Farewell Poems for Colleagues: Goodbye Poems for Co-workers

Farewell poem to say goodbye to a colleague or co-worker

Farewell Poems for Colleagues: Say goodbye to your co-workers by writing a touching poem on a greeting card or in a letter. Use inspirational quotes along with the sweet and funny memories of working together to stir up a storm of emotions. Post your poem on your co-worker’s Facebook too. Whether your bestie at work is leaving for a new job or resigning due to retirement – show gratitude for the motivation, mentorship and guidance he or she has given you. People become colleagues out of compulsion but being friends outside work is a choice. So make sure that the words you choose to say goodbye are a fitting end to your professional relationship and the perfect beginning of a personal friendship.


1) It’s tough to say goodbye

To a person so valued

In your absence this office

Is going to be so subdued

It’s hard to bid farewell

To an person so respected

Without you this office

Will feel so deserted

It’s difficult to see you go

The office will be stripped bare

Of the person who gave it

The most amount of care



2) Do you remember

All those inconsequential conversations

All that casual banter

And those faulty decisions

Do you recollect

All that infectious laughter

And those never ending coffee breaks

Which we thought made us smarter

I will miss every moment

I spent with you mate

If I ever get a chance to work with you again

I would love to collaborate



3) My dear colleague….

With whom will I discuss the stock prices of the day

To whom will I always have something to say

Who will help me sort things out when I fumble

Who will watch my back when office gossip rumbles

Who will I invite to my house for a barbecue

Who will cover up for my absence like you

It is a pity that I won’t see you at work anymore

Coming to work every day will feel like a boring chore



4) Happy days don’t last forever

That adage is true

Now that you have resigned

And we won’t be working with you

Good times don’t always last

Someone did say wisely

Now that you are leaving us

For another company

But there is one more proverb

That says friends are forever

And if that is true, then our ties

Will be broken never



5) To my colleague….

Wherever you go

May your skills bring productivity

Wherever you go

Your talent, may your seniors see

Wherever you go

May your abilities fetch you accolades

Wherever you go

May your glory never fade

Wherever you go

Success, may you see

Wherever you go

May you always remember me



6) Once a co-worker, but always a mate

May we be sealed together by our fate

Once a partner, but always a buddy

May we cross paths again in our destinies

Once an associate, but always a chum

You kept my work life from being humdrum

Once a colleague, but always a friend

May our newfound friendship never end



7) No matter how much

Champagne we pour

No matter how many smiles

We show on the fore

This celebration of your farewell

But a mere formality

The real thing is that

We are all very unhappy

To see you go out

The doors of this place

In our hearts there will be

A hollow and empty space



8) FAREWELL to a colleague like you, so vivacious

F stands for you being Fastidious

A is for you being Ambitious

R signifies you being Rigorous

E acknowledges you for being Exemplary

W declares that you are Worthy

E comes again for you being Extraordinary

L is because you are always Lively

L comes again because you are so Luminous

By using all these adjectives, so precious

I want to convey that your work is thorough and vigorous

With you around, work was always so joyous



9) You leave us on two notes

One good and one bad

The first one leaves us happy

And the second one makes us sad

You got a better job elsewhere

And that is great news

But that fact that you are going

Is giving all of us the blues



10) To my dear colleague….

You are leaving us and going away

That is going to be such a burden

We will miss all your insightful inputs

You were our employee number one

You have found a greener pasture

And maybe a much better avenue

But you will be missed a lot

I wish a heartfelt goodbye to you