Congratulations for baby girl: Poems for newborn baby girl

Sweet poem for baby girl

Congratulations for baby girl: Writing a beautiful poem on a sweet greeting card is a befitting way to mark the arrival of a delightful newborn – a daughter who will go on to spread smiles wherever she goes. Mash up the cutest words and the funniest of quotes to come up with your own original rhyme that melts the hearts of everyone who reads it. You can even use it in a speech you make while raising a toast to the new parents. Becoming a mother and a father to a baby girl is a magical moment – make sure your wishes are worthy of this precious memory.


1) Look how far you have come

Look how your life is awesome

Look how much you have matured

In life, how much you have procured

Look how much luckier you are from the rest

Look how you have got the best

Look at the treasure you have got

Your baby girl who loves you love a lot



2) Stock up on pretty things

Pink in color

You are bringing home

A beautiful daughter

Stock up on everything

That looks cute and girly

For you have just added

A princess to your family



3) To an array of beautiful experiences

To a string of happy instances

To a series of joyful moments

To many of life’s presents

To lovely opportunities

To an album of beautiful memories

To the best that destiny has to offer

Is summarized by your newborn daughter



4) Holding her nervously

Loving her adorably

Caressing her lovingly

Watching her joyfully

Swirling her carefully

Feeding her caringly

Handling her delicately

Gazing at her affectionately

Get used to being a new mommy



5) Long wailing cries

Peals of cheery laughter

A house as joyous as yours

Right now is no other

An enthusiastic daddy

A brand new mother

May your baby girl bring you

Happiness forever



6) A new page

A new chapter

In your lives

Is your daughter

A new beginning

A new phase

All your sorrows

Who will erase

A new member

A new welcome

Who will make

Your lives awesome



7) A glorious moment

For you this must be

A memorable occasion

Full of festivity

For a breathtaking event

Has taken place in your life

God has bestowed blessings

On you and your wife

By giving you a cute little girl

And completing your family

Congratulations to you both

For you, we are all so happy


8) I know the source

Of the sparkle in your eye

I know the reason

Why you sometimes cry

I know what is

Making you so happy

I know the cause

For your joyful glee

It is your newborn girl

Who has spun your world around

Catapulting you to the sky

Way off the ground



9) You are likely to be on cloud nine

For getting a gift from the Gods so fine

You are likely to be ecstatic

For witnessing a miracle so fantastic

You are likely to be over the moon

For being blessed with a lovely boon

Congratulations for having a baby girl

On whose little fingers your life will now swirl


10) Forget your phones

Forget the internet

You won’t even have time

To take a deep breath

Forget about partying

Or venturing out

You’ll have no time for all this

Of that I have no doubt

Forget hanging out with friends

Or watching a movie

The entire house will be full

With stuff related to the baby

There is just one thing

That you have to remember

That all your sacrifices will be made

Worthwhile by your daughter


Beautiful poem for parents of newborn daughter

11) Think about what will happen

When your daughter will grow

About the realities of the world

When she will begin to know

Think about your state of mind

When she goes to school

Or when she looks at pictures

Of the guy on who she drools

Think about your emotions

When she goes out on her first date

Or when she makes big decisions

Charting out her own fate

Until then you must enjoy

Her childhood as much as you can

For she is yours only till the day

You give her away to another man



12) Welcome the coming

Of the house’s new lady

More than a princess

She is the queen bee

Blow the trumpets

For her grand arrival

After all she is

The prettiest and most special



13) After looking at your Facebook page

And going through your tweets on Twitter

I realized that the reason for your joy

Is your wonderful newborn daughter

After seeing your Instagram

And your profile on Google Plus

I figured the cause behind

All your happiness and fuss

Being new parents of a baby girl

Gives you all the reasons

To be proud and haughty

For she is one in a million



14) There is something which you

Will now realize

That those painful nine months

Were actually a prize

For they have given you

The best possible present

The birth of your girl

An unforgettable moment

You will begin to cherish

The memories of your pregnancy

For having given birth

To your very own legacy



15) Put a tiara on your baby girl’s head

Because she is fit to be

The most beautiful little princess

That the world would ever see

Place a wand in your newborn’s hand

For she is undoubtedly

Sent to this world by the Gods

As a lovely little fairy



16) Your sorrows must have melted away

Your worries must have withered

You must have forgotten all those moments

Whenever you suffered

Your goals in life must have changed

With new horizons to look forward to

For the beautiful baby girl

That God has bestowed on you



17) The feeling of having your heart in your hands

Is beyond description

The feeling of having created a life

Is beyond comparison

The feeling of carrying around your baby

Is like handling glass which is fragile

The feeling of giving birth to a girl

Is one of the things which make life worthwhile



18) Three is always better than two

An equation which will now be understood by you

While two fight, three make merry

Logic, you will now understand clearly

Three become a family while two do not

By having a new member who you love a lot

Congratulations for finally find the right number

By giving birth to such a beautiful daughter


19) I am jealous of you

Not because you so successful

I am envious, not because

Your wife is so beautiful

I am not resentful because

You have a lovely apartment

I am spiteful, not because

Your life is full of enjoyment

It’s because of your adorable baby girl

That I am going green

She is the cutest toddler

That I have ever seen



20) She will touch your heart in every way

She will keep you tied to her every single day

She will draw your attention to her daily

She will find things to distract you frequently

She will make great demands for your love and care

Any free time for you, she will not spare

But this is the time to enjoy very much

Your baby girl’s smiles and her magical tough


Cute greeting card poem for a baby girl

21) Dress her up in girly pink

Skip a beat when she gives you a wink

Cuddle her all day in your arms

Succumb to her cute and adorable charms

Be smitten by her girly ways

Let her antics brighten up your gloomy days

Congratulations for your newborn girl

Take care of her like a precious pearl


22) Lay out the red carpet

Decorate the room in pink and violet

Buy a brand new baby chair

Along with a cute teddy bear

Keep baby food bottles ready

And a cozy blanket handy

For an angel has arrived today

To spread happiness in every way



23) From being two beautiful people

To being a couple who is special

You have now become

Parents who are incredible

From being two different identities

To being a team together

You have become a complete family

Because of your baby daughter



24) In shades of pink, both dark and subtle

Your house is bound to look really special

In hues of lilac and lovely violet

Your life will become lovely I bet

In myriad shades of lavender

Your destiny will be painted by your daughter



25) Your family was just a step away

From being picture perfect

Now that little error

Has been made correct

From two, a lovely couple

You have turned into three

Making your photo frame perfect

With your new baby