Birthday Poems for Son

Cute birthday card poem for a son

21) You are not just our son

You are the gleam in our eyes

You are the smile on our lips

With you, our happiness flies

You are the music in our ears

You are the glow on our faces

Dear son, it is because of you

That life has taken us places

Happy birthday


22) We must have done deeds

That were really amazing

We must have cared for others

In a way that was heart-warming

We must have said nice things

To everyone we met

To all our happiness

There is some secret, I bet

Or else karma wouldn’t have

Given us a perfect son like you

Ever since the day you were born

We have never been blue

Happy birthday


23) I regret scolding you for getting bad grades

And for all the punishments I laid

I have realized what it means

To have a son like you who has our genes

Now I know that you are set to succeed in life

Needless, were my worries about you facing strife

Now I realize that grade or no grade

Traits of a superstar, you have always displayed

Happy birthday


24) Dear son…

As you gear up to face the world

With eyes that sparkle and gleam

We wish that you get everything you want

And achieve all your dreams

As you usher yourself into another year

Always remember our words, in your life

Don’t ever look back in your journey

With opportunities to succeed, it will be rife

Happy birthday


25) There are no assurances in life

But there is one guarantee

That we will always love you

And cherish our crazy repartee

The biggest treasure of the world

Doesn’t lie beneath the ocean

It is right here in front of our eyes

It is you, our dear son

Happy birthday


26) From school to college

You have always been the best

From college to getting your first job

You have been a cut above the rest

From a job to being a husband

You have been number one

Not everyone can so extraordinary

Except my awesome son

Happy birthday


27) I never knew I could be so lucky

Until God gave you to me

As you have grown and years have passed

More luck, my life has amassed

As you make a new birthday resolution

And make new promises

Let me give you my blessings and wishes

With warm hugs and motherly kisses

Just remember this one thing as you grow older

That no one loves you more than your mother

Happy birthday son


28) You have not just been our lovable son

In the family, you are dear to everyone

That is why everyone is looking forward to

Wish a happy birthday to you

No one can believe how much you have grown

To see that, from far they have flown

But we want to tell you before everyone arrives

Son, you are the biggest highlight of our lives

Happy birthday


29) Riveting and captivating

Is your every childhood memory

Mesmerizing and exciting

With you has been our journey

Invigorating and pulsating

I am sure your future will be

Touching and heart-warming

Are birthday wishes for you from me

Happy birthday son


30) There hasn’t been a single day

That I haven’t thought of you

There hasn’t been a single moment

That the thought hasn’t made me blue

There hasn’t been a single instance

After you left for university

That missing you did not make

My mood suffer severely

As your celebrate your birthday

With new pals and different people

Don’t forget your folks

To whom you are so special

Happy birthday