Thank You Poems for Parents: Poems to Say Thank You to Mom and Dad

Sweet thank you greeting card for mom and dad

Thank You Poems for Parents: Parents make all kinds of sacrifices to give their kids a good life until they grow up. If you have never taken out the time to appreciate what your parents have done for you, do it now. Don’t wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to show your gratitude. Start by giving them a sweet greeting card with a thank you poem written on it. Follow it up by showing them a slideshow of your cute childhood pictures. Seeing what a beautiful childhood you had will make them nostalgic and teary-eyed. It won’t take much to say thanks and tell them that you are the luckiest son and daughter in the world. Something as simple as walking upto your mom and dad to give them a cute hug will make them happy. Show the world that you love your parents by sharing a touching quote on Facebook or tagging them in a beautiful family photo.


1) I love you both

Dear mom and dad

I can never bear

To see you sad

I will protect you

From hurt and pain

I will never give you

A chance to complain

For you have done

The same for me

Now it’s my turn

To make you happy

Thank you


2) Dear mom and dad….

Thank you for being there

Thank you for all your care

Thank you for your advice

Thank you for being so nice

Thank you for your guidance

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your perfect DNA

Thank you for letting me grow up my way

Thank you for everything

Without you both, I’d be nothing


3) From the time you changed my nappy

To the things you did to make me happy

From the time you helped me crawl

To the time I grew and became tall

From the time you helped me in school

To the time you got me nice clothes to look cool

There isn’t anything you haven’t done for me

To have you as my parents, I am very lucky

Thank you


4) When I wanted to climb higher

You became my ladder

When I wanted some support

You both came together

When I wanted to fly high

You became my hot air balloon

When everything felt cursed

You appeared as my boon

I rested on your shoulders

When I wanted a better view

To parents who’ve done everything

I want to say thank you


5) I don’t need Father’s Day

To say I love you dad

Buying gifts on Mother’s Day

Is just another fad

Giving thanks to my parents

Each and every day

Is how I’ll express my gratitude

For showing me the way

Thank you


6) If an angel lived in this world

Mom, it would be you

No other person can be

So pure and true

I have never seen God

But He must be like dad

Who always makes me smile

And can’t bear to see me sad

Thanks to both of you

For being so wonderful

I love you both for making

My life so beautiful


7) Even if I hugged you everyday

Even if I gave you a kiss

Even if I made you smile

And filled your life full of bliss

I wouldn’t be able to match

Everything you’ve done for me

The only way I’ll try to repay you

Is by keeping you both happy


8) Get off my back

Is what I would have said

Using those words now

I wouldn’t be caught dead

Leave me alone

I would have said years ago

Such disrespect again

I would never show

Because I realize

The importance and value

Of having wonderful

Parents like you



9) Instead of using a box

To give you a present

I want to use nice words

As a thank you token

You both as parents

Are truly irreplaceable

Thanks for making me life

So incredible


10) The wallpaper of my iPhone

Is a picture of dad holding me

My laptop’s screensaver

Is mom smiling widely

I like to keep you close

Even when you aren’t around

Imagine how much love

In you both, I have found

Thanks for making my life

A warm and tender cocoon

You are not just my parents

In my life, you are a boon

Thank you

Cute poem to say thanks to parents

11) All parents should be like you

Cool, friendly and liberal

They should know how to make

Their children feel special

All parents should act like you

In a way which is chilled out

They should be examples

Of what parenting is all about

All children like me should have

Parents like you so perfect

Only then they will feel from within

For their parents, love and respect



12) Whenever I needed you

You were just a call away

Even though I held the phone

And had nothing to say

You both always understood

Whenever I wanted to cry

To explain my problems

I never had to try

Thanks for always being there

For watching my back

Without parents like you

My life wouldn’t be on track

Thank you


13) Through all my worries

All my stress

Through all my hassles

All the mess

Because of you

I stayed afloat

That is the reason

I want to thank you both


14) So many sacrifices

You both must have made

A big price for my happiness

You both must have paid

Thanks for being the parents

Who are the epitomes

Of what every mom and dad

Should ideally be



15) Dear mom and dad….

You both gave me

My real education

You both inspired me

To have ambition

You both told me

That the sky is my limit

For success and victory

You made me fit

Whatever I am today

Is because of you two

My gratefulness

Is highly overdue

Thank you


16) I can live a day

Without eating out

I can do without my iPhone

Without a doubt

I can make do if I don’t

Meet my best buddy

I can survive without

Watching a movie

But I can’t do without

Meeting you every day

Thanks for everything

Is all that I want to say


17) I had a perfect childhood

Life was amazing in my teens

In college, I was happier

More than I had ever been

A well settled grown up

I went on to become

Thanks to you, mom and dad

My life has been awesome


18) Mommy, daddy

I want you to know

You guys are the best

Go on and take a bow

I want to thank you both

For today I realize

Having you in my life

Is nothing less than a prize


19) Thank you mom

For doing all that you could for me

Thank you dad

For always making me happy

Thank you both

For always supporting me

Without you, I would

Be in total agony


20) Thanks for never instructing me

To tell me what I should do

Thanks for showing me by example

That I should be like you

Thanks for never nagging me

For doing things your way

Thanks for being so patient

And keeping arguments at bay

Thanks for being the ideal parents

By giving me so much independence

I don’t know where I would be

Without your helpful guidance

Beautiful thank you quote to parents from daughter and son

21) People come and people go

In life like changing weather

Friends, foes and colleagues

Along with many others

But the only people in life

Who remain constant

Are parents like you who believe

Their kids to be the most important

Thank you


22) I don’t think I can ever pay off

Whatever you have done for me till today

I don’t think I can ever give back

Whatever you have given me along the way

I don’t think I can ever manage to return

All your help, guidance and favors

Without your support, I don’t think

I could have ever been a winner

Thank you


23) Whether I pleaded like a kid

To take me to the candy store

Whenever I cried out fowl

That my life was such a big bore

Whenever I asked you to increase

My weekly allowance

Whenever I did crazy things

To make you run out of patience

Whenever I complained that you

Didn’t allow me to watch enough TV

I didn’t know that my best interest

Is what you both wanted to see

But now that I understand

How you both were always right

I want to thank you mom and dad

With all my energy and might


24) So many things

Wouldn’t have turned out well

So many life plans

Wouldn’t have been so swell

So many of dreams

Wouldn’t have come true

If it wasn’t for the support

Given by you

So much of life’s purpose

Would have been unfulfilled

If good values and morals

You wouldn’t have instilled

Thank you mom and dad

For whatever you have done

It is because of you

That I have always won


25) I’ve harassed you

To no end

Even then you’ve always

Been my friends

I’ve bothered you

To no limits

Even then you’ve been

With me every bit

I’ve troubled you

At so many instances

Even they you’ve showered

Only hugs and kisses

You’re the best parents

Dear mom and dad

The kind that other kids

Would never have had



26) It isn’t an easy job

To think of different ways

To thank your mom and dad

Who’ve supported you always

It isn’t an easy thing

To thank them in a manner

Which is superlative

Like no other

It isn’t an easy task

To thank them in a style

So beautiful that it puts

On their faces, a sweet smile

It is because they are

People who’ve done a lot

They’re impossible to thank

For all that they’ve taught

Thank you


27) The reason I feel so blessed

As if I’m sent straight from the Heavens

The reason I feel so fortunate

Like being one in a million

The reason why I feel lucky

For getting everything I ever need

The reason why I feel happy

For never suffering indeed

Is because of parents like you

So strong and supportive

Without you so happily

I wouldn’t have been able to live



28) The biggest gift

That you both gave me

Was to always

Keep me happy

In return, a present

That I will give you

Is a heartfelt thanks

Without much ado


29) Saying thanks to you

Is a task which is useless

For it’s impossible to thank parents

Who’ve given me so much happiness

It would take me hours and weeks

To come up with a thought

Of how I could show gratitude

And say that I thank you a lot


30) My life could not

Get any sweeter

It also could not

Get any better

My life would not

Be as super

If I didn’t have you

As my father and mother

Thank you