.


7) The biggest and loudest ‘Welcome back home’ sign is not the one that I put out in the front yard. That is nothing compared to how loudly my heart is happily shouting ‘Welcome home’ to you. I love you.


8) The worst feeling in the world is waking up in the morning to an empty bed and to realize that your soldier husband is out there dodging bullets. Thank God you are home. We missed you dearly.


9) Everyone in the house hates your overseas business trips. Your son hates it because doesn’t have anyone to play with and your wife hates it pretty much because of the same reason. Welcome back hubby.


10) Upon your return, this household is welcoming many personalities including the family’s Provider, children’s Father, wife’s Husband and the home’s Protector. Welcome home to the Provider, Father, Husband and Protector.


11) Some men are given the task of protecting their loved ones. But brave men like you are tasked with protecting millions of citizens of our country. Welcome back soldier, my brave husband.


12) Now that you are back, the steely cold walls of our house will finally feel like the warm and loving walls of a home. Welcome back home honey.


13) The biggest celebrations of this year are not birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The biggest celebration of this year is today – the day my husband came back from deployment. Welcome back honey.


14) Your boss better give you a promotion at work for traveling overseas, clinching deals and staying away from your family for such a long time. If he doesn’t, I may have to come to your office and give your boss a demotion. Welcome home dear.


15) You had one hell of a ride by traveling so far and wide for business. Now you are about to get one hell of a ride in the bedroom. Welcome home sweetheart.


16) Welcome home to the bravest soldier, coolest daddy and the best husband ever. We missed you truly, madly, deeply.


17) You must have sealed many million dollar deals with your signature on your business trip abroad. Now that you are home, you have to sign the biggest deal with me by your signature kiss. Welcome home honey.


18) You put up a brave front while you were going through your surgery. But you survived, which means that you not only have a brave body, but also a brave mind. Welcome back home from the hospital.


19) It doesn’t matter how long you weren’t with me. What matters is how I am going to enjoy moment to its last bit, now that you are with me. Welcome home darling.


20) Welcome back to the place where we have had loved each other, had our kids, faced challenges and came out stronger. This home and your wife missed you a lot. Welcome back.


21) The food tasted bland without you and the wine tasted sour without you. The house was lonely without you and the kids were moody without you. Now that you are back, everything will be like it was before. Welcome back home dear.


22) After you went away to your deployment, I understood the real meaning of the words solitude, loneliness, isolation and seclusion. Now I am going to forget them while you are back. Welcome home.


23) Did you like the care package I sent to you during your deployment? Did you adore the handwritten letter I sent to you? Did you cry with joy over our kids’ photographs which I mailed you when you were stationed at the base? I know you loved them because that is what pushed you to come back home earlier. Welcome home.


24) I have a long list of complaints for you because you took so long to come back home. But I will read that list out after we finish celebrating your arrival with a grand party. Welcome back.


25) You protected the country all this while. Now that you are back, we will protect and pamper you endlessly. Welcome home, my soldier husband.


26) While other husbands are at work earning money and protecting their own interests, you are out there on the battlefield protecting the interests of the country. That is what makes you an extraordinary husband. Welcome back home.


27) Victory on the battlefield may be the sweetest thing for you but your return is the sweetest thing for me. Welcome back home darling.


28) Your post operative recovery will be much faster because you will be in your comfy bed, you will get delicious homemade food and you will have the kids to amuse you all day long. Get well soon and welcome back from the hospital.


29) The only good thing that has come out of your surgery is your forcefully induced vacation prescribed by your doctor. That just means more family time together. Welcome back.


30) Everyone in my girly group loves showing off their husbands’ promotions at work and their contribution to their companies. But I am way above them because I get to show off my husband’s contribution to the nation. Welcome back, my amazing soldier husband.