Congratulations for baby boy: Poems for newborn baby boy

Congratulations poem to parents for newborn baby boy

11) Acknowledge how lucky, as parents you are

Smile, as you gaze into your newborn’s eyes

Soak in the joy of having a baby boy

Appreciate your life’s biggest prize

Bask in the warm hues of your infant’s cuteness

Cherish each and every beautiful moment

Enjoy this surreal phase of your lives

Your bundle of joy is truly God-sent



12) As you cradle your newborn in your arms

To give protection from life’s harms

As you kiss your little one’s forehead

Just before putting making the baby’s bed

As you watch your infant take a cozy nap

Some of life’s best joys, you will unwrap

Cherish each and every moment of this journey

Congratulations for starting a family


13) All the morning sickness and the uneasiness

Will be totally worth it

The moment your newborn grabs your finger

You will succumb to his cuteness bit by bit

All the anxiety of the wait and anticipation

Will lead to smiles and happiness endless

Savor these moments of becoming parents

To a baby boy whose giggle is oh so priceless



14) Brace yourself for an exciting journey ahead

Your son has been born in a very interest age

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google

There will be twists, at life’s every page

You will have to find new ways

To be the ideal mommy and daddy

You will have to keep up with the changing time

If you want your son to respect you dearly

Good luck for this challenging new phase

Happy parents, I am sure you will be

A fine young man, definitely your son will become

A wonderful family, is written in your destiny



15) The birth of your child

Marks the beginning of a journey wild

You will learn a lot of new things

As you realize that your child is the home’s new king

You will be doing exactly what he says

Whether it is night or day

But these troubles are a small part of the joy

Of being the parents of an adorable baby boy



16) The sheer cuteness of your little one’s giggles

The intense warmth of cradling him in my arms

The utter sweetness of his mumbles

The heart-warming effect of his innocent charms

All these things make me go weak at the knees

I can only imagine how happy you both must be

Have fun, treasure each and every moment

Congratulations for starting your very own family


17) The journey of parenthood is priceless

It is not all about laughs and happiness

It won’t be fun and games all the time

Sometimes it will be bitter-sweet like lime

But it will be a life-changing experience

Enchanting, will be its brilliance

Loving parents, now you have become

Your smiles, are just the beginning of things to come



18) With generous parents like you

Your baby is going to have toys new

He has entered this world, being one of the lucky few

To have a mom and dad, so loving and true

Your newborn couldn’t have had a life more secure

You both are the best mom and dad ever, I am sure

With the birth of your baby, I hope that your joys quadruple

Congratulations to the happy couple


19) How do you expect me to stop giggling

After holding your newborn baby in my arms

I have officially become his biggest fan

I admit, I have surrendered to his charms

Girls will swoon over him, I am sure

When he grows into a young man, so fine

From toddler to teenager to beyond

The journey will be simply divine



20) As parents, so delighted you both must be

To be blessed with a baby boy so cute

In saying that he is the most adorable infant ever

There is really no dispute

But as you prepare yourselves to be the best

Mommy and daddy on the earth

Here’s my two cents

For what they are worth

Always remember that a parent’s love

Is all about sacrifice, tough love and hard decisions

No matter how hard it seems right now

It will lay in your child’s life, a good foundation