I Am Sorry Poems for Wife: Apology Poems for Her

Cute apology poem to say sorry to her

11) I apologize for being so egoistic

My behavior was just not fantastic

I am sorry for being so over the top

I should have known when to stop

I apologize for being so rude

I should have been more calm and subdued

I’m sorry for acting with vengeance

I should have thought things out at least once

I apologize for being so selfish

Forgiveness from you is all that I wish



12) I could have been brash

Claiming that what I did was right

But I am not the type of husband

Who likes using his might

Instead I want to surrender

By going down on my knees

I am repenting for my mistake

My dear, forgive me please


13) The word sorry

Has been used and abused

But there is more meaning

In it that I’ve fused

Today I really mean

Every word of my apology

The blame of our fight

Is only on me

I will not say a single

Word of repentance anymore

But only hope for forgiveness

From a person I adore



14) My apologies

To my dearest wife

For making the worst

Mistake of my life

My sincere regrets

To you my darling

Please forgive me

I am truly regretting


15) I own up to my mistake

Of putting our marriage at stake

By overlooking what you had to say

I created stress all night and day

Things between us have been tense

Instead of being romantic and intense

Sorry for underestimating your advice

I will not repeat this mistake twice

The reason for all this is me

My dear, I am extremely sorry


16) Things between us

Have been pathetic

Instead of being

Happy and terrific

Things between us

Have been mad and crazy

Instead of being

Romantic and breezy

Things between us

Can become lovey dovey again

If you forgive me

For causing you pain

I am sorry


17) Not even for a split second

Did I think of another woman

Not even for a single minute

I flirted or had any kind of fun

Not even for a fleeting moment

Did I fantasize about another lady

If I’ve still made you insecure

I am really very sorry baby


18) You are the bedrock

Of my universe

From talking to me

Please don’t be averse

I know I goofed up

Please don’t ignore me

After all sweetheart

I am your hubby



19) The best part

Of saying sorry

Is that you get

Annoyed at me

I love seeing

You like that baby

For you look hot

When you are angry



20) My current state of mind

Is miserable

For the way I dealt with you

I feel terrible

My actions and deeds

Are unforgivable

Please forgive me darling

As soon as possible