Wedding Card Poems: Congratulations for Getting Married

Cute wedding poem quote for newly married couple

Wedding Card Poems: Weddings are about everything white and beautiful – a handsome groom, stunning bride, pretty bridesmaids, delectable feast and colorful bouquets. It is the time when family, friends and loved ones come together to give blessings and good wishes to the newlyweds. Whether you want to send pre-wedding wishes or congratulate the couple on their wedding day, take ideas from this post to make their day extra special. In the days that lead up to the big day, send them decoration ideas on Pinterest or share funny wedding quotes on Facebook. Put final finishing touches on your wedding gift by tucking in a cute note to say congratulations. If you are the best man or the maid of honor, include a sweet wedding poem or a heartfelt message in your speech for the couple.


1) Look forward

To a beautiful tomorrow

To a future without

Pain and sorrow

Look forward

To a life full of promise

As husband and wife

I hope you live in bliss



2) Two bodies

One soul

Now this should be

Your only goal

Two hearts

One heartbeat

This is what will

Make you complete

Two eyes

And one vision

Should now be your

Singular direction

We hope you enjoy

Your marital bliss

As you flag off your life

With a wedding kiss



3) I am so happy

That you have tied the knot

You are in for a great marriage

As you love each other a lot

I am glad that you are now

Officially a pair

Here’s hoping that you have

Lots of happiness to share



4) As the father gives

The hand of the bride away

The groom’s life changes

He has only one thing to say

Thank you for giving me

Such a wonderful bride

She is my reason to live

My heart, my soul, my pride



5) Congratulations to you both

For your nuptials

This is the final thing

There are no trials

You will hold each other’s hands

To forever become one

You cannot look back

And make marriage come undone

As you take new wows

Ushering in a new phase of life

I wish you congratulations

For becoming husband and wife


6) Your wedding was meant to be

One day or another

Everyone knew that you both

Madly loved one another

Now the day has come

That your dreams are a reality

I wish you the very best

For your beautiful destiny



7) As you walk down the aisle

With a beautifully radiant smile

As you see your husband to-be

Looking at you lovingly

Your heart will know for sure

That your love is pure

And you will thank your fate

For getting a wonderful mate



8) Since you both met

I had a gut feeling

Something very romantic

Was slowly brewing

I had a strong hunch that

You both were meant to be

I wish you a married life

Exciting, happy and healthy



9) Your match made in heaven

Is so pure and blissful

You are a wonderful couple

So charming and beautiful

Pairs like you these days

Are very rare and few

I wish you a happy marriage

Congratulations to both of you


10) The time is finally here

Your wedding has come near

To sweep you both away

With the happiness of this day

May all this joy and

Forever continue

May life always bestow

Te best of everything on you


Beautiful wedding greeting card to say congratulations to newlyweds

11) Everything will be

Glazed in silver

As you fulfill promises

Of always being together

The ambience will be

Smeared in golden

To celebrate your

Beautiful union

Hues of champagne

Will mark your nuptials

I’m sure your big day

Will be very special



12) As you tie the knot

On such a beautiful day

You make a lovely couple

That much I must say

Looking at you is a

Picture perfect sight

I hope your marriage too

Like you, is equally bright



13) Your wedding will be beautiful

Just like you both

Sweet bells will begin to ring

As you take your oaths

Soft rays of the sun

Will make everything shine

Even the guests will look radiant

As they enjoy the food and wine

It’ll be a pleasure to witness

The start of your matrimony

I can’t wait to be a part

Of your beautiful journey



14) As you embark on

Life’s beautiful journey

I hope everything turns out

Just like you dreamt it to be

I hope your wedding day

Is filled with happiness

I hope it leaves you with

With memories priceless



15) As you finally walk down the aisle

Towards your prince charming

I hope that your wedding day

Turns out to be truly amazing

May your wedding band tie you both

In an unbreakable circle

I send my best wishes

To the newly married couple



16) May your marriage be strong

Like super glue

May happiness always find

The both of you

May you never have a reason

To stay apart

May you always be glad

For marrying your sweetheart

May you always look back

On your wedding day

As the best thing you ever did

Is what I will always pray



17) As you slip wedding rings

On each other’s fingers

Vouch to give yourselves

Happiness that lingers

Make a final promise

From your heart and say

Your marriage will be forever

Till the dying day



18) Long ago

You didn’t know

The seeds of marriage

You will sow

But now you have

Planted the seeds

You have ended up doing

The perfect thing indeed



19) Very few couples

Are lucky enough

To last through times

Happy, sad and tough

I hope you are one of

Those lucky few

I wish the best

Married life to you



20) May all your wishes come true

May everything be perfect for you

May all your woes go away

May marriage keep your troubles at bay

May you fulfill all your dreams

May you make a perfect team

May you always be happy

That’s what you’re destined to be


Sweet wedding wish to congratulate bride and groom

21) A handsome groom

A beautiful bride

Will tie the knot

Taking each other’s side

Two adorable sweethearts

Will come together

To live happily

Ever after



22) In the book of your life

A new chapter

Today you start

With each other

Treat every page

With lots of care

Write new anecdotes

That you can share

So that when you

Turn old and senile

Flipping though this book

Can make you smile



23) A new phase of life

As you embrace

As you decide to carve out

Together new ways

As you get ready

To discover new horizons

I congratulate you both

On becoming one


24) Your life is about to become

A lot more beautiful

It is about to turn into

Something more wonderful

Your life is about to change

In the most amazing way

Congratulations for flagging off

This journey on your wedding day


25) You both are now about to enter

Life’s most beautiful phase together

You both are about to welcome

A phase of life awesome

You both are about to usher in

Lots of happiness from within

You both are about to find

Pure joy of the heart and mind



26) The most sacred relationship

Two people can get into

The most beautiful thing

That two people can do

The source of all happiness

Available to a select few

My dear friends, God has

Bestowed that upon you



27) The whole family

Is waiting to see

How beautiful your wedding

Turns out to be

Even all your friends

Are dying to witness

An event which will

Overflow with happiness



28) From the time you got engaged

To your wedding day

Your life has revealed itself

In the most perfect way

Now all I wish for you

Is that your journey

Remains equally beautiful

Until your 25th anniversary


29) This day will mark

The beginning

Of days that are

Worth celebrating

It will signal

Joys that are to come

A life which will

Be too awesome

It will flag off

The perfect start

Of the life you’ll spend

With your sweetheart



30) Your life is going to be

Full of grandeur

Because it has the foundation

Of your love so pure

Your journey together

Will be fun of fun

Making sure that nothing

Ever comes undone

We wish you the best

As you commence

Living through life’s

Best experience