Sad Friendship Quotes: I Hate You Messages for Friends

Sad friendship quote for friend who you hate

I Hate You Messages for Friends: Sick of having your best friend talk behind your back? Angry at a bff who lied to you, gossiped and made fun of you? Has one of your besties turned into a mean bully? Don’t fret, because even a bond as innocent as friendship shows its ugly side when sweet friends turn into nasty monsters. If you have been cheated, betrayed or lied to by one of your friends, you’ll be able to relate to these messages and quotes. Express your sadness and frustration on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter without taking names. Let it be a subtle yet hard-hitting reminder to the person who broke your trust and marred your beautiful friendship.


1) Don’t ever say that we were friends, don’t ever believe that you can make amends. People like you give friendship a bad name, I hope you suffer in guilt and shame. I hate you.


2) A friend on the face, a bully in disguise. I should have known from the start, not to let our friendship get to my heart.


3) Why did you bother smiling in front of my face when you were busy gossiping behind my back? I hate you.


4) Your malice turned our friendship into a leech that sucked the happiness out of my life. I hate you.


5) Cheating, betrayal, deception and lies – I never thought such dirty things would break our friendship’s ties.


6) It would have been one thing if you were rude and mean from the very start. But you chose to be all those AFTER I held our friendship close to my heart. I hate you.


7) I hate you for making fun of me… but I hate myself more for thinking that you were my best friend.


8) I shouldn’t have expected our friendship to be true, because the tag LIAR perfectly suits a jerk like you. I hate you.


9) I don’t have a problem with you wanting to hang out with the cool crowd in class and school. But what I don’t understand is why you had to pretend to be my friend when you never liked me, you fool. I hate you.


10) It is not easy to learn how to forget someone. But it will be easy to forget a friend like you who lied to me just for fun.


11) I dived into the serene waters of friendship… not knowing that it would eventually turn into a whirlpool that would suck me in and drown me to my emotional death.


12) Friends are meant to watch each others’ backs, but your lies literally stopped me in my tracks. For the way in which you washed my trust away, our friendship… ends today.


13) You could have picked our friendship when you had the chance to choose. But you didn’t, so now there is no chance to have truce. I hate you.


14) I am glad I finally got to know about your deceit today. Now I can always keep friends like you at bay. I hate you.


15) I am never going to talk to you again. Trusting friends like you has put me through a lot of pain.

Sad friendship message for ex bff lies smiles laughs

16) You marred the beauty of our friendship with your ugly lies… which turned my smiles and laughs, into sobs and cries. I hate you.


17) You lied to me, betrayed me and ruined our friendship with foul play. I may stop crying but the tears of my soul will never dry away. I hate you.


18) Life feels suffocating without friendship… but I’ll tolerate the suffocation than to be with malicious friends like you.


19) You may have cheated and won the game, but I hope your conscience rots in shame. I hate you.


20) From deleting all the selfies that we took together to ripping apart all our photographs, I’ll do everything to get rid of the memories of the good times that I shared with someone who I once… used to call my best friend. I hate you.


21) First, you gave me every reason to like you and make you my friend. Now you have given me every reason to bring our friendship to an end.


22) Your biggest mistakes were that you talked behind my back and lied to me. It is a pity that the value of my friendship’s trust, you could never see. I hate you.


23) I made a mistake by trusting you once, twice and thrice. For trusting my best friend, I have paid the ultimate price. I hate you.


24) I trusted you blindly, but you gossiped about me. I couldn’t foresee, what a jerk you could be.


25) I will easily be able to forget that I had a backstabbing friend like you, but I will never be able to forget that even a beautiful friendship like ours could have such an ugly face. I hate you.


26) I always thought that friendship was supposed to be fun, warm and comforting. Until a friend like you came along and made me realize that friendship can also be hurtful, painful and betraying. I hate you.


27) If you wanted to stop hanging out with me, you could have just told me. There was no need to avoid my calls, lie to me and tell me that you were busy. I hate you.


28) I don’t hate you because you talked about me behind my back. I hate you because you pretended to be my friend all this while. I hate you.


29) You have joined the club of friends who have cheated and stolen. You are the reason why our friendship has fallen. I hate you.


30) I don’t hate all my friends… because I know that not everyone is as mean as you.

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31) I don’t mean to be rude, but still want to say that I Hate You… just like how you never wanted to be friends but still labeled our friendship as True.


32) You finally proved that you are everything but a friend. I am not even going to waste a single minute of my time trying to make amends.


33) Hate is a small word to describe how much I loathe you. Just like how I can’t describe how badly you betrayed my friendship, so true.


34) Friendship is supposed to be innocent, fun and sweet. You made ours malicious, tormenting and bitter. I hate you.


35) Friendships are built on smiles and trust. It’s a pity that ours had to bite the dust. I hate you.