Birthday poems for niece

Sweet birthday card poem for niece

Birthday poems for niece: Nieces share a unique relationship with their aunts and uncles. This relationship is not as controlling as the one with their parents and at the same time, not as immature as the one they have with their friends. Nurture this loving bond with your niece because like it, there will be no other. Treat her like your own daughter but at the same time, try to be her go-to person when she fails to make ground with her mom and dad. On her birthday, pamper her with a gift she loves and write a sweet greeting which shows how much she means to you. Whether it is her sweet sixteen or her magical eighteenth – her birthdays are your chance to create funny moments and cute memories that will last a lifetime. After all, everyone would like to be their niece’s favorite aunt and uncle.


1) Delicate like a flower

Beautiful like a sunset

My dear niece, you are

The best person that I’ve met

Gentle like a lamb

Tender like a soft pillow

You are among the best

People that I know

Soothing like white sand

Fresh like morning dew

Happy birthday sweetheart

Needless to say, I love you


2) You may be your mother’s

First priority

You may be your dad’s

Foremost responsibility

You may be the darling

Of your dearest uncle

To your grandparents

You may be very special

But to me, my dear niece

You are the only one

In this whole wide world

Who is my favorite person

Happy birthday


3) Being your godmother

Is big responsibility

Being your responsible aunt

Is an even bigger duty

But I don’t mind it at all

As long as I get to stay

With an adorable niece like you

Day after day

Happy birthday


4) I may not be able to spend too much time with you

I don’t get to fuss over you like your parents do

But that doesn’t diminish the relationship that we share

Just look into my eyes and you will know that I really care

Always pretty, always bubbly, always chirpy

My darling niece, you are the life of every family party

Without you, the family would be so incomplete

In my heart, you will always have a special seat

Happy birthday


5) You don’t meet your aunt and uncle that often

But that doesn’t make us love you any less

You will always be our angel

Who gives us nothing but happiness

Just remember that we are always here

You can bank on us in distress

Because no matter how old you get

You will always be our little princess

Happy birthday


6) An aunt like me

A niece like you

We make the perfect pair

We really do

Both of us like to shop

We both like to have fun

You are my bestie

You are my niece number one

Happy birthday


7) We may be away

In terms of miles

But what binds us both

Are each other’s smiles

We may be several

Cities and states away

But in one another’s hearts

We will always stay

Happy birthday


8) My Twitter page

Is really cool

My Facebook page

Makes guys drool

My Instagram

Looks really hot

My Google Plus profile

Has been liked a lot

Because all these pages

Have a selfie

Of my pretty niece

Posing with me

Happy birthday


9) When no one comes to your help

And everything else fails

From the troubles of life

I am here to give you bail

From the anger of your parents

I am here to give you cover

Because you are like

My very own daughter

Happy birthday


10) Being a full time uncle

Has been the best duty

It is the best role yet

That has been assigned to me

For loving and pampering

Is all that I have had to do

Hope you like your uncle’s gift

Happy birthday, I love you

Beautiful quote and poem about aunts and nieces

11) About aunts and nieces

There’s something you must know

As time flies and years pass by

Their love tends to grow

In the grueling journey of life

When everything else withers away

An aunt and a niece’s bond

Is something that will always stay

Happy birthday


12) Happy birthday

To the crazy girl I call my niece

The one who soothes my heart

Like a gush of cool breeze

In the dreary desert of life

She is like an oasis

I wish my niece a happy birthday

With a hug and a kiss


13) My dearest niece…

If I had to make

A beautiful video

The best moments of life

If I had a chance to show

I would pick all the times

That I’ve spent with you

Along with our photographs

Where we’re stuck like glue

All our best memories together

I would surely select

For that is what would make

The video, so perfect

Happy birthday


14) You may be just a teenager yet

But you show maturity way beyond

Beautiful, pretty and impeccable

Almost like a fairy with her magic wand

Looking at how you have grown up

Your life is set to be perfect

Even though you are a lot younger

For you, I have the greatest respect

Happy birthday


15) Your birthday is pinned

To my calendar

It is that day and date

That I can forget never

Since long I had started

Chanting a countdown

Marking it as the day

To party around town

Now it is time to

Dance the night away

To my dearest niece

I wish a happy birthday


16) I was waiting to fall in love

And then you came along

When I saw you I got a feeling

Of affection which was strong

That is when I knew I had

Already fallen in love with my niece

Who stole bits of my heart each day

Piece by piece

Now I don’t mind if my dream guy

May take a little while

Until then it will be my niece

Who will make me smile

Happy birthday


17) To have a niece like you

I call myself lucky

For I admire your skills

Along with every quality

From all your creative ideas

To your way of getting things done

From the way you carry yourself

To being such a wonderful person

From your feisty attitude

To your occasional flamboyance

From your somberness

To your intelligence

Even though you are younger to me

You inspire me in every way

I hope you never change

Wishing you a happy birthday


18) What makes me an aunt

Is not just our blood relation

Or the fact that for you

I have special emotions

What binds us both

Into a bond so tough

Is that of each other

We just can’t get enough

Happy birthday


19) Just like a baby is

A part of a mother’s body

A niece is a part of her aunt

Who loves her dearly

Just like how a mother keeps

Her child in motherhood’s grove

An aunt too always feels

Like showering her niece with love

Happy birthday


20) I have had a glimpse of fatherhood

Of parenting, I have a vague idea

And about raising a child

I seem to have no dilemma

Because even though you’re my niece

I have chosen to consider

You to be much more than that

Like my own darling daughter

Happy birthday

Cute greeting poem for a niece's birthday card

21) A bright tone of yellow

For your bubbly personality

A peaceful shade of white

For your soulful humility

A lovely hue of pink

For your high spirits

A sophisticated black

For your intelligence and wits

A deep shade of cherry

For your myriad thoughts

Your aunt wishes you a colorful life

Because she loves you lots

Happy birthday


22) It isn’t a big deal

For an aunt to be special

If she has a niece like you

Who is so adorable

Her achievements as an aunt

Aren’t all that laudable

If she has a niece like you

Who is so incredible

Happy birthday


23) A gift for my niece’s birthday

Would be a piece of my soul

To give her the most happiness

Will always be goal

The best present for my niece

Would be a slice of my heart

With a wish that our love

For each other may never thwart

Happy birthday


24) My sister fulfilled

My biggest fantasy

Of being a cool uncle

To a niece so pretty

For my brother-in-law

Here’s some appreciation

To have given me a niece

Who makes life a celebration

Happy birthday


25) I am a responsible aunt

Whose biggest responsibility

Is to make her niece have fun

Not just once, but daily

I love fulfilling my duties

With much zeal and passion

Because I think my niece

Is a wonderful person

Happy birthday