Thank You Poems for Sister

Sweet thank you poem for sister

Thank You Poems for Sister: Whether older or younger, sisters always play a defining role in their siblings’ childhoods. More often than note, the priceless value of the special friendship shared by brothers and sisters is realized only in hindsight. Dwell deep into the funny idiosyncrasies and the sweet bond of the relationship between you and your sister. Gather your thoughts, put them into words and create your own little rhyme. Write it on a handmade greeting card or post it on your sister’s Facebook. Instead of waiting for your sister’s birthday or other special occasions, do this on a random day. Tell your sister that you just felt like showing some gratitude for all the time she has supported you and been there for you. Your lovely note will become a keepsake that your sister will hold close to her heart for a lifetime.


1) Thanks for supporting me

Even when I am wrong

Thanks for protecting me

And making me strong

Thanks for soothing me

With love, when I am down

Thanks for making me smile

And wiping out my frowns

Thanks for watching out

When things don’t seem fine

Thanks for pulling me up

When I am out of line

Thanks for playing perfectly

My sister’s role

I will always love you

From my heart and my soul


2) Life is going to get tougher

Things might get rougher

Problems may seem murkier

Love-life, could turn into a horror

Things may not change for the better

We may not spend time together

But none of this will matter

As long as you are here



3) Sister in hate

Sisters in love

I am glad the Heavens sent you

For me from above

Sisters is joy

Sisters in sorrow

It’s good to be together

Is what I want you to know

Sisters in trouble

Sister in prosperity

No matter which situation

Thanks for always being with me


4) You make the walk easier

You make the climb smoother

You make the run faster

You push me up higher

You make me feel so much cooler

You make life an adventure

Sis, thanks for being there

My heart will always hold you dear


5) My friends are jealous

My colleagues are envious

And the rest of the family

Also goes green with envy

When they see us as sisters

They burn into embers

For like us, a picture perfect pair

They haven’t seen anywhere


6) Dear sister…

When I need answers

You come to my heed

You become my bandage

When I begin to bleed

When I need assurance

Out of thin air you appear

When I need courage

You rid me of all fear

Even if I said thanks

For the rest of my life to you

I wouldn’t be able to express

All the gratitude that is due


7) You are like a jewel

That shines and radiates

Much like a brilliant pearl

Which stuns and captivates

You are like a ruby

A shade of bright crimson

Without whom life becomes

Dull, without any fun

You are like a diamond

Which reflects light everywhere

Thanks for being a sister

Who has always been there


8) You are like a beautiful chameleon

Who changes color

Displaying many shades of happiness

But bitterness, never

You camouflage your own

Worries and sorrows

But support me when I pass

Through all my highs and lows

As difficult as you are

To understand and fathom

You are undoubtedly

A sister who is awesome



9) You are like the soft pillow

On which I lay my head

The one that soothes me

Before I go to bed

You are like the sweet prayer

That I say every morning

Without which I just can’t

Start doing anything

Thanks for being all that

Which I can’t live without

You are the best sister ever

Of that I have no doubt


10) The only reason

My childhood is memorable

The only reason

My teenage was tolerable

The only reason

Why nothing seems impossible

The only reason

My achievements are laudable

The only reason

My journey is so special

Is because a sister like you

Making my life indomitable

Thank you

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11) If all the siblings of the world

Were set to compete

We would wins hands down

It would hardly be a feat

For we, are the best pair

That there could ever be

No one can be better

Apart from you and me

You are one of the reasons

That we have come so far

We have stood the test of time

Because of the sister that you are



12) If not for your advice

I wouldn’t be anywhere

I cannot put in words

How I’ve value your being there

If not for your caution

I would’ve made blunders

Not heeding your words

Would have created disasters

Thank heavens you were present

To save me from life’s pitfalls

It’s because of you, today

That I am still standing tall


13) I can write a few pages

I can write a verse

From writing a poem for you

I would not be averse

I can write an ode

Or a simple and sweet rhyme

To shower praise on you

I’d be ready anytime

I can write a melody

Or a cute little couplet

For another sister like you

I could never have, I bet


14) Endless reasons

Countless grounds

Limitless causes

Why my love abounds

Abundant explanations

There are to thank you

If I recount them right now

I would remember just a few

But here is it is

The most amazing irony

To thank your sister, you never

Need a reason really

I love you sis


15) Just like homemade chicken soup

In you, I find comfort

I can tell you everything

Anything, I can blurt

Just like a lovely warm cuppa

In you, I find blissful harmony

In front of you I can always

Be what I want to be

Just like a glass of aromatic wine

In you I find depth and richness

Without you my life, dear sis

Would be completely meaningless

Thank you


16) I have always wanted to

Be in your shoes

I have always tried to

Observe what you choose

I have always wished to

Behave like you would

And have the courage

To do what you could

Dear sis, my attempts

All my life have been

To be like you, because

You’re the best I’ve ever seen



17) A difference of opinion

Has never been dearer to me

Arguments and fights

Have never been more worthy

Quarrels and disputes

Have never felt so good

The benefits of our rows

I have now understood

The good part of having a sister

In hindsight, I’ve realized

And that is the reason

To me, you are so prized

Thank you


18) I keep up an image

In front of everybody

But there is one person

With whom I can be me

I maintain a facade

And maneuver my way

But to her, anything

I can frankly convey

That person is my sister

My foundation, my lifeline

Without her presence

Nothing would ever be fine

Thank you sis


19) If life is a play

You have played your part with elan

You have been the best

Amongst our entire clan

You have not faltered

In your performance even once

You have been flawless

And garnered praise in abundance

But the part that you have

Played with the most finesse

Is that of my sister

Giving me, nothing but happiness



20) Seasons change

With many other things

Birds fly away

By flapping their wings

Rivers change courses

Every now and then

Rain stop abruptly

And then starts again

The skies change colors

From dark to light blue

But one thing that never changes

My dear sis, is you


Cute thank you poem for sisters

21) Here is a shout out

To a sister par excellence

The person who has made

Fruitful, my existence

Here is a holler

To a sister who reigns supreme

Together with whom I make

An enviable team

Here is a big thanks

To that beautiful woman

My sister, without whom

Everything would come undone


22) The life of sisters

Is slightly complicated

Sometimes they start loving

What they earlier hated

Even when they are cross

They look out for each other

And when they are apart

They yearn to be together

Our sisterhood follows

The same twisty route

I have always loved you

Of that I have no doubt


23) Trouble doesn’t worry me

Fear doesn’t feel scary

Problems don’t seem herculean

Nothing seems to come undone

Big issues seem very little

Dead ends don’t look impossible

Difficulties look easy

Complexities even more puny

And that is because by my side I have

A sister who makes me smile wide

Thank you


24) Thanks for lending me your clothes

I wanted to look like you

Thanks for picking my accessories

I did not have any damn clue

Thanks for making me look pretty

I became the talk of town

Thanks for styling my look

And stopping me from dressing down

It was because of you, that I

Don’t have sleepless nights

Your presence in my life, dear sis

Makes everything perfectly right


25) There is no reason today

In particular

For me to say thanks

I just want you to hear

How much I love you

And how much I care

How grateful I am

For you to be there

So even though it isn’t

Sister’s Day today

I want to express gratitude

In each and every way