Kindness poems: Poems about being kind to others

Beautiful short poem and quote about kindness

Kindness poems: Take inspiration from these poems about being kind to others. Share them as Facebook posts, short text messages, Pinterest pins and by email to spread the word. Use these rhymes as motivational quotes and encourage others to not shy away from doing random acts of kindness for strangers. Share them with your friends, family, kids, children in school, colleagues, teachers, boss and every other person you know. If the feelings and emotions of kindness, humility, generosity, sympathy, humanity and compassion penetrate each and every young mind today, the world can be a better place tomorrow.


1) Being kind to family is natural

Being kind to friends can be a necessity

Being kind to colleagues at work

May be at attempt to look smart and witty

But being kind to strangers

Is an act that will set you apart

From every other person because

It shows that you have a malice-free heart


2) Wear the cape of kindness

The underwear of generosity

And you will be able to conquer the world

Like Superman, in any adversity


3) Don’t ever underestimate the power

Of simple acts of kindness

It won a frail old lady named Mother Teresa

The Nobel Prize for peace’s progress

It armed a monk named Dalai Lama

The support to fight for the freedom of a nation

And it immortalized a young Lady Diana

In the pages of history, truly inspirational

The lesson to be learnt

From the life stories of these people

Is that the power of kindness is so strong

That it can even build cities from rubble


4) Don’t mistake people

Who are always kind

As fragile or physically weak

Or those with a feeble mind

Kindness is actually a mark

Of acute inner strength

Of a person who

Will go to any lengths


5) Kindness is like first love

It can change a life

With a miracle and a promise

To wipe away sorrow and strife

Kindness is the only two-way freeway

Free of traffic or potholes

Which connects the destinations Love and Hate

Without any speed limits or tolls


6) You can repay cash with kind

And kind with cash

But you can never truly repay kindness

With money, no matter how big a stash

Kindness has nothing to do

With the size of your wallet or purse

It depends on the size of your heart

And how free you are from greed’s curse


7) Kindness has many unique features

Which make it one of the best things to give

It is free, it doesn’t have a use by date

And its memories will forever live

Kindness can also be shared

With anyone and everyone without trouble

From friends and family members

To strangers and unknown people


8) To show your kindness

There are many ways

So stop waiting for opportunities

Be kind to someone today

You can donate money

You can volunteer

Do whatever you can

To bring about a cheer

You may think of it

As a small and insignificant act

But in someone’s life

It will be a life changing fact


9) One of the qualities

That sets humans apart

From other warm blooded mammals

Is the ability to be kind at heart

Use this unique ability every day

Make a difference in other people’s lives

If you don’t know what to do to be kind

Start by giving warm hugs and happy high fives


10) Don’t just be kind and give

Because you have excess

Be kind to people because

You can’t bear to see them in stress

The true test of kindness

Is to give away something

After which, for your own self

You will have nothing


11) No matter what you have achieved in life

No matter how much success you have tasted

If you don’t have humility

All your triumphs are wasted

No matter what you have accomplished

Whatever you may have been able to do

Without being a kind and helpful person

None of it has any value


12) The rewards of being kind

May not be at that very instance

It can take hundreds of acts of kindness

For you to be rewarded even once

But when karma finally comes back around

And rewards you for being kind

It will be a miracle in your life

Which will blow your mind


13) It takes a big heart and a brave soul

To drive someone’s troubles away

Everyone promises to offer help tomorrow

But very few can step forward to help today

Those who dare to act right now, rather than later

Know the real meaning of kindness

It is this urge of wanting to make a visible difference

Is when kindliness actually becomes godliness


14) To show kindness, don’t wait until tomorrow

For a new chance or a new campaign

Life may or may not be kind enough

To give you an opportunity to be kind again

Donating money to an organization

Can involve paperwork and legality

But showing kindness in everyday life

Only involves generosity and simplicity


15) The first things you should pack

In your bag before you commence

On the eternal journey of kindness

Is a smile and a moral sense

People who donate money

Are not necessarily kind

It takes money to be charitable

But kindness requires a generous heart and mind


16) The best part about

Being kind to other people

Is that life will return the favor

And make your own happiness double

Be kind, even to the people

Who don’t deserve your kindness

So they can see life’s better side

And clear their mind’s mess


17) Don’t even try to be kind

If you expect something in return

All your efforts will go in vain

If personal gain is one of your concerns

Real kindness can only be found

When the only thought in your heart

Is giving without receiving

From the very start


18) Many rich people can claim to be kind

By opening up their big fat cheque books

But very few of them may be able to

Open up their hearts, and give a homeless another look

It is one thing to lavishly donate

But if you want to be truly kind

You will have to dig deep within your heart

Until pure generosity, you can find


19) Showing kindness is the only way

To feel instant satisfaction

Showing kindness is the only way

To feel instant gratification

Showing kindness is the only way

To feel good about being human

Showing kindness is the only way

To make life a permanent celebration


20) Untimely acts of kindness

Are all it takes to end

Bitter rivalry and animosity

Between two old friends

Untimely acts of kindness

Are all it takes to revive

A stronger bond between people

And make their friendship alive


21) Kindness does not need many resources

It does not take super talent or skill

But being kind is known to be the key

To build up a great personal goodwill

God has a very easy way to decide

If you will go to heaven or hell

He simply adds your acts of kindness

And subtracts unkind actions, before striking the bell


22) Just like how a single stone

Can create many ripples in calm waters

Your act of kindness can have a ripple effect

On someone’s spouse, sons or daughters

There is no such thing as big or small

When it comes to measuring kindness

Because even in the slightest dozes

It can bring about joy and happiness


23) Being kind should be

Like second nature

Humility should come through

In every gesture

Forethought and deliberation

Do not define kindness

It should be an innate virtue

That is effortless


24) Do a kind favor today

Say a few sympathetic words to someone

Show a humble gesture right away

Be proud of a modest act you have done

Show empathy in each and every action

Integrate kindness in everything you do

Make humility a core part of your life’s celebration

One day it will all come back to you


25) The best way to fulfill

A very selfish goal

Of being satisfied and happy

Is to become a kind soul

You may have to wait in life

To find joy, enjoyment and happiness

But you don’t have to wait to give these things

To other people, by showing your kindness