I am sorry messages for mom

I am sorry quote for mother

I am sorry messages for mom: Have you hurt your mom by being rude or doing something that you shouldn’t have done? Make it up to her with by writing a sweet quote on a greeting card. It will be the last thing she expects and such a cute apology will make her forgive you in a jiffy. From funny Facebook posts to tweets to handwritten notes – do everything it takes to apologize and show your mom how bad you feel about the way you behaved. She will instantly forgive you and give you a warm hug because at the end of the day, a mother’s love for her children is truly unconditional.


1) I will be your strength, not your weakness. I will be the reason for smiles, not fights that are endless. I will be a beacon, not a cause for stress. Sorry mom.


2) Dear mom, it has taken me a long time to realize what you mean to me, but it won’t take me long to say that I am sorry.


3) I apologize to the person who taught me how to apologize and I seek forgiveness from the person who taught me how to forgive. Sorry mom.


4) I can’t believe I made the same woman unhappy who gave up all the happiness in her life just so that I could be happy. Sorry, ma.


5) I hate myself for being rude to a woman who never hated me despite the fact that I hated her. Mom, I love you and I’m sorry.


6) I was born to spray a dash of vibrant colors in the canvas of your life, but I washed out everything with the dull tones of sepia. Sorry mom.


7) You came to heal me with a balm, but I retaliated and lost my calm. I apologize, mom.


8) I regret my mistakes but I will never let them cause regret in your heart. I am sorry mommy.


9) Sorry for causing all this trouble, sorry for reducing your life to rubble. Forgive me mom.


10) Instead of making your life a bed of roses, I made it a blanket of thorns with my painful words. Sorry mom.


11) The cycle of the perfect apology starts with a Mistake followed by Regret, followed by a Sorry, followed by Forgiveness. I did the first three, please complete the last. I am sorry mom.


12) You are the most beautiful mother in the world, but I am like an ugly scar on your face. Sorry.


13) I never meant to insult you but my worlds let me down. I never meant to be rude but my actions let me down. I’m sorry mom, I promise to keep my words and actions in check next time around.


14) Mom, I know it seems that I hate you. I know it seems that I want to do everything you tell me not to. But deep down inside, I know that you mean the best for me and my heart knows that no matter how much we fight, I will love you forever. I’m sorry.


15) I wasn’t myself yesterday, but I want you to be your forgiving self and pardon me. Sorry mother.

Apology card message for mother

16) You filled my soul with love and care, but I left your heart glum and bare. You filled my life with all things nice, but I filled yours with worries and cries. Sorry mom.


17) I am not sorry for not being perfect, but I am sorry for always being incorrect. Forgive me mother.


18) I came to you only when I was blue. But you always stood by my side, proving that your love for me is unconditional and true. Sorry for being selfish.


19) From the day I was born to this present day, I have not been the son that you deserved. But I promise that tomorrow will be the magical day when your son will be reborn to become the child you truly deserve. I am sorry mom.


20) Don’t worry ma, I’m not a bad son. The last few months were just a bad phase. I am sorry.


21) By hurting you, I was scathing myself. By being angry at you, I was disparaging myself. By criticizing you, I was relegating myself. Sorry mother.


22) You have always accepted me for what I am, whether good or bad. Now I will start accepting myself for what you want to me to be. Sorry for everything mom.


23) Instead of giving you the asset of a great life as a parent, I gave you liability by being a stubborn daughter. Sorry mom.


24) I am the superlative of horrible but you are the superlative of nice. Let’s strike a balance. Sorry mother.


25) I will make you heave a sigh relief, by showing you that your daughter has turned a new leaf. Sorry mom.


26) Throughout my teenage years I have called you many names including Annoying and Irritating. But now I realized that it was me who was being all that and a lot more. I am sorry mom.


27) Don’t lose your faith in me, ma. I will pull myself out of the mess I’ve cause and I will rise above. Nothing can stop me as long as I’ve got your blessings. I’m sorry.


28) Don’t worry mom, everything will be alright. I know I have made a few mistakes but I promise to fix them and become a better person. After all, I have grown up in the arms of a mother who has given me nothing but the best values of life. I am sorry.


29) The best mom of the world did not get the best son of the world, but she deserves the best apology of the world. I am so sorry.


30) Instead of targeting darts of love at your heart, I aimed arrows of hate. Forgive me mom.

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31) I meant to give you happy memories, but I gave you dreadful nightmares. I aimed to give you sweet moments, but I gave you frightening thoughts. I wished to make your life heaven, but I made it hell. Sorry mom.


32) I want to be grounded, scolded and punished so that I can turn a new leaf and be complimented, applauded and loved by my favorite person in the whole world, my mother. I am sorry mom.


33) Dear mom, sorry for thinking that I was always right. Sorry for not considering your insight. Sorry for always using my might. Sorry for making you love me in spite.


34) I never knew how much I hurt you all these years until I became a mother myself. Mom, I know this is late but I mean it from the bottom of my heart – I am sorry for being such a brat throughout my teenage. I want to make up for all the lost years by making sure that I give you more reasons to smile than the way I made you frown earlier.


35) Mum, you are awesome. Mommy, thanks for being there for me. Mother, like you there is no other. I am sorry.