Never give up poems: Don’t give up poems

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1) Most people give up

When they are very close

To the dreams and ambitions

That they earlier chose

If only they had tried

A couple of more times again

If only they had pushed harder

And ignored the pain

They would have won

They would have got success

But since they gave up early on

Right now, they are nothing but a mess

The lesson to learn is simple

Never give up the fight

Whatever happens in life

Push forward with all your might


2) Quitting is like a disease

Which spreads very slowly

It eats up all your confidence

And weakens you steadily

If you don’t take stock of it

And control it at an early stage

Giving up will become a hobby

A war in your life it will wage

So if you have been infected

And you want a cure

Never give up in your life

And you will get treated for sure


3) It is perfectly fine if you lose

It is okay if you need a break

But it is totally shameful

If you don’t learn from your mistake

It is perfectly fine if you fail

It is okay if you need to cry

But it is totally shameful

If you give up and never try


4) Don’t give up because you can’t do something

Don’t give up because you can’t achieve anything

Don’t give up because you are able to do nothing

You actually have it in you to do everything

Don’t give up because you can’t reach somewhere

Don’t give up because you can get anywhere

Don’t give up because you are ending up nowhere

You actually have it in you to attain success everywhere


5) Giving up on your favorite things

Is like cutting off a bird’s wings

Without which a bird cannot fly

Quitting will only make you cry

Instead of chopping off your dreams

And tearing your life apart at the seams

Work hard and keep trying

So like a bird, you can continue flying


6) If you really want to achieve your goals

You will never find an excuse

If you really want to live your dream

Petty reassurances, you will never use

If you really want to reach the finish line

Giving up will never be in your scheme of things

So never give up and keep trying till the end

So that success can give you wings


7) Rising up is a trait of the strong

Giving up is a trait of the weak

Don’t bend down and let go

If success is what you seek

Perseverance is a trait of the strong

Uncertainty is a trait of the weak

If you don’t take fate in your hands

Your future will always be bleak

Never give up


8) Don’t let failure make you give up and cave

To fulfill your dreams, you will have to be brave

Never think of quitting as an option

Instead, think of things that give you motivation

Chasing success and failure is a game

In which the outcome can be lame

If you don’t get up and stand tall

Every time you fail and take a fall

You must push on and continue the fight

Keep trying again and again, with all your might

Never give up, never quit

Give life your everything, to the last bit

9) If you have failed even after being tough

Maybe you haven’t done enough

Even if you have tried again and again

Don’t give up until you go insane

Because the sweetest of fruits are given

To those who are passionate and driven

Don’t give up


10) What will happen in your fate

Will depend on how you think, mate

So forget about things like defeat

Let positive thoughts make your day complete

Decide that you won’t give up, once and for all

Even in tough times, you will stand tall

Keep pushing even if you are tired

Don’t stop until you get what you desired

Keep trying even if you are out of breath

Don’t let anything scare you, not even death


11) If you give up your dreams halfway

With disappointment, you will heavily pay

If you let go of what you believe in

You will commit a dreadful sin

If you fail at achieve your target

You will live the rest of your life with regret

So never give up and keep moving

With confidence in yourself, keep living

Faith and perseverance will be key

In helping you achieve the dreams you see


12) All great mean and women said only one thing

Not to give up and give your dreams the best shot

Read their quotable quotes or biographies

To know that before getting success, they failed a lot

These men and women swear by the fact

That there is no other way to achieve your goal

Than to give everything you have got

And work hard with all your soul

Never give up


13) Did anyone tell you

That life would be easy

Did you hear from someone

That getting success, would be breezy

If you think this way

You are completely wrong

Life is mean, life is tough

It is not a sweet song

For every little goal

For every little dream

You must keep fighting

And never lose steam


14) Work hard, be focused and concentrate

Are the things you must do

But apart from doing all that

You must never give up too

No matter how hard working you are

Or how focused you can be

If you give up after failing

Success is that last thing you will see


15) Many successful people in the world

Have been rejected once or more

But they have never felt defeated

And always had motivation in store

They have tried to beat failures

One way or the other

Finding solutions on their own

Not putting blame on another

From these people

It is important to learn

That for your own success

You have to work hard and earn

And the only way

To accomplish this goal

Is to never give up

Even if life takes its toll


16) Run until you are out of breath

Keep running till you reach your goal

Keep attacking your obstacle

Tell life that you are on a roll

Grab opportunities by the collar

And take life by the lapel

Never give up on the dream you dreamt

And all in life, will be well


17) When you give up on something you really want

You bring upon yourself a curse

When you give up on something you desire by heart

Nothing can ever be worse

When you give up on something you live by

You bring yourself disgrace

So never give up until you reach the end

Because life is one mean and tough race


18) Life is a journey with a fork in the road

One way brings grief and the other happiness

The first road goes to failure

And the other one goes to success

The person who chooses the road to failure

Is weak, fragile and helpless

Only the person who is strong and determined

Can chose the road to success

So don’t be weak by giving up

And chase your dreams with all your strength

Have the courage to do what it takes

Achieve your dreams by going to any length

Never give up


19) The motto of never giving up

Doesn’t just apply for lofty dreams

Whether it is an exam or a situation of life and death

Persevering is more difficult than it seams

‘Don’t quit’ should be your daily chant

No matter what you are reaching out for

Otherwise failure will loom large

And of success, you will never be sure


20) Never give up on the person you love

Never give up on your own life

Never give up on your dreams

Don’t quit in times of strife

Never give up on your wishes

Never give on your career

If you had lost faith earlier on

You wouldn’t have even reached here


21) Do you know why you should never give up

Because you can be just an inch away from success

Why give up on something that you are so close to

Why lose out unnecessarily or a dream so priceless

Do you know why you should never give up

Because you can be on the right way

You may need to push just slightly harder

To reach your goal without any delay


22) The only bridge

The only hurdle

The only blockage

The only puddle

Between you

And success

Between you

And progress

Is something

Called perseverance

With which you will succeed

Despite any interference


23) Have you ever seen an ant

That attempts to climb the tree again

Every time it falls on the ground

Until it successfully reaches its den

Consider yourself to be that ant

And visualize your goal in that den somewhere

Keep trying to get every time you fall

Don’t give up until you get there


24) Never, never, never give up

Said the great Winston Churchill

Don’t quit for a single second

Push hard with all your will

This great man also said

If you are going through hell, keep going

If success is what you want in life

Then this is the correct formulae for winning


25) In life, to succeed and to win

First you must fight a battle within

Perseverance is the only thing

That will push you, like a spring

You must keep trying

You must keep pushing

If you want something real bad

Even if you feel tired and sad