Thank you poems for husband

Sweet thank you note message for husband

Thank you poems for husband: Happy in your marriage? Feel blessed to have a husband as loving, caring, committed and faithful as yours? Show your gratitude by picking just another random day to write a sweet Thank You note for him. A card may be over the top but sending a cute text message or a romantic email while he is at work will definitely make him smile. Dig deep in your heart to pull out the most touching words as you express your feelings. As cheesy as all this sounds, little gestures like a short and impromptu Thank You can make a world of a difference in the chemistry you share as husband and wife.


1) Troubles don’t bother me

Worries have never been scary

Stress doesn’t bug me one bit

Anxiety doesn’t make me weary

Being in the warmth of your arms

Looking at your handsome face

Is all I need to experience

Pure bliss and solace

Thank you


2) To my dearest husband…

You make my world

A beautiful paradise

You make every single day

A real surprise

You make my home

A blissful heaven

You make my heart

A lush garden

You make my soul

A perfect place

You make a smile

Appear on my face

Thank you for all this

And much more

You are the one who

From my heart and soul, I adore


3) Thanks for being my best friend

When I needed just an ear

Thanks for supporting me

When I just needed someone near

Thanks for being my advocate

When I needed someone’s belief

Thanks for being my healing balm

When I needed some relief

Thanks for being my everything

When I need just a little more

As a husband you deserve

A perfect ten on ten score


4) The clichés of a boring marriage

I have never come to know

For my marriage with you

Has always been a smooth flow

The scare of a marriage falling apart

I have never been through

For this seamless journey

The credit goes to you

Thank you darling


5) From being my handsome prince

To my knight in shining armor

From being my friend and guide

To being my staunch supporter

From being the guy every girl wants

To my very own Mr. Right

Thank you for everything

I love you with all my might


6) Many Thank Yous for you

I have collected over the years

But since I haven’t given you any

They are all pending as arrears

Many acts of showing gratefulness

And gratitude are overdue

Let me start off with a kiss

And follow it up with a Thank You


7) Thanks for reaching out

To the depths of my soul

Making me abandon

My life’s humdrum rigmarole

Thanks for giving me back

All my lost zest and zeal

To tackle every challenge

And manage any ordeal

For reminding me of my

Strengths which I forgot

My dearest husband

All I can say is, thanks a lot


8) The reason why I am

A perfect wife

The reason why we have

A perfect life

The reason why our family

Is the happiest

The reason why our journey

Has been the nicest

Is because I have

A perfect husband like you

Who doubles us as a friend

And a romantic lover too

Thank you


9) When I Iose all hope

You make up for it

Picking up pieces of my heart

Bit by bit

When I decide to give up

You ask me to hold on a little more

Assuring me that my patience

Will open a new door

When I think it’s all over

You come to my rescue

Honey, what else can I say

But a heartfelt Thank You


10) Call it hormonal changes

Call it random mood wings

Call it a midlife crisis

You’ve seen me through the craziest things

Call it a menopausal phase

Call it a she’s-going-mad syndrome

You did everything you could

To save our crumbling home

Thanks for bearing me through

The worst phases of my life

I am proud to have you as my husband

And call myself, your wife

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11) More power

To men like you

Who make their wives’

Dreams come true

May your tribe increase

By the bulk

So that no woman

Ever has to sulk

Thank you for being

A husband so fine

In my life you are

A blessing, truly divine


12) To my husband…

You always raised the bar higher

You always motivated me to be nicer

You always inspired me to do better

You always pushed me to work harder

You always made me feel happier

You always encouraged be to tougher

You always taught me to be a go-getter

Thanks for making my life so much worthier


13) I would trust you

With a blind eye

To doubt you

I would never try

Your advice I would

Blindly execute

Your suggestions I would

Never want to refute

That is the confidence

I have in you, my dear

Thanks for always

Being here


14) I don’t have a very

Impressive vocabulary

At least not good enough

To compliment my hubby

The man who always

Takes my breath away

Words aren’t enough to describe

Him in any way

Thanks is the word

Which I think will right now, suffice

To be grateful to my husband

Who is ever so nice


15) When I didn’t believe in my own dreams

You were the one who did passionately

When I didn’t trust myself to do the right thing

I depended on you blindly

When I took a decision which was wrong

Instead of blaming me

You were the one who shared

All the repercussions and responsibility

Thank you is an understatement

For a husband like you, so wonderful

But thank you is the least I can say

For making my life so beautiful


16) You could have smothered me

With guilt and remorse

And then our relationship

Would have taken the downward course

You could have showered me

With tons of blame and censure

You could have left me repercussions

That I would have had to endure

But you gave me chances

Doing none of this

You washed away my mistakes

With forgiveness and a kiss

Thank you


17) Misunderstandings have never been

A part of our game

We have never fought by putting

On each other, any blame

Tit for tat and malicious tricks

Has never been our style

To apologize or forgive

We’ve never taken a long while

For giving our marriage these values

You are the one to credit

For making our relationship flawless

You are the one, I give merit

Thank you


18) Every single day

When I wake up to the sun

To live happily one more day

I find a new reason

It is because of you

That this has been possible

For your presence in my life

Is what makes its exceptional

Thank you


19) Without you all my anxieties

Would have blown out of proportion

Without you I would’ve taken on myself

Unnecessary stress and tension

Without you I would have lost

My ability to think straight and focus

Without you there would have been

So much worry and fuss

But none of this, I’ve ever had

A chance to experience

Darling, that has happened only

Because of your presence

Thank you


20) Thanks to the man

Who gives me no reason to complain

Thanks to that person

Who gives me no hurt or pain

Thanks to my dear friend

Who supports me like a pillar

Thanks to my companion

Who always makes me a winner

Cute poem to say thank you to your husband

21) From my obsession

About cleanliness

To my weird sources

Of happiness

From my pet peeves

About things inane

To the idiosyncrasies

That drive me insane

Through all of it

You’ve tolerated me

Thanks for everything

My dearest hubby


22) The definition of an awesome man

They’ve all got it wrong

Everyone’s been talking about

A false dream all along

Because that awesome man

Is right here with me

No one else can have him

For he, is my hubby

Thanks for everything


23) My motivation for every good thought

My food for living life everyday

My reason for every happiness

My friend from night to day

The mirror of my life

In whom I see my reflection

Darling, don’t ever stop

Being this amazing person

Thank you


24) Thanks for being the perfect mix

Of a man with good looks and character

I don’t think I could have ever found

A man for me who could be better

On top of that, thanks for being

The perfect guy, totally marriage material

I don’t think I could have ever found

A husband who is so special


25) I can flaunt to all my friends

That I have a rocking life

I can boast to everyone

That I am such an amazing wife

I can show off that I am living

A life that people can only dream of

I can look at other people’s lives

And sadistically scoff

The confidence to behave like this

Comes from a husband like you

I hope I am good enough to give

Your ego such a boost too