Second birthday poems: Happy 2nd birthday poems

2nd birthday card message for baby

Second birthday poems: A two year old toddler won’t be able to make head or tail of what you write on a greeting card. But that shouldn’t stop you from writing the cutest messages. Whether it is for your adorable baby boy, princess baby girl, darling niece, sweet nephew or any other 2 year old toddler – celebrate the innocence of being an infant with a short rhyme that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Take lots of pictures because there are fewer things more beautiful in life than being a part of a newborn’s journey marked by those little baby steps.


1) Dreams high and ambitions new

As you grow, shall come to you

Fantasies tall and wishes nifty

Shall make your future life story

May God bestow on you dear

A life full of promise, without any fear

I wish the best in the world for you

Congratulations for turning two

Happy 2nd birthday


2) In your first year

You were the sweetest of all

In your second year

You have grown a little tall

When you were a newborn

You were cute as a button

Although you have grown

You are still my charming one

Stay the way you are

Take everyone’s breath away

Now that you have turned two

I wish you a happy birthday

Happy 2nd birthday


3) My two year old niece

My heart’s most precious piece

My prized possession

My endless obsession

The apple of my eye

My cutest sweetie pie

Is you, dear birthday girl

You make my life spin and swirl

Happy 2nd birthday


4) You are the best thing to have happened

To your mom and dad

And to your uncle and aunt

You are the best they’ve had

You are a beautiful prize

For your grandma and grandpa

They could never have had

A joy like you another

You are special to everyone

Who has seen your sweet face

In everyone’s hearts

You have made your special place

Happy 2nd birthday


5) Turning two

Is a big task

Growing up

Is a big ask

Being a baby

Is all fun and play

Growing up makes

The fun go away

Enjoy this year

As you turn two

Of innocence these are

The years few

Happy 2nd birthday


6) You have filled the house

With so much fun and cheer

Since the day of your birth

There hasn’t been a tear

You have filled our lives

With so much joy and glee

Sometimes I wonder if

In disguise, you are a fairy

Happy 2nd birthday


7) I want to cuddle you

Like there is no tomorrow

I want to kiss you

To get rid of all sorrow

I want to hug you

As if you are a ball of fur

I want to look into your eyes

To make everything else a blur

I want to have fun with you

And savor each moment

Happy second birthday

You have made me a proud parent


8) In just two years you’ve made

So much progress

To watch you grow up so quick

Gives me a lot of happiness

From the day I wrapped you

In your soft blanket

To the day you stopped making

Your nappy wet

You have achieved a lot

And come a long way

Keep taking such leaps forward

Is my wish on your birthday

Happy 2nd birthday


9) Happy second birthday

To my bunny boy

You are cuter than

Any teddy or toy

Many happy returns

To my cuddly nephew

I can’t believe you have

Already turned two


10) Two years old

And still growing

Your antics are

Endlessly charming

Your gibberish lingo

Is so adorable

Sweetheart, you are

So special

Happy 2nd birthday

Sweet second birthday card greeting

11) Black, brown and gray

May these shades of life never come your way

Blue, red and yellow

May you live a life without sorrow

Green, pink and blue

May your life be a pretty hue

Orange, maroon and neon

May your life always bring you a new dawn

Happy 2nd birthday


12) You are not a baby anymore

You are a handsome toddler dude

All you need to now learn is

How to eat your own food

You are not tiny anymore

You are on your way to become a young boy

All you need to now do is

Stop playing with a toy

You are not an infant anymore

You are a man in the making

Congratulations for turning two

Have fun celebrating


13) One plus one

Equals two

And that is how

Tiny are you

Two plus two

Equals four

Very very soon

That big, you’ll grow

Until that happens

Be little and sweet

Enjoy your smashing

Birthday treat

Happy 2nd birthday


14) You are just two

But you are so smart

You are so young

But your antics are tart

Your size is small

But you want to scale new heights

On you, superstar

Everyone has their sights

Happy 2nd birthday


15) The shimmering sparkle

In your blue eyeball

Makes you look like

A lovely doll

The smooth skin on

You body so petite

Makes my heart

Skip a beat

Little footprints

Of your tiny feet

Makes your parents’ life

So complete

Happy 2nd birthday


16) Sweet pea, munchkin, cutie pie

That is all that you will hear

Because you are the reason

Of your family’s cheer

For them, you are an angel

Their love for you is so sheer

May you always be blessed

Happy 2nd birthday my dear


17) You are just two years old

You have a long way to go

You have just been born

You still have lots to grow

This is just the beginning

Of a long but fun journey

Have a happy second birthday

And a super fun toddler party


18) You take advantage

Of your cuteness

But that gives us

Much happiness

You make most of

Your lovely face

When you break something

You seek an embrace

You know where our

Weakness lies

You cast a spell on us

With your magical eyes

Happy 2nd birthday


19) Just like the colorful balloons

In your birthday party

Colorful and vibrant

May your life also turn out to be

Just like the sweet treats

In your birthday celebration

May your life also become

A sweet revelation

Happy 2nd birthday


20) You have a magic wand

In your little hand

For you make everyone smile

Even if it’s just for a while

Your eyes have a dazzle

Which makes you so special

Your charm has a soothing quality

Happy birthday to you sweetie

Cute birthday card poem for baby

21) My dreams for you are big

Although you are so tiny

My hopes for you are tall

Although you are just a baby

My wishes for you are sky high

Although you are just a handful

Larger than life is my love

For you, my beautiful

Happy 2nd birthday


22) May the rest of your life

Be as sweet as your second birthday

May you always be so beautiful

That you take everyone’s breath away

May your growing years

Be blessed with health and happiness

May your childhood be

Filled with memories which become priceless

Happy 2nd birthday


23) The best years of my life

Have been the last two

For that is the time

When I had you

The last two years of my life

Have been the most exciting

For I have an adorable baby

Who is so charming

Happy 2nd birthday


24) I wish I was as cute

When I was two

Then I wouldn’t have been

So jealous of you

But even if I had

Your charm and allure

I wouldn’t be a better two year old

Than you for sure

Happy 2nd birthday


25) Today is your day

My little princess

Pose for pictures

Make memories priceless

Today is your moment

My little fairy

Happy second birthday

It’s time to make merry