Birthday poems for fiance

Romantic birthday card poem for fiance

Birthday poems for fiancé: Give your to-be-husband a glimpse of what it will be like to have a wife as sweet as you. Write a romantic rhyme on a greeting card to wish him on his birthday. Shower him with hugs, kisses and gifts. Throw him a party that goes down the memory lane as one of the best birthday celebration he has ever had. Leave flirty notes in his jacket pocket, write funny quotes about couples on a card, post the sweetest stuff on his Facebook – do whatever it takes to show him how lucky he is to have a fiancée like you. He will think of you as the soul mate who will go on to make every moment of his life magical and special.


1) The man who stole my heart

The man with whom I’ll never part

The man who knows me inside out

The man on whom I’ve never had a doubt

The man who has wooed me so much

The man who has a magical touch

The man for whom I’m top priority

The man who I admire deeply

The man who I can keep kissing

The man who makes life worth celebrating

To the man who is now my fiancé

I wish a heartfelt happy birthday


2) After getting engaged

I had endless thoughts

About having a fancy wedding

Because I love you lots

I thought about decorations

The color palette and the theme

The dresses my bridesmaids would wear

In shades of beige or cream

But then I stopped to think

That all this has no value

I don’t care about anything

As long as I get married to you

Happy birthday


3) I know that we will make

Many promises at the altar

But I still want to take an oath

To love you like no other

Before we take our vows

In front of our family and friends

I want to tell you that I

Will always love you to no end

Happy birthday


4) I am looking forward

To live a life full of thunder

To discover new things

And live a life of wonder

Each layer of life with you

I am waiting to peel

Excited as well as anxious

Right now is how I feel

I promise you as we start

Life’s journey anew

To always be by your side

Happy birthday to you


5) The pretty little ring

That you gave me

Means a lot more than being

A mere piece of jewelry

It encompasses our love

And commitment to each other

Along with the pledge

That we always love each other

Happy birthday


6) I love flaunting my new title

Of being a fiancée

I love talking about

My brand new family

I love showing off my ring

Studded with a diamond

I love telling everybody

About my to-be-husband

I can’t stop raving about

My plans for our wedding

You are the one to thank

For making my life so exciting

Happy birthday


7) A journey of love

A voyage of friendship

A trip full of fun

A testimony to our relationship

A passage of happy times

An expedition to find success

A route both smooth and rough

To discover happiness

The path we’re about to take

Leads to a destination called married life

May it be blessed by the Gods above

As we become man and wife

Happy birthday


8) This year’s celebration will be special

It won’t just be fun, it’ll be sensual

Unlike before, it won’t be a big party

We will be alone, baby just you and me

Instead of giving a boxed gift to you

I’ll do romantic favors that are quite due

Because you are now, not just my lover

You are my fiancé, my life partner

Happy birthday


9) When I see you

The only thing that I foresee

Is a happy life ahead

With smiling faces of you and me

When I think about you

The only thing that I envision

Is a successful marriage

Full of commitment and devotion

Happy birthday


10) This is your last birthday

Before our wedding

Let’s not lose the chance

Of celebrating

So that you can reflect

On your bachelorhood

And be nostalgic about

Years that were so good

As you become sad

Thinking about your past

I will reassure you

That happiness will last

I promise that you won’t

Lose your freedom

Even after we get married

Life will forever be awesome

Happy birthday

Beautiful birthday message to fiance from fiancee

11) Here’s a birthday wish

To the man of my dreams

To the man who makes my life

Less difficult than it seems

Here’s giving lots of love

To my better half

To the man who has promised

To always make me laugh

Tons of good wishes

To the man who I adore

After marrying whom I will

Never need anything more

Happy birthday


12) It feels very strange

To call you my fiancé

Because I find it odd

To look at you that way

For me you still are

My boyfriend, my best buddy

Which I hope after marriage

You will continue to be

Happy birthday


13) My dearest husband-to-be

If not for you, what would’ve become of me

I would have been lonely and single

Absolutely not ready to mingle

With no direction in life

Forget about being someone’s wife

Lost in my own little world

Where chaos would have unfurled

But now with your presence

There’s meaning to my existence

My love, my soul mate, my fiancé

Wishing you a very happy birthday


14) I want all your wishes

To come true on your birthday

For that will also keep me

Happy in every way

I want all your dreams

To be easily fulfilled

For the day when that happens

I too, will be thrilled

Everything you want from life

I want badly too

Wishing my fiancé a happy birthday

May all our dreams come true


15) The best thing you did

Last year with me

Was to exchange rings

Swearing to love me eternally

You are doing an amazing thing

This year as well

By getting married to me

Honey, I just can’t help but yell

Happy birthday


16) Today I raise a toast

To that man

Who has made me live

In the best way I can

To that guy today

I pay tribute

His contributions in my life

I cannot refute

To that dude today

I also want to confess

That my love for him

Is infinite and endless

Happy birthday


17) You have always wished

Amazing things for me

Now it is my time

To wish for you unconditionally

The only wish I make

To the Gods today

Is to make you, my fiancé

Happy and successful in every way

Happy birthday


18) Giving you happiness for the rest of your life

Is going to be my job after I become your wife

Understanding and supporting me

Is going to be your job as my hubby

If we both perform our jobs well

In each other’s hearts, if we forever dwell

We will become the perfect example

Of a couple who is extraordinarily special

Happy birthday


19) Your birthday doesn’t seem

Much like a celebration unfortunately

For every day after our engagement

Has been like a festivity

Presents, dinners, gatherings

Every day has been a party

I hope even after marriage

Life will be full of revelry

Happy birthday


20) Before we turn into

A boring married couple

Eventually forgetting to make

Each other’s birthdays special

Let me make this day

Extra memorable for you

By inviting you this evening

To your own birthday do

Happy birthday

Cute birthday greeting for husband-to-be

21) Being your fiancée

Feels so glamorous

Because you treat me

As your princess precious

You shower on me

Everything that I desire

Of pampering me

You never tire

If the rest of my life

Is going to be like this

Let me say thanks to you

With a beautiful kiss

Happy birthday


22) There is a reason why

Your birthday this year

I will never forget

But always remember

For it is the first time

I will be wishing my husband to-be

And it is also my first time

Of becoming a fiancée

Happy birthday


23) This birthday of yours is special

Because it falls in between

Our engagement and our wedding

What a coincidence it has been

To make this day memorable

There is something I want to confess

If you wouldn’t have proposed to me

I would have been a complete mess

Happy birthday


24) In a very short while

You will become

Someone’s son-in-law

I bet it’ll be fun

In just a few months

You will turn into

A very dear uncle

To my niece and nephew

But I want you to know

That before every other relationship

Comes our matrimony as couple

And our lifelong friendship

Happy birthday


25) You are the one who has made

Life so perfect and flawless

By washing away every trace of hurt

And filling it with happiness

Looking at your track record

I can make a safe guess

That the rest of my life as well

Will be beautiful and priceless

Happy birthday