Birthday poems for teacher

Inspirational birthday card poem for teacher

Birthday poems for teacher: Never forget that behind the facade of every annoying, irritating and demanding teacher is a person who is passionate about imparting knowledge. Teachers are everyday men and women who strive to give the youth the power of education. Your teacher’s birthday is a chance to acknowledge this undying commitment that he or she has towards making a life changing contribution in your lives. These short poems are a cute mix of rhymes that are perfect for a teacher’s birthday card – cute, sweet, funny and inspirational. Read them and create your own greeting which can be your little way of saying thank you to your favorite teacher on his or her birthday.


1) Just another ordinary student

If not for you, I would have been

Ignored, forgotten, lost in the crowd

My potential, if you wouldn’t have seen

My student life would be replete

With insignificance and mediocrity

If you didn’t make me realize my worth

Making me the best that I could be

Happy birthday


2) It’s not just me

Who loves you dearly

Every student in school

Admires you deeply

I am not the only one

Who thinks of you as a hero

Others idolize you too

Just to let you know

You aren’t just mine

But everyone’s favorite

That is why your birthday

We can’t possibly forget

Happy birthday


3) My friends have celebs as idols

But you are the one I idolize

All throughout my school years

You have been my special prize

It is because of a teacher like you

That coming to school is worthwhile

Each day would be so dull and lifeless

If it didn’t begin with your radiant smile

Happy birthday


4) Some teachers just preach

But the good ones like you teach

Some teachers just faff

But witty ones like you make us laugh

Some teachers just want to control

You give us the freedom to choose our goals

Some teachers believe only in punishment

But you never compromise on enjoyment

Some teachers are totally forgettable

But awesome ones like you are very special

Happy birthday


5) My friends at school

I do value

But more than that

I respect you

The good times at school

I do relish

But the time spent learning

Much more, I cherish

It is because of you

Dear teacher, that I

Have spread my wings

And soared like a bird in the sky

Happy birthday


6) When I think back

On my school days

When I reflect on

My innocent ways

When I reminisce about

My youthful memories

When I recollect my first brush

With the birds and bees

No matter which memory

Of school I recall

What I remember is that

I always had a ball

My school life has been

Like a dream come true

And that has been possible

Only because of a teacher like you

Happy birthday


7) All this time

You made us study

Now it’s time for us

To show you how to party

Until now you gave us

All the important lessons

Now we will teach you

How to have some fun

Every single day

You made us toil away

Now we will make you

Celebrate in a grand way

Happy birthday


8) Dear teacher…

We officially give you

A holiday today

The day’s schedule

Will be managed our way

You will do as per

Our wishes and bidding

You won’t open a single book

For we will all be partying

Happy birthday


9) This day is a tribute

To the massive contribution

You have made in the lives

Of many, not just one

We offer you homage

For being a teacher, so brilliant

You will always be remembered

By each and every student

Happy birthday


10) Learning is fun

Because of you

Coming to school

Doesn’t make me blue

Your teaching makes

Every day seem new

This is not flattery

It is respect, so true

Happy birthday

Beautiful birthday card quote poem for teacher

11) I see the world

In a different light

I can discriminate

Between wrong and right

I perceive things

In a different style

I have learnt to go

The extra mile

I have a deeper

Understanding of things

Dear teacher

You have truly given me wings

Happy birthday


12) Keep trying again and again

So that your efforts may never be in vain

Always speak the truth no matter what

With complications, even if you are fraught

Be good to others and help people in need

Be ambitious but never succumb to greed

All this you have taught, I will always remember

Not just while I am in school, but forever

Happy birthday


13) You are the only teacher

I like to no end

You are less of a teacher

And more of a friend

Sometimes you have also been

The cause of my mother’s envy

For she thinks more than her

I hold you in my heart dearly

Happy birthday


14) I hated school

Until you came

After which, nothing

Remained the same

Everything turned bright

School became fun

You are to be credited

For making that happen

Happy birthday


15) Even if we give you

A beautifully wrapped present

It cannot match the gift that you

Have given to each student

That is the gift of wisdom

Which we hold so precious

To a special teacher we wish

Happy birthday from all of us


16) Happy birthday

To the awesome lady

Who tolerates the bunch of us

Oh so patiently

We wish the very best

To her on this joyous day

We love her very much

Is all that we want to say

Happy birthday


17) I pity the students who haven’t had

You as their teacher

For you, are the very best

Like you, there can never be another

I sympathize will those pupils

Who haven’t been taught by you

For teachers like you in this world

Are hard to come across and few

Happy birthday


18) You have seen me develop

You have seen me grow

You have seen me fail

My weaknesses, you know

You have seen me perplexed

You have seen me falter

You have seen me in happy times

You have even seen me bitter

To such a teacher who has seen

Ever single form of mine

I wish a happy birthday

May your day be nice and fine


19) Many happy returns of the day

On your birthday, to God I pray

That your guidance reaches many pupils

All their dreams, so that they can fulfill

May lots of students benefit from your tutelage

May you become their reason for attending college

May God make all my prayers come true

I wish a happy birthday to you


20) I remember your birthday

Not just because you remember mine

I never forget it because

You made my school life so fine

From lessons in the books

To real life morals and values

You taught us how to deal

With life’s ever changing hues

For that I will always be

Indebted and grateful

On your birthday, I wish that

Everything in your life, is always beautiful

Happy birthday

Cute happy birthday poem for a teacher

21) Teachers teach alphabets and words

You have taught us much more

You gave us the wisdom of recognizing

Opportunities waiting at our doors

Teachers teach numbers and equations

But you planted in us, a seed

You taught us that one plus one is two

But more than that, is just pure greed

Teachers teach concepts through diagrams

But you made us see life’s grand visual

I wish a happy birthday

To a teacher who is so special

Happy birthday


22) I wonder what would happen

If God decided one fine day

That every student would get

A teachers like you, his or her way

The world would then be

A perfect place without error

That is because you are amazing

My dearest teacher

Happy birthday


23) One more year of your life means

One more year of fun and frolic

It means we will have yet another

Academic year which is fantastic

Your birthday has brought about

Not just an increase in your age

But it has given us a chance to get

Another year of your tutelage

Happy birthday


24) Your birthday

Is a gentle reminder

Of how happy we are

To have you as our teacher

You have taught us more than

Just Math or Science

You have taught us to create

Meaning out of our existence

Happy birthday


25) Thank God for school

Else I would have never found you

Getting a chance to be your student

Is truly a dream come true

Thank God for my destiny

To have crossed paths with your fate

Else I would have never studied

Under a teacher, so great

Happy birthday