Birthday wishes for father-in-law

Birthday wishes for father-in-law: Show your in-laws that they mean as much to you as your own parents by writing a touching message or a quote on your dad-in-law’s birthday card. Make him feel lucky to have a son-in-law or daughter-in-law like you by gathering your family and cheering for him on his birthday. Wish your daddy-in-law a happy birthday and read out the beautiful birthday greeting that you wrote for him in front of your family with a short speech. Say something funny, tell him how his grandkids are lucky to have him as their grandpa and praise the old man for raising such wonderful children to whom you are married.


1) I want to be the best son-in-law I can because you have left no stone unturned in proving that you are the best father-in-law I could ever have had. Happy birthday.


2) I was daddy’s little girl to my father before I got married. Nothing much has changed since then because I am now daddy-in-law’s little girl to you. Happy birthday.


3) The wrinkles on your skin are hiding layers of wisdom and knowledge. The grays in your hair are showing the depth of your experiences and the slight wobble in your walk is showing how many obstacles in life you have overcome. Happy birthday to my wise father-in-law.


4) Your birthday is the best day to make a small change in our relationship. I am changing your role in my life from the complicated status of father-in-law to the simple and loving status of daddy. Happy birthday.


5) I wish I married your son many years earlier than I did. That would have given me more time and opportunity be loved and cared by a wonderful father-in-law like you. Happy birthday.


6) The words father-in-law and daughter-in-law should be deleted from the English dictionary because all fathers-in-law and daughters-in-law should ideally end up becoming fathers and daughters. Happy birthday to my second dad.


7) Can someone please explain to me the difference between a father and a father-in-law? I have been married for so many years now but I still can’t understand the difference. Happy birthday dad.


8) Dear dad, you are exactly how I wish to be when I reach your age – dignified, respected and successful.  Happy birthday to my father-law who is an inspiration to us all.


9) I am a bit jealous of you because my kids love spending time with their grandpa more than they love hanging out with me. But I don’t mind because you are the best role model for them. Happy birthday daddy-in-law.


10) I am not worried at all about the future of my married life. That is because your son has the genes of a committed and dedicated gentleman like you. Happy birthday to my gracious father-in-law.


11) Few men like me are lucky to have not one but two father figures in their lives. One being my own father and another being my father-in-law, which is you. Happy birthday dad.


12) As a husband to my mother-in-law, you have been terrific. As a father to my husband, you have been great. As a grandfather to my kids, you have been wonderful. As a father-in-law to me, you have been the best. Is there anything in life you are not good at? Happy birthday.


13) If someone saw how well we get along with each other, they would never figure out that you are not my real father. Happy birthday, dad-in-law.


14) Thank God I got married to your son otherwise I would have never found an amazing father-in-law like you. Happy birthday.


15) Your son, grandkids and I are always competing to decide who loves you the most. Your son says he loves you the most because you are his father. Your grandkids say that they love you the most because you are their loving grandpa. But I argue that I love you the most because you are my friend and father-in-law. Happy birthday.


16) I love it when my kids spend time with you because they learn things that no school curriculum would ever be able to teach. Happy birthday to a wise and knowledgeable father-in-law.


17) Dear daddy-in-law, you have spoilt me more than my real father. You have pampered me more than my real father. You have fussed over me more than my real father. Happy birthday pops.


18) Your son often tells me that he is the luckiest man in the world to have a wife like me in his life. But I correct him and say that he is the luckiest man in the world to have a father like you in his life. Happy birthday daddy-in-law.


19) If you weren’t born on this date several years ago, I would have remained a bachelor for the rest of my life because I would have no one to marry. Thanks, and happy birthday daddy-in-law.


20) From the very first day I got married to your son, you have never ever behaved with me as an in-law. Thank you for being treating me like your own blood. Happy birthday dad.


21) I have always told my husband that I want him to be exactly like you when he grows old. Happy birthday dad-in-law.


22) You are the best father-in-law in the world because you never let the words ‘in-law’ get in-between our relationship. Happy birthday.


23) You have not only taught your child how to be a great son. You have also taught him to be a great husband, great father, great son-in-law and a great brother-in-law. Thanks for teaching your son how to play every role in life beautifully. I consider myself a very lucky wife. Happy birthday.


24) With every passing birthday, you are nearing retirement which will be the best period of your life when you can put your feet up and spend as much time as you want with your grandkids. We are all looking forward to it. Happy birthday.


25) Before getting married, I always wondered how my new family would turn out to be. But after meeting you, I knew for sure that it would be nothing short of amazing. Happy birthday to my father-in-law.


26) Popular culture and media are known to portray fathers-in-law as uptight, distant and formal. But you have proved that they can also be warm, affectionate and loving. Happy birthday to a father-in-law who should be an example for others.


27) As your son-in-law, there is something I want you to give me as inheritance – your wisdom, your patience and your understanding. Happy birthday dad.


28) If every father-in-law would be like you, there would be no fathers-in-law left in the world. Loving fathers, are all there would be. Happy birthday.


29) I must admit that my dad is a bit possessive about me and jealous of you because I am always praising your role as a second father in my life. Happy birthday to my father-in-law.


30) There are two types of fathers-in-law. The first type are those who behave like real fathers-in-law. The second type are those who behave like real fathers. Happy birthday to the second type of father-in-law.