Breakup poems: Poems about breaking up

Breakup poems: Write your own breakup poem and send it to your ex to express your sadness, anger and frustration over your breakup. You can even post your poem on Facebook and tag your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to shame them in front of all their friends. The idea is to send him or her a strong message, that your love and feelings are not to be played with. A poem is a subtle yet hard-hitting way of reminding someone of the pain and suffering they put you through, by breaking up with you.


1) I can write all over your Facebook

And tell the girls to never give you a single look

I can send many tweets on Twitter

And tell everyone how you made my heart bitter

I can pin stuff about my heartbreak on Pinterest

To show everyone how you put my emotions to test

But this is not what I choose to do

Because I am not a complete jerk like you


2) You broke up with me without warning

But I wonder why I still feel light

Maybe because your ugly face

Is now out of my sight

My emotions have been played with

And my gut has been wrenched

But your worthless condition right now

Proves that your sins have already been avenged


3) You didn’t just breakup with me

You broke apart my entire life

Now I am not even your girlfriend

When I dreamt of becoming your wife

You didn’t just leave me alone

You were more than happy to let me go

Beware of what happens in your life now

Because you will reap what you sow


4) My ego is not going to hurt

By confessing that I still love you

I am regretting the fact

That we couldn’t see our relationship through

I am not going to feel small

By accepting, that in my life you played a big part

I am also not going to feel ashamed

To hold you responsible for breaking my heart


5) I am not unhappy

Because you broke up with me

I am unhappy

Because my love, you could not see

I am not unhappy

That we weren’t meant to be

I am unhappy

Because you never really loved me


6) In this poem I want to show

My gratitude for you

Because since you broke up with me

There are so many fun things I do

Right now, I may feel a little sad

But that, I am willing to tolerate

Because I will be over you in no time

And be ready to enjoy life and celebrate


7) In the book of life

I have turned a new page

I am beginning a new chapter

Free of guilt and rage

Part two of my book

Will be refreshingly new

With no mention of our relationship

Or losers like you


8) Things didn’t quite work out

Between the both of us

Let’s deal with it maturely

Without making a fuss

We can still be friends

If not sweethearts

Let’s be thankful for seeing

Each other’s lives in parts


9) Eating chocolates, watching movies and drinking wine

Are the only things I can do to get my heart back in line

Scribbling away in my personal diary and confessing to friends

Are the only things I can do in my life to make amends

Going out to cafes, meeting new people and getting a new hairdo

Are the things I will start doing to get over my breakup with you


10) The system of my life has been hacked

All the files of my love have become corrupted

I can’t access any folder of my emotions

All operations have been disrupted

I will have to do an update

In my heart’s anti-virus software

So that bugs like you don’t enter

And give my system a scare


11) Dear ex-boyfriend….

As if it was a crispy cracker

You broke my heart

If I knew you would do this

I would have been careful from the start

As if it was a delicate glass

You shattered my soul

In my life I wish I never gave you

Such an important role


12) Why can’t you understand

That when you let me go

You showed me your selfish side

And you stooped really low

Why can’t you understand

That our breakup broke my heart

You threw away your own life with it

Because you still hadn’t seen the best part


13) Just like how a boxer practices

On a punching bag

You punched my heart

And let my life sag

Just like how a logger

Ruthlessly chips away wood

You chipped our relationship into pieces

In a way that I never thought you would

I hate you


14) I couldn’t expect anything better

From a coward like you

You were a loser from the start

Is something that I wish I knew

Instead of working our problems out

You just ran away

The pain that you have inflicted

In my heart will forever stay


15) On the runway of life

As my plane was about to take flight

You sabotaged everything

With all your might

You could have helped me soar higher

By hugging me tight

But you chose to breakup

When everything was going right


16) The only reason why

For me love has become a taboo

Is because I was unfortunate enough

To have a girlfriend like you

The only reason why

The dreams I had for us both

Are not going to come true

Is because my love has turned into loathe


17) I can still feel the feeling

When I first met you

I can still imagine kissing

Your lips as soft as dew

I can still remember

How it felt to see

A smile crossing your face

Every time you saw me

But everything came

To a crashing halt, so sudden

For me our relationship was a blessing

It is a pity that for you, it was a burden


18) Just like a liver

Hurts with too much alcohol

The heart hurts

With pain, big or small

You made everything painful

Between you and me

As you took a swig

Of your nasty infidelity


19) Let’s not focus

Only on the pain

Let’s also focus

On the things we can gain

And cherish our

Love-hate bond

Until now which was been

Quite strong

If not lovers

Friends we shall be

And undertake

Life’s new journey


20) If you reflect

And think about it

There was no real reason

For us to split

If only you had showed

A little bit of understanding

We would still be

Hugging and kissing

But you had to be

The rogue that you are

That is why we broke up

And now we are far