Birthday Poems for Stepdaughter

Birthday Poems for Stepdaughter: What to write on a birthday card for your stepdaughter? Well first of all, relax. Stop worrying about how you can create the best every birthday wishes she has ever had. Stop looking up birthday quotes and messages that talk about being a stepmom and a stepdad. Loosen up and think about all the happiness that your life has been filled with, ever since you became a part of the same family. You don’t always need to have a biological connection to have some of life’s most special relationships. The bond between a stepparent and a stepdaughter is unlike anything else. Read these poems and relate the words to the relationship you share with your step daughter. Think about this and start writing your own feelings on a piece of paper or a greeting card. Be original, let your thoughts run deep and pen down what you truly feel about her. Carve it all up in a nice poem and put it up on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let your stepdaughter know that you may not have been there with her from birth, but what you share is much more. Keep it simple, keep it real.


1) Yes it’s not genes, that make

Our bond so special, so priceless

But it’s much deeper

A pure form of love and happiness

I can’t describe it in words

Even if I tried my best

I think I’ll sum it up by saying

You, are the thump in my chest

Happy birthday


2) Fate made us mom and daughter

But in a unique way

And for that, I can stop

Thanking destiny, every single day

I must have lucked out

To have found a daughter in you

It is a bond unlike any other

Unshakeable, a love so true

Happy birthday


3) The feeling of having you in my life

In words, cannot be explained

It’s as if happiness that I’d lost

Has now, been reclaimed

We may not be joined by blood

But what we share, is much more

Being a part of your life

Is all that I could have ever asked for

Happy birthday


4) To be honest, I can’t see

The difference between

A daughter and a stepdaughter

Maybe, there has never been

It’s so unfortunate that the world

Has to separate the two

Because for me, more than my own

My heart’s closer to you

Happy birthday

5) If daughters are called angels

Stepdaughters are much more

They’re the truest form of love

I have one, who I absolutely adore

Yes, I’m talking about you

My little angel, my little darling

Thanks for being

My life’s most precious thing

Happy birthday


6) Everyone needs to know

That stepdaughters are the bestest

Of all the bonds in life

This one is amongst the greatest

I can’t imagine my world

Had you not been around

Of all the melodies of life

You my dear, are the sweetest sound

Happy birthday


7) Destiny reserved a special bond for us

You may not have my flesh or bone

But the best thing happened in my life

On the day I called you my own

We may not share the same genes

Be we share something that’s greater

Of all the things I can call someone

Only for you, is reserved the word daughter

Happy birthday


8) Everyone knows what it’s like

To love your own

But our love is stronger

Forever, written in stone

Fate and destiny

May have brought us together

But by choice, our love

Is forever and ever

Happy birthday

9) Not a day goes by

When I don’t thank my stars

For giving me a bond

As precious as ours

Who would have thought

That our lives would intertwine

But now that they have

I’m glad to call you mine

Happy birthday


10) Stepdaughters are

More than just people who

You call your own

Coz they were born to you

They’re angles, who you choose

To be a part of your life

To be the best thing ever happened

In your life’s archives

Happy Birthday


11) Never in my wildest dreams

Did I ever imagine

That I’d love someone so much

Don’t know, where to even begin

Technically, my stepdaughter

You may be

But having you in my life

Has literally set me free

Happy Birthday


12) I didn’t give birth to you

Is a fact that I can’t deny

And thinking about it

Does bring tears to my eyes

Not of sadness, but of joy

Blessed, I feel from my heart

To have become a parent to you

My life’s got a fresh new start

Happy birthday

13) Making all your dreams come true

Is my life’s only goal

Because all of mine came true

Since your love crept into my soul

Ever since the very beginning

I may not have been with you

But I’ll be there till the very end

Is all that my heart wants to do

Happy birthday


14) Biologically

We may not be related

But that is a concept

Bygone and outdated

Relationships today

Are built by love and trust

And ours

Is special, like stardust

You aren’t

Just my daughter

You’re my Angel

And best friend forever

Happy birthday


15) I just hate the word stepdaughter

Is there a need for it to exist

It should be banned

And put on a blacklist

I refuse to accept

Not now, not ever

To call you anything

Except my loving daughter

Happy birthday


16) No matter how much

Of you, I’m fond

Society adds the word step

To our priceless bond

But never, ever let that

Every come in the way

Of the priceless memories

We make day after day

Happy birthday

17) Born in my arms

You may not have been

But the kind of love I have for you

The world, has never seen

My daughter you are

By choice, not by fate

Forever I’ll be thankful

For a bond, so great


18) We may not know each other

For a very long time

But you, my darling make

My life a perfect rhyme

I don’t understand the word step

For me, you are my daughter

It may not have been many years

But it feels like forever

Happy birthday


19) It doesn’t matter

That we don’t have a past

What matters is

That we’re going to make it last

The gift of life

I may not have given you

But to be the best parent I can be

Is all I want to be to you

Happy Birthday


20) Life has funny ways to show

How some people can be special

Never, ever did I imagine

That I’d have a bond so magical

What we share, is more than just

Being a step parent and daughter, you see

But a relationship

That was truly meant to be

Happy birthday