Birthday poems for fiancee

Romantic birthday card poem for fiancee

Birthday poems for fiancée: Your fiancée’s birthday is a special celebration on which she deserves to be pampered like a queen. Summarize your love for her in a sweet poem and write it down on a beautiful greeting card to wish her a Happy Birthday. Have a blast as you celebrate your to-be wife’s birthday. Give her a glimpse of how cool life will be after getting married to an awesome husband like you. Engagement is the period between the time you knelt down on your knees to propose and the time when you say I do. It is supposed to be the most romantic phase of your life together. Cute cuddles, naughty tugs, funny moments and the most priceless memories – make sure you experience all of these as you take the first steps towards becoming joined at the heart and soul eternally.


1) To my dear fiancée…

I promise to take you out on dates

Even when we are old and wobbly

I promise to have candlelit dinners

Even when we both can hardly see

I promise to take you out shopping

Even when there’s nothing to buy

I promise to count stars with you

In the gorgeous starlit sky

A beautiful life without complaints

I promise to always give you

For which I don’t need to wait

Till our wedding day when I say, I do

Happy birthday


2) Our love story has been special

For it has been a journey

Where two individual have come

To love each other immensely

It has been an epic tale

Of togetherness and romance

Of making mistakes

Then giving each other a chance

Imagine what lies ahead

What more is yet to come

Even though I’m not a fortune teller

I know it will be awesome

Happy birthday


3) There’s something in the air

It’s beautiful and misty

An electrifying ambience

Has made everything lovely

After all today is the day

When my fiancée was born

To let an angel down on earth

The Gods must have been forlorn

Lucky for me, our destinies entangled

In life’s journey, we crossed ways

Ever since I proposed to you

All I have seen are beautiful days

Happy birthday


4) To my dear fiancée…

Am I living a dream

Or is this all reality

All the very same

It appears to be

For being with you

Is as good as a fantasy

Don’t ever wake me up

From this beautiful reverie

Happy birthday


5) I fell in love

With your inner beauty

I went head over heals

For your bubbly personality

I got instantly smitten

By your bright smile

I went gaga over

Your sensuous style

I could not resist

Your captivating charms

Cherishing the feeling

Of having you in my arms

You tick all the boxes

Of being a perfect fiancée

Here’s wishing a happy birthday

To my life’s beautiful lady


6) Flowers and chocolates

Gifts and wine

Sweet greeting cards

Presents that are so fine

Don’t expect this

To discontinue

For even after marriage

I will keep on wooing you

Happy birthday


7) This is your last birthday

Of having fun with your pals

For after getting married

You will have to forget the gals

And spend time with me

All day and all night long

With myself as the only one

To sing your birthday song

Before you get freaked out

And decide to run away

Let me reveal that I’m only kidding

Here’s to my beautiful fiancée

Happy birthday


8) My birthday gift to you this year

To a boxed present is nowhere near

It is a heartfelt and true promise

Which I will wrap with a hug and kiss

Commitment, integrity and passion

A life full of pleasure, joy and fun

Is what I want to give you today

I wow to keep you happy in every way

Happy birthday


9) After getting such a lovely fiancée like you

There’s nothing else I want

For your presence in my life

Gives me all that I would want to flaunt

After being engaged to you

There’s nothing else that I crave for

More than looking forward to our marriage

Of nothing, I have ever been so sure

Happy birthday to someone who is

A lot more than my fiancée or future wife

She is my partner and my true companion

In the beautiful journey of life


10) I always want to see you smile

Forever, not just for a while

I always want to see you laugh out

No matter what it is about

I always want to see you playful

Enjoy life’s pleasures bountiful

I’m sure you’ve got the summary

Basically, I always want my fiancée to be happy

Happy birthday

Beautifully sweet birthday greeting for fiancee

11) If death faced me in the eye today

I would not be afraid

The biggest decision of my life

I have already made

There are no other wishes I had

Except to ask you to be my wife

To which you have already said yes

So now I fear no strife

Thanks for taking my hand as we walk

Life’s beautiful journey together

I promise you sweetheart

My love for you is forever and ever

Happy birthday


12) Until yesterday we were

Roaming around at university

Hanging out with each other

To watch movies or to study

But now time has flown by

Things have changed for good

The real meaning of life

I have now understood

I look forward to spending a lifetime

With the woman who is my fiancée

Forever, treating her like a princess

Always, pampering her like royalty

Happy birthday


13) No just the right to my last name

But the responsibility of our future family

I have laid in your hands

By making you my fiancée

Not just the keys to my home

But the keys to my whole life

I have given away to you

By deciding to make you my future wife

Happy birthday


14) All the changes in my life

I am ready to embrace

Excited to welcome

A beautiful new phase

My home and my heart

I am ready to share

Along with lots of love

Happiness and care

Thank you for making this

Dream for me, possible

Here’s wishing a happy birthday

To my fiancée, who is so special


15) Irresistible like a chocolate

Delicious like a pastry

Sweetheart you make my life

Sweet and sugary

Tangy like barbecue sauce

Juicy like a hamburger

Darling you make life

So full of flavor

Thanks for blending in my life

Vibrant tastes that are new

My dearest fiancée

I wish a happy birthday to you


16) It’s a tie between our engagement

And your birthday

Which one is more special

It is difficult to say

While our engagement makes us

A couple forever

Your birthday marks a new year

To welcome things better

In conclusion, it is neither of these days

That are special to me

Because a woman like you makes

Every day of my life extraordinary

Happy birthday


17) Because of your absence

My beautiful

Everything until now

Seems so wasteful

I think I found you

Too late in my life

If only I could have earlier

Made you my future wife

But now that you are

My fiancée

I will have no regret

Until eternity

Happy birthday


18) The countdown has begun

Till the day we tie the knot

With excitement until then

My life is going to be fraught

The clock has begun ticking

Time has been flying away

The calendar is inching closer

Bringing us nearer to the big day

Your birthday has arrived

At a very special juncture

Signaling that our life will be perfect

Now just now, but forever

Happy birthday


19) The happiest fiancée in the world

Is what I want you to be

For that is going to translate

Into being a happy wifey

The most romantic engagement period

I want you to have with me

Because that will translate into

A romantic marriage eventually

Happy birthday


20) My dearest fiancée…

Some birthdays may be fun

Some anniversaries may be better

But to always keep you happy

Will be my constant endeavor

There will also be times

When things don’t go as planned

Some things may turn out well

Some stuff may just get canned

But I’ll always be there with you

Is what I wanted to say

That is the promise I wanted

To make on your birthday

Cute birthday poem for fiancee

21) Even though you are still

Officially my fiancée

In my head you have become

My wife already

To confirm our union

I don’t need a ceremony

For my heart is has already been

Connected to yours eternally

Happy birthday


22) Even if it weren’t your birthday

We would be celebrating

For our engagement has given us

A million reasons for partying

No more do we need an event

To raise a toast to our union

For everyday of our life

Has become a beautiful celebration

Happy birthday


23) I am thankful, I am ecstatic

To have a fiancée so beautiful and fantastic

I am excited, I am pleased

A beautiful girl like you, to have appeased

I am confident I am sure

That our marital bliss will be pure

I look forward, I anticipate

To have many reasons to celebrate

Happy birthday


24) To my dear fiancée…

If you’re in a sour mood

I promise to make it right

Even if you’ve done something bad

I promise to hug you with all my might

We will do everything to

Keep our marriage strong

Making sure happiness and joy

Surrounds us lifelong

Happy birthday


25) There is so much worth looking forward to

When I think of getting married to you

The only things I see in the horizon

Are happy days, beautiful moments and lot of fun

Your presence in my life is as sweet

As a melodies pluck of the strings of a guitar

On your birthday here’s a toast

To the beautiful, sexy and pretty woman that you are

Happy birthday