Get Well Soon Poems for Grandpa

Sweet get well soon greeting card poem for grandpa

Get Well Soon Poems for Grandpa: Help your old grandfather feel better with sweet wishes and funny quotes that heal him with love and happiness. Think of all your childhood memories that you have shared with him and scribble it all out in a short rhyme on a greeting card. Leave it by his bedside in the hospital so that he breaks into a smile every time he reads it. Your cute message will take him back to the times when he used to play with you when you were a toddler. Apart from wishing your grandad a speedy recovery, don’t forget to visit him regularly until your love overpowers his illness. Be the grandson or granddaughter that your gramps deserves to have.


1) You are down and out

But not for too long

You will beat your sickness

Because you are strong

You are tied to the bed

But it won’t be forever

I am very sure, grandpa

You will soon feel better

Get well soon


2) As your rocking chair rocks away

It looks empty and lonesome in every way

As your table lamp sits on your bedside

It looks forlorn, as if it has just cried

As your vintage specs lie about idly

They miss their owner, my granddaddy

As you recuperate in the hospital

Don’t forget they’re all waiting for your arrival

Get well soon


3) Dear grandpa…

I wish I had the power

To mix some magic

In your medication so that

Life would resume being fantastic

I wish I knew the secret

To make a potion

To help you survive without

Those nasty injections

But since I do not have any

Powers that are supernatural

I wish that you feel

Better, happier and stable

Get well soon


4) The best grandpa in the world

Cannot possibly fall sick

Because he is the one

Who makes our family tick

The most energetic grandpa

Can’t possibly take to the bed

Because he is the one

Who helps us march ahead

Without your presence

We feel lost, dear grandpa

You have no choice but to

Get well soon and end our dilemma


5) My strong grandpa that you are

You’ll drive your illness away

My Superman grandpa that you are

You will keep hospitalization at bay

My amazing grandpa that you are

You’ll start feeling better very soon

My youthful grandpa that you are

You’ll make everybody dance to your tune

In no time I am sure you’ll be

Active, up and about

Back to your healthy self again

Of that I have no doubt


6) My favorite guy has fallen ill

Which has been against my will

My favorite buddy is not well

Without him, nothing in my life is swell

My partner in crime is bedridden

And this makes my life no fun

Get well soon, I miss you a lot granddad

Without you, life is super sad


7) Be ready to say goodbye

Be prepared to say adieu

By ready to bid farewell

To the germs that have gripped you

Be ready to say hello

Be ready to welcome

Health, fitness and well-being

Your life will soon be awesome

Get well soon grandpa


8) A few more days of your medication

A tad bit more of your antibiotics

And very soon you will be well

Back to living your life so fantastic

A few more boring days in care

Just a little more bed rest

And before you even know it

You will get back to feeling best

Get well soon grandpa


9) Although you have white hair

Your spirit is still youthful

Although you have wrinkled skin

Your energy is still bountiful

Although you have faint eyesight

Your vision in life is farsighted

Although your hearing is impaired

You understand things I haven’t even said

Although your body is a bit fragile

Your enthusiasm is still profuse

All these qualities, may no illness

Ever make you lose

Get well soon grandpa


10) Think about all the things

That we both have yet to do

How we will spend time together

No one else, but me and you

Think of all those places

Where we still have to go

And discover all those things

That we would otherwise never know

I need you to be well, grandpa

If we are going to do all of this

Here’s a prayer for your recovery

Accompanied with a hug and kiss

Get well soon

Get well soon poem quote for grandpa

11) Grandpa, I love you so much

I wish I could heal you with my loving touch

Grandpa, I adore you so immensely

I wish I had healing powers like a fairy

Grandpa, I can’t bear to see you in pain

I wish your illness wouldn’t drive me insane

Grandpa, your love I so dearly value

I wish a quick recovery to you


12) I have decided to do all that it takes

To make you feel better

That is the least I can do

As your loving granddaughter

From giving you the cutest hugs

To bringing in your favorite treats

I will leave no stone unturned

Until you get back up on your feet

Get well soon grandpa


13) It is hard to imagine

A grand personality like you

Lying in a bed in the hospital

And feeling so blue

It is hard to think

Of someone so agile

Under the spell of an illness

And without a smile

Grandpa, I hope you feel better

I wish you a speedy recovery

The doctors reckon you will heal soon

So there’s no need to worry


14) Chicken soup made with love

Medicines taken with care

Having your family around

With whom conversations you can share

Lots of blankets to keep you warm

And a lot of books to read

Give your body what it likes best

From your illness, to get freed

Get well soon


15) I will leave no stone unturned

When I sit and pray

I will ask God to make you alright

In each and every way

I will ask Him to get rid of

All the tubes stuck on your body

So that you can get out of bed

And give a hug to me

There is no reason to worry now

My prayers are in the pipeline

Once He receives my humble request

Your health will be just fine

Get well soon


16) Your illness will make you stronger

Than what you are already

It will motivate you to

Live your life more healthily

It will make you realize that

Even though age isn’t by your side

You can still defeat any disease

With a smile on your face, so wide

Get well soon grandpa


17) There are a million reasons for me

To wish for your speedy recovery

The first one being that I am lonesome

Without you, life is far from being awesome

The second one being that I have nowhere to go

When there’s something I want to know

The third one being that when I want goodies

Me, no one will bother to pamper or appease

But the most important and simple reason

Is that you’re my favorite person

Get well soon grandpa


18) Hugs, kisses and flowers

Will surround you

And how can I possibly forget

Your favorite goodies too

You will constantly have

Your loved ones by your side

To any demand you make

We will surely abide

Now that we are giving you

Everything you could ever wish for

I am sure that your sickens

Will begin to cure

Get well soon


19) Grandma is all tensed

Mom is going through a lot of stress

Dad is worried

Everyone’s life is in a mess

And the reason for that

Is your hospitalization

We want you back home soon

In excellent condition

Get well soon


20) Dearest Gramps…

Sometimes you help us with our homework

With us, sometimes you play

Sometime you babysit for my parents

You are so helpful in every way

Your illness is like a little break

From all the chores that you do

While you have been away at hospital

We have realized your value

Get well soon

Beautiful get well soon wishes for grandfather

21) Medicines will help you feel better

But so will my constant company

Until you get back on your feet again

I will be around you constantly

I will pat your head until you fall asleep

Or read you a bedtime story

Dear grandpa, to help you recover I will

Do all those things that you once did for me

Get well soon


22) I hate that you have to sleep

So much everyday

I detest that I have nobody

With whom I can play

I am upset about the fact

That you always feel drowsy

Dear grandpa, I don’t like

Without you, being so lonely

So please get back your exuberance

And your contagious zest for life

That is the only way you will help me

To end my misery, woes and strife

Get well soon


23) A grandfather who is

The pillar of the family

Cannot afford to fall ill

So easily

A grandfather who overlooks

All important matters

Cannot afford to be sick

And in tatters

Such a grandpa rightly deserves

To always be in the pink of health

Because for his family he is

More precious than the universe’s wealth

Get well soon


24) Falling ill frequently

Is a part and parcel

Of your old age

It doesn’t spell any trouble

With a pinch of salt

Take your illness in your stride

And by getting well soon

Once again, be by our side

Get well soon


25) Nothing can ever happen to you

I know that for sure

For God never punishes people

Whose hearts are so pure

This illness is just a passing phase

It will be gone before you know

You will be out of the bed very soon

So please stop feeling low

Get well soon