Inspirational messages for bodybuilding: Motivation for bodybuilders

Inspirational bodybuilding quote about Arnold Schwarzenegger

Inspirational messages for bodybuilding: Training and lifting weights to bulk up is a journey which is full of frustration. These motivational quotes are about the dedication, sacrifice, pain and sweat that goes into exercising to get bigger. Results are not immediate and the hard work is shattering. But in the end, it is all worth it when your body commands respect, pride and attention. Share these quotes with your friends as text messages, Facebook posts, tweets, wallpapers or pins on Pinterset. In the world of pumping iron and lifting weights, even the slightest encouragement can make a guy push harder for that vital extra rep which will take him from Weak and Skinny to Big and Strong.


1) The respect a man gets for a great body is a respect like no other.


2) It will take you at least 5 years to build a good body but the respect you command after that will last for another 50.


3) Body building is a long term investment unlike others. You don’t earn any interest, but you will earn a lot of respect and pride.


4) Think about the day when you will walk down the street and others will get out of the way. Think about the day when even the most worn out t-shirt will look sexy on your ripped body. Think about the day when people will look at you with respect. Now stop thinking, and start lifting.


5) Do every rep as if it were the last rep of your life no matter how much it pains, and you will never have to stay skinny again.


6) Bodybuilding is as simple as removing the T from CANT.


7) If you make an average of 7 reps per set, missing out on even 1 rep means a reduction of 15% in your workout. Think about it.


8) At the age of 21, Arnold Schwarzenegger left his family, home and country to pursue his bodybuilding dreams. What sacrifices have you made?


9) Mind Over Matter is the true definition of bodybuilding.


10) Lifting heavy weights is not a test of your physical strength. It is a test of whether you think you can lift heavy or not.


11) Bodybuilding is actually less about the body and more about the mind. If you can build your mind, your body will follow.


12) Lift heavy, lift hard or don’t lift at all.


13) Lifting weights is a battle against all my critics. I will keep lifting until I faint but I won’t stop until I build the body that I truly deserve.


14) You will never reach your true potential if you don’t push your body to the limits until you cry out in pain. In the end, it will all be worth it.


15) Bodybuilding is one of those things in which you have to learn to sacrifice before you can think about gain.


Motivational bodybuilding quote on Arnold Schwarzenegger working out16) Some people ask, why would anyone subject themselves to pain and suffering every day just to pack on a few pounds of muscle? I say, ask your girlfriend.


17) A bodybuilder isn’t born. A bodybuilder is made from years of pain, suffering, sacrifice and a lot of weights.


18) You can either stay home and be average or you can lift weights and become glorious. What will you be?


19) The right to look hot in any t-shirt is given only to those who lift weights. The right to stand in a room and command attention is given only to those who lift weights. The right to walk down an empty street without being messed around with, is only given to those who lift weights. The right to earn respect from friends and mates is only given to those who lift weights. But interestingly, the right to lift weights is given to everyone – including YOU.


20) Have you ever felt so burnt out that you couldn’t help yourself to get out of bed the next morning? If not, then you obviously haven’t trained hard enough.


21) Exercise + Sacrifice + Pain = Gain


22) Bodybuilding is not a hobby, pastime or passion. It is a way of life. And until you understand this, you will never be able to bulk up.


23) I want to grow big so that no one messes with me. I want to grow big so that people respect me. But most importantly, I want to grow big because I am tired of being skinny.


24) There is no excuse for being skinny, just like there is no excuse for being fat.


25) There are two types of bodybuilders in this world. One, who lift weights to look good and others, who live to lift weights. No prizes for guessing which ones succeed.


26) Pro Bodybuilders are not superhuman. They are just ordinary people who make extraordinary sacrifices for extraordinary gains.


27) If you are okay with being skinny, you are okay with your girlfriend staring at bulked up men walking around town as if they own it. Guess you are not okay now, are you?


28) Next time you feel that you don’t feel like working out, don’t blame your body for giving up on you. In reality, it is you who have given up on your body.


29) I spend so much time in the gym, people criticize me and make fun of me. But one day I will walk out of the gym bigger, and they will all shut up.


30) Every time you see yourself in the mirror and look at your skinny body, hate yourself so much that you lift until you grow bigger.


31) Ask any real bodybuilder and he will tell you that there is more joy in building your body than there is in looking at it after you have built it.


32) Your body is only as big as how big you want it to be.


33) An athlete’s journey to become a winner starts as a dream and evolves as dedication, hard work and sweat in years of training. To grow big, you too must have a dream and follow it up with punishing hard work in the gym day after day, week after week and year after year.


34) You have gone to school for eighteen long years to train your mind. Don’t you think your body deserves at least half that time?


35) Add a pinch of Motivation to the lethal cocktail of Anger, Hate and Frustration before you start lifting weights. Believe me, you will never be skinny again.