Get well soon messages for boss

Get well soon card message for boss from colleagues

Get well soon messages for boss: Sending a message to your sick boss or a work colleague is a part and parcel of maintaining healthy workplace relationships. It shows that your concern is more than just professional. However when it comes to greetings in the professional space, make sure you draw the boundary between concern and immaturity. Don’t write something too sweet because that can have many interpretations. The last thing you would want is for your genuine try to make someone feel better, seem as an attempt to be a suck up to your boss. From funny one-liners to witty puns – this post will help you ideate on what you want to write while wishing your boss a speedy recovery.


1) I wish, as your loyal supporter, that you feel better. I hope, as your colleague, that you stop feeling weak. I pray, as your friend, that your sickness quickly ends. Get well soon.


2) I am sure you will enjoy being the boss at home too. After all, you will give orders and get everyone to fuss over you. Get well soon.


3) Your treatment is one thing that you can’t lead. Your sickness is one thing that you can’t order around. Your recovery is one thing that you can’t put a deadline to. Your health is one thing that you can’t value in numbers. Get well soon boss.


4) You sickness is life’s way of telling you to spend more time at home and less time in the office. Get well soon.


5) I am sorry to hear about your bad health, but now do you realize it is more important than wealth? Get well soon.


6) We may not hit a home run with our clients because our captain is currently sitting injured on the sidelines. Get well soon boss.


7) Dear boss, please get well soon or else the company will fall ill without you.


8) Apart from a pile of pending documents, reminders of incomplete projects, couple of staff resignations, few court notices and heaps of unapproved files – there is really nothing much to worry about at office. Get well soon boss.


9) Your absence is teaching us to get better at doing our job, but it is also making us realize how much we take your presence for granted. Get well soon boss.


10) Your illness will realize in hindsight that it messed with the wrong person. Get well soon.


11) We always dreamed about how fun the office would be without a tough boss. But now we realize that without your guidance, everything goes for a toss. Get well soon.


12) Dull, dreary, insipid – that is what our office has become in your absence. Colorful, fun, exciting – that is what our office generally becomes with your presence. Get well soon.


13) Your tough demeanor has instilled a slight sense of fear in all your colleagues. I am sure your illness will soon be scared away too. Get well soon.


14) You have always taught us to rise after every fall. Now it is time for you to rise out of your sickness and fly high. Get well soon.

Get well soon message for boss

15) Dear boss… you have always been known for your tough personality. Nothing can come in-between you and a speedy recovery. Get well soon.


16) You never take a day off, you never take sick leaves, you stay in the office till late and you even pop in on weekends. Maybe your illness is life’s way to remind you to take a break and spend time with family and friends. Get well soon boss.


17) No one likes falling sick or being unwell. But that is just God’s way of asking you to take a break from the rat race until you get back to feeling happy and swell. Get well soon.


18) Dear boss, please don’t be surprised if you find rubble on the floor when you get back. Without you, earthquakes happen in the office every day. Get well soon.


19) The man who has fought the toughest of battles with clients can surely win a small tiff with a few bacteria. Get well soon.


20) As eager as you may be to get back to work, this is one urge that you must shirk. Sickness is not the time to worry about KPIs and performance targets, it is the time to relax and recover without taking any stress. Get well soon boss.


21) Trivial sicknesses and petty ailments can’t possibly withstand the force which is called – my boss. Get well soon.


22) Considering how your stern look and strict ways have always kept troubles away at work, the bacteria in your body aren’t likely to hang around for too long. Get well soon boss.


23) Like you, we hope that your germs too are punctual enough to leave your body in due time. Get well soon boss.


24) Just like you order us around at work to get things done, you should order your sickness to get done too. Get well soon.


25) You have the knack of having your way with people. I’m sure you will do the same with your illness. Get well soon boss.


26) The only difference between being healthy at work and being sick in bed is to drink too much chicken soup instead of too much coffee. Get well soon.


27) Your doctor doesn’t know how privileged he is to be able to boss around the person whose job is to boss around other people. Get well soon, boss.


28) If getting ill was your way of making us realize your value in the office, your target has been achieved. Please get well and come back soon.


29) No sickness is strong enough to survive in the body of the strongest boss in the world. Get well soon.


30) Your body wants you to slow down and nerves want you to calm down. But we want you to make the most of your sick leave by letting your hair down too. Get well soon.

Funny get well soon message for boss

31) Dear boss, please take your time to enjoy and cherish your forced sabbatical from yelling at us. Get well soon.


32) Doing your job has made us realize that we still have a long way to make it big. Get well soon.


33) This is one of the few times I have sat down to pray, for you to get better and get back to work within a day. Get well soon boss.


34) You never take a day off, you never take sick leaves, you stay in the office till late and you even pop in on weekends. Maybe your illness is life’s way to remind you to take a break and spend time with family and friends. Get well soon boss.


35) Dear boss… You may roam around the office like a king in his kingdom, but in the hospital you are nothing but a slave to the doctor’s opinion. Get well soon.