Pregnancy Poems: Congratulations for Getting Pregnant

Cute pregnancy greeting for expecting couple

Pregnancy Poems: Whether you are a friend, aunt or uncle to-be, colleague or just a well wisher – make sure you send heartwarming wishes to the expecting couple. Forget about boring, old school greeting cards. Write your own sweet poem for them instead. Tease them by sending funny messages on Facebook. If you are going to give them a gift, tuck in a cute congratulatory note with it. Stand out from the crowd by sharing beautiful quotes about motherhood on Pinterest or Twitter. Tell them how lucky they are for having the opportunity to become parents.


1) Cute little steps

Lots of baby gibberish

An adorable pout

You will soon cherish

A gorgeous little smile

Your toddler’s laughter

You are about to experience

The joys of being a mother



2) It is time to look for

Adorable baby names

It is time to purchase

Cute toddler games

It is time to show off

You baby bump

It is time to feel

Your baby’s thump

It is time enjoy

Life’s new phase

It is time to do up

And renovate your place

It is time to learn

How to change nappies

It is the perfect time

To welcome new memories



3) You are a mommy to-be

About which I’m super happy

I am an aunt to-be

Thinking of which, I’m going crazy

The best time of our lives

Is still yet to be

It will start only when

We see your wonderful baby



4) The only time sleeplessness

Is the reason for happiness

The only time abdominal pain

Is not seen in disdain

The only time acidity

Is welcomed in the body

The only time husbands do

Whatever they are told to

The best time to live luxuriously

Is when you’re having a baby



5) The coming nine months

Will be the best time of your life

It will be a mix of smiles

Along with some moments of strife

On one hand you will have

Some morning sickness

On the other hand you will be

Bursting with happiness

On one hand you will become

Round, fat and chubby

On the other hand you will have

All the attention of your hubby

Congratulations on your pregnancy


6) The little bunny

Inside your tummy

Is very curious

And slightly anxious

To come outside

For a roller coaster ride

To the mom and dad to-be

I wish a happy pregnancy


7) Your Facebook will be bombarded

With wishes for your pregnancy

Your Twitter will soon be full

Of tweets wishing you a safe delivery

Your Pinterest will soon look vibrant

With quotes about motherhood

Everyone will send you tips about

What you shouldn’t do and what you should

I hope my text message finds its way

Among many other wishes and greetings

I want congratulate you

For your pregnancy, my darling


8) The next nine months

Will be bittersweet

You’ll feel pain and pleasure

When your baby kicks its feet

That will be the first sign

Of a life growing inside you

Then you will finally believe how

Your life’s dream has come true



9) Pregnancy rhymes with

Maturity and responsibility

But it also rhymes with

Destiny and family

Needless to say that you

Have all these virtues

All that is left now

Are my best wishes for you



10) You better become more responsible

You better become more able

You better start eating right

You better sleep early at night

You better get a new maternity dress

You better start soaking in all the happiness

You better get ready

For welcoming your baby

Sweet message to say congratulations for pregnancy

11) When the mom is so pretty

And the daddy so handsome

Their baby is bound to be

Really awesome

When the mother is so smart

And the father so intelligent

The baby is bound to be

One of the most brilliant



12) Your life has officially split

Into part one and part two

Part one was pretty boring

And there was nothing now

But now you have ushered

In your life, the best part

Your pregnancy signals

A beautiful start



13) The next nine months

Will be the most memorable

The wait will be exciting

The result adorable

The time after your baby’s birth

Will be even more amazing

The new phase of your life

May you never stop cherishing



14) Nine months from now

I will see a miracle

Hurray, cheers, yippee

I will finally be an uncle

I will hold the little baby

Lovingly in my arms

Ready to get smitten

By its cute charms

For your pregnancy

Congratulations to you

Thanking you in advance for

A cute little niece or nephew


15) A few months more

For you to be a mum

The role at which I bet

You will be awesome

Just some more time

For your husband to be a dad

At playing out this role

Surely he won’t be bad

In a bit you both

Will become a lovely family

I wish you congratulations

For your pregnancy


16) You must be feeling a kick

Or a little thump

A little wriggle inside

Your beautiful bump

Some pressure in your belly

A bit of morning nausea

Don’t worry, it is just

Your baby’s euphoria



17) I’ve always secretly hoped

For you to have a baby

To become the coolest aunt

Has been my ultimate fantasy

I’ve always wanted a cute

Niece or a nephew

Now that you are pregnant

All I can say is thank you


18) Soon you are going to have

A little baby in tow

Not just one reason of joy

You will have many in row

Soon you will have many

Reasons to celebrate

Only for nine months

You will now have to wait



19) Your little baby

A bundle of joy

Will be as cute

As a small toy

A stork’s gift

Your sweet toddler

Will make your heart

Grow so much fonder

Your tiny tot

A piece of your soul

Will give you the privilege

Of playing a mother’s role


20) Days will become months

Months will turn into almost a year

And that is finally when

Your due date will be near

All the emptiness in your home

Will be filled with joy and cheer

You life will turn upside down

When your newborn will be here


Funny pregnancy poem to write in a card for mom to-be

21) No more pee sticks

No more pregnancy tests

You can now be carefree

Putting all your worries to rest

For you have now become

A pregnant mommy to-be

My heartiest congratulations

To you and your hubby


22) Stop thinking about two people

Start thinking about three

Stop making stupid decisions

Start being wise, not carefree

Think twice before doing things

Be cautious, take more care

With a new life in your womb

Random things you cannot dare

For you will soon welcome

A baby most delicate and sweet

Making your heart find

A new reason to beat



23) Don’t be lazy

During your pregnancy

Take each and every test

Take plenty of rest

Read books about parenting

Guides about expecting

Talk to someone in the family

About your new responsibility

For we want your little one

To be one in a million



24) Apart from

Random mood swings

Pregnancy is

A magical thing

It will make you

More patient and wise

Making everything

Seem very nice

Cherish this phase

While you’re in it

Enjoy each moment

To every bit



25) After celebrating your wedding

And your first anniversary

You have another reason

To make a new memory

After you give birth

To your baby

We’ll look forward to find

New reason to party



26) Pregnancy is just the beginning

Of a crazy ride

Brace yourself for getting many

Tears but lots more smiles

It’s is just the start

Of an unbelievable journey

Congratulations to you both

Having a baby


27) You will begin to overflow

With lots of love very soon

For you are about to receive

God’s most beautiful boon

You will start feeling blissful

Like you never have before

Your pregnancy will be the reason

For millions of joy in store



28) Welcome aboard

The flight called pregnancy

It is when the most

Happy you will be

Fasten your seat belts

Get ready to take flight

On the baby jet plane

Hold on with all your might



29) I wouldn’t be surprised

If you baby turns out to be

One of the most beautiful

Taking after mommy and daddy

I wouldn’t be astonished

If your baby grows up to be

Wise and intelligent

After all, it’s in the family



30) P is for being patient

R is for being resilient

E is for keeping the energy

G is for being gallant

N is for having a little nervousness

A is for expecting something amazing

N is for hoping for all things nice

C is for looking charming

Y is for a yummy mummy

Which you are about to be

Congratulations to you

And your lucky hubby