Belated Birthday Poems for Boyfriend: Late Birthday Poems for Him

Sweet greeting to say happy belated birthday to boyfriend

Belated Birthday Poems for Boyfriend: Forgetting your boyfriend’s birthday can spell catastrophe. It’s the kind of disaster that needs amends on the double. A heartfelt apology might not be enough to bring the smile back on his face. Write a romantic quote on a greeting card which expresses how sorry you really are. If that doesn’t make things lovey-dovey again, flood his Facebook with sweet messages to plead for forgiveness. From funny pins to the cutest texts – don’t leave any stone unturned as you try to win his heart over. And after your apologetic rants are finally over, give him a gift that he loves. Do all you can to bring the spark back in your mushy selfies.


1) My pain has cut deep into my heart

I just can’t seem to get a fresh start

My guilt has seeped into my mind

There is nothing I can do to unwind

My regret has grown on the double

For ruining a day which is so special

My sorrow has reached its ultimate peak

Your forgiveness now, is all that I seek

Happy belated birthday


2) I know that you are cross

I know you are super angry

I know you are sad

All because of me

I know you are disappointed

I know you feel let down

I also know that I am

The reason for your frown

But I promise to replace

Your scowl with a smile

I will make up to you

Even though it’ll take a while

Happy belated birthday


3) I forgot the birthday

Of my dearest boyfriend

I’ve been crying ever since

My life has come to an end

Come to me sweetheart

Give me a loving hug

I want to cuddle you

In your arms, I want to be snug

I am truly sorry

I will never do this again

I have suffered enough

I don’t want to cause more pain

Belated happy birthday


4) You have a good chance

To make me dance

On the tune you want me to

Since I forgot to wish you

Your wish is my command

I will do as you demand

But only on one condition

That you will be the one

To forgive me and say

Everything between us is okay

Happy belated birthday


5) I have said sorry

Not once but repeatedly

I have apologized

To you constantly

What will it take to get

You to forgive me

My heart is shattered

Baby, can’t you see

Please forget all this

And hug me lovingly

Your birthday is now engraved

In my heart permanently

Belated happy birthday


6) Today there is no excuse

That I can freely use

For not wishing you

And making you blue

Today there is no reason

Not even a single one

That I can freely give

With which I can live

Forgetting your birthday

Could have been God’s way

To make me realize

That our relationship is a prize

Sorry to take you for granted

This mess is not what I wanted

Starting afresh is what I will do

Let me begin by wishing you

Happy belated birthday


7) I didn’t wish you on your birthday

That is my bad

But I can’t bear to see

Your face which looks so sad

I’ll do everything it takes

To make you smile and smirk

I’ll do whatever is needed

To make things between us work

Belated happy birthday


8) You could have done what not

To prove that I don’t love you a lot

You could have yelled at me

To make me feel guilty

You could have created chaos

Our relationship could’ve gone for a toss

But you didn’t create hullabaloo

Even though I forgot to wish you

Instead you put my fears to rest

That is why I say, you are the best

Belated happy birthday


9) My Facebook is filled

With quotes saying sorry

My Pinterest is overflowing

With many an apology

I have retweeted

So many beautiful sayings

I have posted many

Remorseful writings

All of this I have done

To say sorry to you

I will never hurt you again

For boyfriends like you are few

Happy belated birthday


10) I still can’t understand

How I wasn’t there with you

As you celebrated your birthday

Welcoming an year new

As your girlfriend I have

Badly let you down

I promise to do everything

That wipes out your frown

Belated happy birthday

Romantic belated birthday wish for boyfriend to write on a card

11) I have drowned in shame

I have been buried under agony

My heart is full or remorse

I am so sorry

I have succumbed to guilt

I am swimming in the sea of blame

The way I forgot your birthday

Was just downright lame


12) As much as I want to say

That your phone wasn’t working

As much as I want to say

That my internet connection was fluctuating

As much as I want to say

That your door bell wasn’t ringing

As much as I want to say

That your home phone wasn’t functioning

None of this rubbish

I am going to say

All I want is your forgiveness

For forgetting your birthday


13) This is an exception

Why can’t you see

I am never late

Please don’t avoid me

It’s strange how I forgot

To throw you a party

Please forgive your girlfriend

And accept my loving apology

Happy belated birthday


14) If only yesterday was

A little bit longer

To wish you happy birthday

I would have been here

If only the day passed

In real slow motion

I would have been with you

To celebrate and have fun

Happy belated birthday


15) One quality that you have

Which I haven’t seen in anyone

Is that you forgive and forget

For what others might have done

Please do the same thing today

By forgiving me too

I accept it was my fault

For forgetting to wish you

Belated happy birthday


16) I have been repenting

From so many days now

I have shown regret

So much of it and how

For forgetting your birthday

I have been drenched in sorrow

How sorry I am for it

Is all I want you to know

Happy belated birthday


17) Your special day whizzed by

Without my wishes to you

I cannot describe how

It has made me so blue

The best day of the year

Passed by without my presence

I will keep apologizing for it

Many times, not just once

Belated happy birthday


18) My wishes for you are belated

My feelings for you are not

Having forgotten to wish you

Doesn’t mean I don’t love you a lot

I did not realize yesterday

That the date in the calendar had changed

Please don’t let that be a reason

For letting us be estranged

Belated happy birthday


19) You know how I’ve always been

A tad late for all things important

That is the only reason why

I forgot a day so significant

I am ready to do the chicken walk

Or take any other punishment

For forgetting your birthday

And spoiling all the enjoyment

Happy belated birthday


20) No one is more important

To me in this world than you

I am feeling very guilty

For having forgotten to

Wish you on your birthday

And bring you a lovely gift

Causing a bad mood

Which I couldn’t uplift

Please try to overlook

This blunder of mine

I promise that I will

Get back in line

Belated happy birthday

Cute belated birthday poem to boyfriend from girlfriend

21) I have said RIP

To my forgetfulness

A goodbye I have bid

To my absent-mindedness

I have bid adieu

To all my careless ways

Now that I’ve come clean

I wish you a belated happy birthday


22) Don’t take the liberty

To assume that you have the license

To forget my birthday

Since I forgot yours once

Nothing in this world

Will ever give you the right

To forget wishing me

With a cake at midnight

Happy belated birthday


23) Your birthday celebration

Has been ruined because of me

Your joyful revelry

Have been turned into agony

Your grand plans for the day

Have bitten the dust

All your wishes and desires

Have gathered rust

I am the root cause

For all this to happen

For forgetting your birthday

And spoiling all the fun

Belated happy birthday


24) You are familiar with

My peculiar weakness

Of forgetting dates

For which I beg for your forgiveness

I did not forget

Your birthday intentionally

Please forgive me for this

Else I’ll forever feel guilty

Belated happy birthday


25) There is a reason why

I have been the last one

To wish you on your birthday

And miss your celebration

There is a reason why

I have been very late

To send you a birthday gift

Making you forever wait

It’s because I have been

A girlfriend who is irresponsible

By forgetting the special day

Of my boyfriend most special

Happy belated birthday


26) This is worst possible side of me

That you have seen recently

I’d never expect myself to do this

Steal my sweetheart’s joy and bliss

This is unlike of what I’ve ever done

Marring someone’s happiness and fun

Forgiving me for behaving this way

And running your birthday

Belated happy birthday


27) I have been super busy

Thinking and dreaming of you

That is why my birthday wishes

For you have been overdue

I have been occupied

Fantasizing about you

Which is why a few dates

In my head went askew

Otherwise there would be

No reason for me to not recollect

Your birthday and do everything

To make celebrations perfect

Happy belated birthday


28) I want you to show your anger

In each and every way

After all I’ve made the mistake

Of forgetting your birthday

I want you to stop talking

To me for a few weeks

Until you decide to give me

The forgiveness that I seek

Belated happy birthday


29) I have one more reason

To love you a lot

For much peace to my mind

You have thankfully brought

By forgiving me for not

Remembering your birthday

You have done me a favor

In each and every way

Happy belated birthday


30) I have never felt

So guilty before

In my mind I haven’t

Felt so much uproar

As I am feeling now

For missing your birthday

I am sorry baby

Is what I want to convey