I hate you poems for friends: Cheating and betrayal in friendship

I hate you poem for a friend

I hate you poems for friends: Looking to end your friendship with someone who you once called your best friend? Write a short poem as a sad ode to the lies, cheating, betrayal, bullying and other nasty facades of your undeserving friend. The pain of a broken heart in friendship is different than how it feels when a girlfriend and boyfriend break up because true friendship isn’t based on attraction, funny charms or romance – it is based on trust and respect. Post your I hate You messages as quotes on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Follow it up with a befitting end to your friendship by sending a text to the guy or girl who was once your bff.


1) As our friendship breaks

My heart bleeds away

There is nothing more

That is left to say

As we start walking

To go separate ways

I am preparing myself

To see worse days

I hate you


2) My best friend’s heart is where

My secrets were meant to be

As safe and secure

As they could possibly be

You told them to everyone

You backstabbed me

The devil within you

I wish I could foresee

I hate you


3) Grow up dude

You are so lame

For what you did

You are to blame

Stop lying or else

Lose friends like me

Be lonely and alone

For eternity

I hate you


4) Just like how you broke my heart

Your heart should be broken too

Only then you will understand

A friend’s importance and value

Just like how you broke my trust

Your trust should be broken too

So that you can understand

How much I hate you


5) The way you made fun of me

Must have given you pleasure

But it made me realize that you

Are a jerk of the highest order

I hate you


6) Can I trust you

I never can

Are you still my friend

I don’t think so, man

Can I expect you to

Stand by me

In tough times of

Crisis or calamity

The answer to these

Questions is a NO

That is why I hate you

I want you to know


7) You crushed and stomped

Crumbled and broke

My heart into pieces

Until I began to choke

You traumatized and horrified

Ruined and hammered

Our beautiful friendship

You have completely shattered

I hate you


8) I don’t want to see your face

Ever again in my life

Your lies have hurt my heart

Sliced by your words, like a knife

I don’t want to ever remember

That we were once buddies

Don’t ever come back to say sorry

Just get out of my life please

I hate you


9) Secrets, I always

Wanted to share

But you never showed

Concern or care

You had no regard

For my privacy

You can no longer

Be friends with me

I hate you


10) Dear friend…

My life is about to change

Because you are gone

I am ready to welcome

A beautiful new dawn

Which is free of lies

Deceit and dishonesty

Get out of my life

So I can finally be happy

I hate you


11) You don’t deserve my friendship

You don’t deserve my loyalty

You don’t deserve to be called

My best friend or buddy

You deserve my indifference

You deserve my disgust

I hate you so much

Because you broke my trust


12) If you wanted to be someone

Else’s friend and not mine

You should have told me

I would have been fine

If you wanted to hang out with

Guys and girls who are cool

There was no need to lie

You made me look like a fool

I hate you


13) To my ex-friend…

I can’t stop tweeting

My disgust for you

Exposing you on Facebook

Is what I am going to do

I can’t stop pinning

Hate quotes on Pinterest

I want to do all the things

Not in your best interest

I hate you


14) You will understand the meaning

Of the word hurt

When a dear friend of yours

Behaves in a way so curt

You will understand the meaning

Of the word hate

When a dear friend of yours

Forgets your birth date

I hate you


15) I don’t hate your personality

I hate you for a reason

I don’t hate you for who you are

I hate you for what you have done

I don’t hate you for having an opinion

I hate you for your betrayal

It is a pity you lied to me again

Our friendship used to be so special


16) As friends, we both stuck

To each other like glue

My stomach churns

When I think of you

My face turns red

I become blue

Every single time

When I see you

I hate you


17) You became a nasty bully

Treating me like crap

I should have known

Our friendship was a trap

I hate you


18) You drama king

You stupid bully

I hate to think

You were my buddy

You backstabber

You dumb fool

Go hang out with the guys

Who you think are cool

I hate you


19) I don’t know how I can

Call you my friend

You brought our friendship

To a bitter end

I don’t know how I can

Call you my buddy

You have behaved

So rudely with me

I don’t want to be friends

With you anymore

I don’t want you to continue

Making my heart sore

I hate you


20) It is time to pull the plug

On our friendship, you see

There isn’t anything left

Either for you or for me

The is no trust left

Your loyalty is nil

Too many times you have

Gone against my will

I hate you


21) How dare you take

Someone else’s side

How dare you slash

My image and pride

How dare you say

That you don’t agree

How dare you display

Your dirty audacity

I hate you


22) I don’t hate you

As much as I hate my own heart

I wish it was able to see

The real you from the very start

Maybe I was blindfolded

When I became friends with you

If I was careful back then

Today I wouldn’t be so blue

I hate you


23) How could you be

So dumb

How could you make me

So numb

With your actions

So silly

I can’t believe it was you

My Buddy

I hate you


24) Your lies hurt me

Left, right and center

You behaved like

A cruel tormentor

I hate the fact

That I called you my friend

Today, our friendship

Has come to an end

I hate you


25) The first time you hurt me

You were wrong and I was right

I always thought that you

Would improve overnight

The second time you hurt me

There was a status quo

Who was right and who was wrong

I really didn’t know

The third time you hurt me

I was wrong and you were right

I mistook our friendship as real

I shouldn’t have held on so tight

I hate you