I hate you poems for her: Cheating and betrayal poems by ex-girlfriend or ex-wife

Sad I hate you poem for ex-girlfriend or ex-wife

I hate you poems for her: Cheating by an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife can leave a guy heartbroken. If your love has also been betrayed by your girl, you will be able to relate your depressed state of mind with these I Hate You poems. Send them to your ex, use them as sad quotes which give your anger an outlet or share them with your friends on Facebook so that everyone can feel your pain. Read them and reflect on how a woman ruined your relationship and your life. Remember that she may have cheated on you and dumped you, karma will always come back around and hit her hard.


1) Dear ex-girlfriend

I wrote you cute blog posts and sent you flirty tweets

To show that for you, my heart always beats

I uploaded cute pictures of us on Instagram and Facebook

So everyone could see, how adorable a couple we look

I wrote you beautiful poems and limericks

And to woo your heart, I used so many tricks

But the only thing you returned back to me

Was an epic tale of lies, cheating and jealousy

I hate you


2) Your makeup does not increase your beauty

It only hides all your sins and the vice

Your dresses don’t make you look pretty

They hide all your flaws to make you look nice

Your hats don’t make you look like a fashionista

They hide all the bad thoughts in your head

Your stockings don’t make your legs look a diva

They simply hide their whereabouts in another man’s bed

I hate you


3) Dear ex-wife

I feel so sick from inside

That I ever called you my wife

I feel so horrible from within

To think that you were in my life

I feel pale when I think

That I promised to love you forever

I feel a strong sense of regret

When I think about you cheating, and I shiver

I feel disgusted and gross

To know that you never thought of me

I feel angry and frustrated

When I think about how you betrayed, so easily

I hate you


4) The word dislike is too mild

For a woman like you who is shrewd

The word disgust is too weak

For a woman like you who is so rude

The word loathe is too soft

For a woman like you who betrays

The word despise is too kind

For a woman like you who goes astray

The word disrespect is too plain

For a woman like you who mistreats

Actually, the word hate is perfect

For a woman like you who cheats


5) You are not worthy

Of a diamond ring

You are actually not worthy

Of anything

You are not worthy

Of a second of my time

You are not worthy

Of even a single dime

You are not worthy

Of being given a second glance

You are not worthy

Of getting a second chance

I hate you


6) To my ex-girlfriend

Here is a poem, written just for you

It is describes your personality

And for everyone who knows you, it is nothing new

You perfectly define the word HATRED

H stands for you being Horrible

A stands for you being an Arrogant

T stands for you being Terrible

R stands for you being a Rogue

E stands for you being Evil

and last but not the least

D stands for you being the Devil

I hate you


7) You don’t deserve any forgiveness

Because you stole all my happiness

By cheating on me and my love

The Gods too, won’t forgive you from above

I wish that your next lover

Cheats on you and acts clever

Only then you will realize your mistakes

And you will pay the price

I hate you


8) For letting you know how I feel

I too, should have lied

For the fake love of a girlfriend like you

I should have never cried

For taking revenge from you

I too, should have had a fling

But copying your disgusting style

Is really not my thing

I hate you


9) Now I know why you didn’t pick up my calls

Because you were seeing another guy

If I had known this from the beginning

I would have wasted no time in saying goodbye

Now I know why you always gave me excuses

To not come with me on a date

I still don’t know why you were cheating on me

Maybe pain and hurt were written in my fate

I hate you


10) If hating you could be made a hobby

I would take it up devotedly

At least it would make you understand

That I despise you seriously

If hating you could be made a profession

I would surely be a taker

So that you can understand

Why I labeled you as a heart breaker

I hate you


11) I wish I never saw you on that fateful day

When you were looking so beautiful and stunning

Then my heart would have never gone astray

For you, desperately waiting and yearning

I wish the Gods had told me from the heavens above

That from you, I should stay away

With you, I wish I had never fallen in love

Then I would have never seen this day

I hate you


12) You are stunning

But your actions are deceiving

You are beautiful

But your actions are sinful

You are amazing

But your actions are undeserving

I hate you


13) I wouldn’t mind if we had broken up

Because you didn’t like me

I wouldn’t mind if we had broken up

Because a future with me, you couldn’t see

But I hate you for the fact

That we broke up and separated

Because of all the infidelity

And the pain that you inflicted

I hate you


14) Because of you, my heart is slashed

Because of you, my feelings are trashed

Because of you, my conscious is bashed

Because of you, my emotions are gashed

Because of you, my hopes and dreams are dashed

Because of you, my trust has been smashed

I hate you


15) Your innocent face

Is so deceptive

To all the signs of cheating

I wish I was more receptive

But I relied on my gut

And kept loving you

But now, sending you these messages

Is much deserved, and overdue

I hate you


16) I hate that I loved you so much

I could have loved you a little less

And if I wasn’t so emotionally into you

Right now, I would have found happiness

I hate the fact that I spent so much time with you

I could have been a little less obsessed

If I wasn’t so addicted to you

I would never have been so depressed

I hate you girl


17) I did everything you wanted me to

I gave you occasional surprises and bought gifts new

I did everything that could make you glad

I thought I was the best man you could have ever had

But it turns out that you were being impressed elsewhere

And that is the pain my heart couldn’t bear

I hate you girl


18) You lied so much to me

The damage you did to our love, you didn’t see

You hid so many things from me

To clarify them, you didn’t consider necessary

You continuously cheated on me

And you covered up your acts tactfully

You are nothing but a curse on me

That is why I hate you endlessly


19) If you loved me then

As much as I hate you now

You would have understood

The value of our relationship and how

If you loved me then

As much as I hate you now

A time would never have come

When we would have had to say ciao


20) Hate is not the opposite of love

It is the opposite of care

Hate is not when you don’t love someone

It is the betrayal that you give someone to bear

I feel victimized for trusting you

So blindly and truly

If I knew that all you would give, was betrayal and lies

I would have behaved accordingly

I hate you