I hate you poems for him: Cheating and betrayal by ex-boyfriend or ex-husband

I hate you poems for him: Poems about cheating and betrayal are an emotional outlet because you can relate the current situation of your heartbreak with the painful lines talking about cheating, betrayal and deceit. Shame the guy who cheated your love by posting these I Hate You poems on your Facebook, using them in a funny image on Pinterest, emailing them to your friends or by sending quotes in a text message to him. After all if your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband can dump you so easily, he deserves the curse of a heartbroken girl. Let all your friends know about his cheating ways so every girl in your circle will think twice before even looking at him.


1) I am posting this poem on Facebook

So that all our friends can take a look

At how you have left me in a mess

Full of sadness, worries and stress

I thought you were a kind man

Until you bedded me, and ran

You played with my hope and my trust

Just so that you could satisfy your lust

I want everyone to realize

That you are a monster in disguise

No girl will trust you again

After seeing me wither in pain

I hate you


2) On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Guys like you should be banned

So that you don’t get any chance

To woo girls with your fake charm, so grand

Even in your ID cards

There should be a statutory warning

Which labels you an expert

In cheating, deceiving and betraying

I hate you


3) By betraying me

You have gained my curse

The way you left me for someone else

It couldn’t have been any worse

I am just glad that you are not

In my life any more

Being with you any longer

Would have been a big sore

I hate you, loser


4) For me, you were

An obsessive compulsion

For you, I was

Nothing but a repulsion

Had I known this earlier

I would have never given you attention

Now I hate you a lot

For causing me so much frustration


5) Before you cheated on me left, right and center

Did you not think even for a minute

Before you punctured my heart with hurt

Did you not pause even for a bit

It definitely seems like you didn’t

Because you created an explosion

You planted the painful blast of heartbreak

And you planted a couple, not just one

I hate you


6) Life is a sum of choices

That we make every day

It seems that you chose

My suffering and my heartbreak

You plundered every single corner

Of my innocent heart

And that is the sad story

Of our relationship, from the very start

I hate you


7) Bitterness and pain

Is all you made me harbor in my heart

You were a cheater

And I should have known from the start

After you broke my trust

I will forever be unwell

Cheaters like you

Should rot in hell

I hate you


8) How could you cheat on me

As if I was just an exam?

Who will mend my heart

With a soothing balm?

Now I am sick and tired

Of reading quotes about cheating

But I just can’t stop because you gave

My heart a solid beating


9) The gifts of your relationship for me

Have been heartbreak, betrayal and hurt

You also did me a favor

By being so ruthless and curt

Your way of being nice and sweet

You have shown by hiding the truth

I feel sorry for myself because

On you, I wasted my youth

I hate you


10) Why did you fight

You had no right

You wouldn’t have done this

If you took my commitment in sight

My heart, why did you break

False promises, why did you make

Didn’t you know that

I lived only for your sake

I hate you


11) I don’t hate you because

You never loved me

I hate you because

You cheated on me

I don’t have you because

You liked her, and not me

I hate you because

You lied to me

I don’t hate you because

You walked away, and not towards me

I hate you because

You broke my heart and deceived me

I hate you


12) Did you ever think

How karma will deal with you

Since you broke my heart in a blink

And you betrayed my love, which was so true

I don’t know how life will pay you back

But I hope from the bottom of my heart

That it punishes you, whack by whack

Just like how you tore my life apart

I hate you


13) When the heart bleeds

It cries and pleads

When the eyes cry

They beg to dry

When the stomach churns

It causes heart burns

When a smile disappears

It brings panic and fears

These feelings, I can’t expect you to know

Care and concern, I don’t expect you to show

If you had a heart, you wouldn’t have cheated on me

And this hell of a day, I wouldn’t have had to see

I hate you


14) I hate you for deceiving me

I hate you for not being able to see

How much I loved you and how much I cared

Not a drop of concern for me, you spared

I don’t have anything to give you back in return

Except my hate, which is what you deserve to earn

I hate you


15) You said that you weren’t happy

In being in a relationship with me

Then how come you seemed so happy

When you were in bed with me

You said that you don’t like commitment

Which is the reasons why you dumped me

Then to another girl, why did you offer commitment

Is it because she was better looking than me

You said that you wanted spend some time with friends

When you decided to break up with me

Then why are you flirting with girls, and not with friends

I hate you, is all you will ever hear from me


16) Have you taken a master’s degree

For learning how to cheat and betray

Because you seem to be an expert at it

That much, I must confess and say

If I knew that you had graduated

With a degree of Masters in Cheating

Then I would have never fallen in love with you

And allowed my heart to take a beating

I hate you


17) Hurting your lover is one thing

But cheating ruthlessly is another

Why was I the only person you chose to hurt

Did you find no other?

I was there in your life to love you

But your plan was obviously different

You were preparing to hurt me

And now I am facing the brunt

I hate you


18) On you, I don’t feel like putting any blame

Because you are anyway so lame

I shouldn’t have expected anything more out of you

The pain you have given me, doesn’t seem new

I should have known how this was going to end

Now I will hate you openly, without bothering to pretend

I hate you, cheater


19) I wish there was a way

God could teach me how to stay

Away from losers like you

Who like cheating all the way through

I wish there was a way

That I could express and say

How badly I hate you

For breaking my heart into two


20) If there was a superlative

Or a more powerful adjective

For the word hate

Then I might have been able to abate

The intensity of my dislike for you

And without your presence, start a life anew

I hate you so much