Good Luck Poems For New Job: New Job Poems

Sweet greeting to say good luck for new job

Good Luck Poems for New Job: Getting a new job is not just about going to a new office. It’s about meeting new people, settling down in a new workspace and taking on new responsibilities. Pick a beautiful greeting card to send your best wishes to someone who has bagged a new job. Show your support by sharing motivational quotes on Facebook or Twitter. Whether you are wishing a close friend, colleague or anyone else in the family, sending a sweet text or an inspiring message will do wonders to boost their confidence levels on the first day of a new job. It’s not just about saying all the best, but about reassuring someone that they will do well no matter what.


1) Not just a new designation

This is a new horizon

Not just a new role

This is a dream run

Not just another opportunity

This is a new sunrise

May your brand new job

Open up new skies

Good luck


2) Look forward to

Meeting new mates

Get ready to work with

New subordinates

Harbor new goals

And new ambitions

To bag new laurels

In form of promotions

Good luck


3) Lots of fortune

Pots of money

Truck load of success

Will soon be your reality

All you have to do

Is unlock the opportunity

Hidden in your new job

To change your destiny

Good luck


4) You have achieved a lot

By getting this new role

You pursued it with focus

It was your only goal

Hold your head up high

For making your own way

We are proud of you

Is all that we have to say


5) May success and victory

Always be yours buddy

May you always be the one

To get every promotion

May you be your boss’s pet

And the one to always get

Each and every perk

For all your hard work

Good luck


6) Get ready for overtime

Get ready for long meetings

Get ready for irritating clients

Get ready for forceful greetings

Get ready for office politics

Get ready for lots of malice

From tomorrow onwards

Your life is without any peace

Good luck


7) Good luck is on its way

To help you do well

My best wishes are ready

To help you excel

As you begin

Your new job tomorrow

You are going to shine

That is all I know

Good luck


8) You are amazing at what you do

Motivated employees like you are a few

You are a master at your skills

In every way, you fit this job’s bill

You have all that it takes be

The most deserving employee

You are a perfectionist all the way

Good luck for your first day


9) A new phase of your life begins

With your new job in a big company

I give you my best wishes

As you take on new responsibility

A new chapter of your life starts

As you take on a new role

I hope you surpass expectations

By putting in all your heart and soul

Good luck


10) It is your time to rise

It is your time to surprise

By being the best employee

By proving to everybody

That you deserve your success

Along with all the happiness

I wish you good luck all the way

May you have a great first day

Good luck

Inspirational good luck quote for new job

11) As a mere job

Don’t treat this opportunity

Work hard, do well

And take it seriously

This is your chance to climb up

The corporate ladder

Get promotions and perks

To chart out a brilliant career

Good luck


12) Your new job could be rough

Work hours could be tough

Your new job could load you

With responsibility which is undue

Your new job could tire you out

It may cause some self doubt

Whatever happens just remember

That you’ll always be a winner

Good luck


13) Be calm and work hard

Before using words, think twice

Be focused and efficient

This is my humble advice

Be yourself but also understand

When to put up a show

If you do all thins I’m sure

Far in life you will go

Good luck


14) Your new job is your chance

To impress the boss

Give it your hundred percent

Don’t let it go for a toss

It is your opportunity

To become a successful manager

Show lots of dedication

And you will emerge as a winner

Good luck


15) A star graduate like you

Doesn’t need advice

On the first day of your job

Just make sure you look nice

A winner like you

Doesn’t need any good luck

Your confidence is enough

To fill up a truck

A go-getter like you

Doesn’t need wishes from anybody

For you will surge ahead

Because of your ability

Good luck


16) To get this job

You were the one

To be selected

Amongst a million

I wish you luck

On your first day

Impress your colleagues

In every way

Good luck


17) A new job is a chance

To grab life by its collar

It is a boost to your career

While you make more dollars

Opportunities like these

Come once in a lifetime

This is the corporate ladder

Just grab it and go climb

Good luck


18) Even if you didn’t frantically apply

So hard, even if you didn’t try

Even if you weren’t desperate

You would have got this job, I bet

Because you are so deserving

Your determination is worth applauding

May you continue your successful run

And always be the employee number one

Good luck


19) You have bagged this job

On the basis of your degree

I am sure you will make

An awesome employee

Your skills and aptitude

Are at par with the best

Your abilities and talents

Make you better that the rest

I hope you have a good time

In your new company

I wish you good luck

For this new opportunity


20) As you start

Your very first job

You will finally

Stop being a slob

I hope we see

A new side of you

Get your act together

It is long overdue

Pull up your socks

And get kicking

A new phase of life

For you is now waiting

Good luck

Motivational good luck poem for new job

21) I wish you success

I wish you luck

I hope you make

Many a buck

Just be yourself

Ignore the rest

For your new job

I wish you the best


22) You may take some time

To get familiar with everyone

But once you do

You will have a lot of fun

It may take a while

To know your role inside out

But once you do

You’ll be the best without a doubt

Good luck


23) The decisive period

Of your career

As you start your new job

Is inching near

Work hard, be on time

In this brand new phase

That is the only way

To quickly get a raise

Good luck


24) It comes to me

As no surprise

That you are soaring

Into new skies

This is what we have

Always expected of you

For talented people

Like you a very few

Good luck


25) May your new line of work

Be challenging enough

May it put your through

A journey which is tough

For that is the only way

The meaning of success you’ll know

In your career, I wish

Very far may you go

Good luck


26) Now that you will make

Loads of money

Now that you will do

Anything that you fancy

Now that you will walk

With your head held high

Now that the limit for you

Is nothing less than the sky

Don’t forget your friends

Who’ve always been with you

A big treat for your new job

For us is overdue

Good luck


27) Don’t get bogged down

By colleagues full of malice

Hard work in you new job

Is the only way to feel bliss

Don’t get shoved around

By dominating mangers

Be as diplomatic as you can

Channelize your anger

Do everything it takes

To reach the very top

Give it all that you have

Don’t ever stop

Good luck


28) A wonderful benefit

You’ll be to your company

An unparalleled advantage

To your team you will be

A resourceful team member

Your company will now get

You will be the organization’s

Most prized asset

For your job you are

The most fitting candidate

You are soon going to be

Your boss’s reason to celebrate


29) This is your moment

Just grab it and run

Your time in life

To have a lot of fun

This is your opportunity

To reach new peaks

Your chance to grab

Whatever you seek

For the new job you deserve

Many congratulations

I wish you good luck

And many more celebrations


30) It doesn’t matter

If you make a mistake and fall

As long as you can

Get up again and stand tall

All the slip-ups and errors

In your job that you go through

Are signals to say

That success will come to you

Good luck