Birthday Poems for Ex-Boyfriend

Sweet poem for ex-boyfriend as birthday greeting card message

Birthday Poems for Ex-Boyfriend: Feel like wishing your ex on his birthday? Think again, because the last thing you want to have is get into a messy spat with him after all you’ve been through. A carefully worded rhyme might be the beginning of a new friendship… just make sure that you don’t sound desperate and he doesn’t misinterpret your greetings as a sign that you are missing him madly and still in love with him. If you must, a text message or a card might be the way to go rather than calling him or meeting him in person. Write a beautiful quote about your relationship. Tag him in a cute Facebook post or sharing sweet image on Pinterest to break the ice. The real challenge lies in making sure that your wishes don’t evoke feelings of anger, hurt, heartbreak and the bitterness of your breakup. Just recall the good times and casually confess that you miss the adorable moments you spent together.


1) Breakups are not

The end of relationships

They signal the beginning

Of new friendships

They don’t mark the dusk

But the dawn of a new bond

More than being exes

We go much beyond

Happy birthday


2) Heartbreak cannot be so powerful

That it destroys our friendship so beautiful

A breakup cannot be so strong

That it destroys our friendship so long

Fights can’t be so devastating

That they destroy our bond worth celebrating

No force in the world has the intensity

To make us each other’s enemy

Happy birthday


3) If we were still a couple

I would have sent you a greeting

The day would not have passed

Without you and I meeting

But because we have separated

I will send you a simple text

Wishing you lots of happiness

In whatever you do next

Happy birthday


4) Wishing birthday to an ex

Is a tough thing to do

It can get slightly awkward

When it is out of the blue

But there is no harm in doing so

And saying in a heartfelt way

Leaving all the bitterness aside

For the sake of a special day


5) Broken relationships

Are sometime embittered

With hurt and allegations

They tend to be littered

Rotten and decayed

Is what they become

Into a beautiful friendship

Only a few blossom

Here’s hoping that we

Never stop being friends

Despite our breakup

Our friendship never ends

Happy birthday


6) Our relationship wasn’t a blunder

It was more of a lesson

Incompatible to each other

We were different persons

Our breakup wasn’t a disaster

It was a life experience

Nothing will stop me from wishing

Happiness to you in abundance

Happy birthday


7) We let go our differences

We let go of our fights

On each other’s lives

We let go of our rights

But that is no reason

For me to let go

Wishing you on your birthday

Is what I want you to know

Happy birthday


8) I am happy for the way

In which we both have moved on

The way our bitter memories

From our minds, have been long gone

The way in which our lives

Have found a new direction

It calls for nothing less

Than a big fat celebration

Happy birthday


9) For a very long time

I kept playing with my phone

Wondering if I should text you

Or just leave you alone

Finally I made up my mind

And decided with grit

That I will text you without

Hesitating even one bit

With my hands shaking

I sent a birthday poem for you

Hoping to make you smile

Instead of making you blue

Happy birthday


10) I have lost the right

To run straight into your arms

To be mesmerized

By your stunning charms

I have lost the right

To playfully curl your hair

In your eyes to look

And dreamily stare

But the right I haven’t lost

Is to remember your birthday

I wish the best for you

Is all I want to convey

Happy birthday

Romantic missing you quote for ex-boyfriend on his birthday

11) Hand in hand

We may not be

Eye to eye we may

Never again see

Hugs and kisses

We may not be able to share

But for you I confess

I still care

Happy birthday


12) I don’t want to harbor in my heart

Any feelings that are bitter

My heart with so much sadness

I don’t want to clutter

On your birthday let’s build

Bridges we burnt years ago

We can still be friends

To each other, let’s show

Happy birthday


13) I cannot forget

A date which in my heart, is engraved

No matter how much I try

I can’t delete what my mind has saved

Whether you like it or not

I couldn’t help but wish you

Even though your life

Without me will smoothly continue

Happy birthday


14) You were a cool boyfriend

But you are a better chum

We did not make a great couple

But as friends, we’ll be awesome

Let’s give our new friendship

A fresh start on this occasion

Burying our past behind

Let’s start the celebration

Happy birthday


15) I hate calling you my ex

It sounds so negative

I’d like something nicer

Something more sensitive

Together we both were

Just not meant to be

But that is no reason

To treat each other bitterly

Happy birthday


16) For the sake of the good old times

That we shared with each other

I want to wish you a happy birthday

As you welcome a year another

For the sake of the memories we made

And all the fun we had

I took the liberty to text you

I hope you don’t feel bad

Happy birthday


17) Today is the day

To put our grudges aside

And wish that the coming year

Becomes an awesome ride

Now is the time to

Join our hands together

Hoping that we

Lose our friendship never

Happy birthday


18) Forgive me for posting

Nasty messages on my Facebook page

With my teeth clenched tightly

I was burning with rage

Forgive me for tweeting

Bad things about you

Our breakup had left me

Severely hurt and blue

On your birthday I will

Turn everything around

For the sake of the joy

In our friendship, which we’ve found

Happy birthday


19) I’ve forgotten the way we bickered

And the way we used to argue

I’ve forgotten the way we yelled

And the way I used to be furious at you

But there’s one thing that I can’t forget

That is your birthday

I may forget everything else

But in my heart you’ll always stay

Happy birthday


20) Just because I don’t forgive you

For the way you broke up with me

Doesn’t mean that I won’t wish you

On your birthday, revengefully

Just because we split up

We were angry all this while

Doesn’t mean that I won’t say

Happy birthday to make you smile

Cute poem to ex-boyfriend from girlfriend on birthday after breakup

21) If we were still together

We would’ve been happy forever

If we were still companions

We would’ve had unlimited fun

If we were still sweethearts

We would’ve never fallen apart

But since we are none of these

Let’s just recall sweet memories

Happy birthday


22) Break ups break relationships

But they don’t break friendships

That is the reason why

I don’t want to let your birthday go by

On this special day, I want to wish you

So that our cute friendship can continue

I am your ex-girlfriend, but with me

Our friendship will be baggage free

Happy birthday


23) Despite the fact

That we’ve been a failed couple

Between us there is

Something which is special

Irrespective of the fact

That we broke up so badly

Somewhere in my heart

I still savor each memory

On your birthday I wish

We get rid of all barriers

Promising to stay

Friends with each other


24) You are an ex now

But that is okay

I can still wish you

On your birthday

Although you don’t mean

That much to me anymore

I will still treat you

The way I used to before

Happy birthday


25) Memories have flooded

In front of eyes

Along with the nostalgia

Of our strong ties

Wistfulness has

Surrounded me

Making me slip

Into a reverie

Your birthday I can’t

Forget no matter what

That is because

I still like you a lot

Happy birthday


26) Birthdays of loved ones

Remain etched in the mind forever

No matter how hard you try

They go away never

For they are the memories

Made for a lifetime

They make the future

So nostalgic and sublime

Happy birthday


27) For each other we’ll always

Have lot of care and respect

Even though our relationship

Didn’t turn out to be perfect

For one another we’ll always

Seek happiness and joy

Even though we have no reason

Such formalities to deploy

It because of this maturity

That we both have nurtured

No ill feelings towards you

I have ever harbored

Happy birthday


28) New reasons for joy

New opportunities for success

New grounds to celebrate

New phases of happiness

Live has moved on

And so will we

But from wishing you

That doesn’t stop me

Happy birthday


29) There are some things in life

Which you can never erase

Especially the memories

You’ve gathered in your happy days

One such memory for me

Has been your birthday celebration

I’ll forever remember it

As a day of having crazy fun

Happy birthday


30) I have forgotten all the bad things

That marred our relationship

The only thing that I now seek

Is a simple friendship

I have let go of all the memories

That left a bitter taste in the mouth

A sweet birthday wish for you

Will sort things, without a doubt