Being single poems: Inspirational poems about being single and happy

Beautiful poem about being single and alone

Being single poems: Is your Facebook status single? Then you will love these inspirational poems about being out of love and away from heartbreak. These cute poems are for all the single girls, boys, men, women, moms and dads who are free from a toxic relationship. Share these short rhymes as motivational quotes, pins on Pinterest and funny text messages with all your single friends. Being single is not the same as being depressed, feeling lonely and being alone. It is a beautiful phase of life which allows you to enjoy freedom, happiness and many other pleasures which people in a relationship will never experience. Whether you have just broken up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife – always be single and happy, never single and sad.


1) I choose to be single

So I can let go

Of the hurt and pain

That stopped my life’s flow

My solitude is my strength

And not my sorrow

Being single today is better

Than being sorry tomorrow


2) Breakups can be scathing

But being single is soothing

Relationships can be hurting

But being single is relaxing

Fights with a lover can be wounding

But being single is calming

Betrayal can be heartbreaking

But being single is reassuring

Lies can be upsetting

But being single is comforting

Cheating can be devastating

That’s why being single is the best thing


3) No argument, no yelling and no fights

No tug of war and no show of might

No bickering, no quarreling and no wrangling

No making up, no sucking up and no fake hugging

If you want this to be your lifestyle permanently

Being single is the only and the best way to be


4) Are you single, are you down

And you don’t feel like going out to town

Are you single, are you sad

Is this the worst time you have ever had

Then put your chin up and smell the coffee

Because being single is like a toffee

It is sweet, precious and very dear

Savor this phase of life while it is here

Because once you hook up, you will complain

Until then, don’t let your single status go in vain


5) Search the single soul

You will find solace and solitude

Search the engaged soul

You will find frustration and feud

Being single and alone

Is a realistic choice

It is a beautiful feeling

So enjoy it, cherish it and rejoice


6) Being single is actually tougher

Than being with someone

There are so many parties to attend

And so many fun things to be done

I would rather go berserk living the city life

And have fun while spending my own money

Rather than rot in a boring suburb

And live the complacent life with my honey


7) There are many things to do

If you are alone and single

You can pursue your interests

With new people you can mingle

You can pick up a forgotten skill

Or revisit old hobbies

Bring your old school days back

By hanging out with your buddies

If you start doing all these things

You won’t have a minute to spare

Being single means that you can live

Your life freely without a care


8) Single people may have higher chances

Of surviving any natural disaster under the sun

For example, if there is an earthquake

Without thinking of their partners, they can just run

So now I have decided that being single

In my life, seems like a good fit

I have decided not to date a man again

Unless he looks like Harry Styles or Brad Pitt


9) If you chose to be single

Your life may change

You will find all the sudden freedom

Very satisfying but very strange

It is awesome to be single

And to find your own voice

You will not regret that you made

Such a beautiful choice


10) Being single means having the strength

To scrape through on your own

It means having the capacity

To survive even when you are alone

Being single means having the guts

To live without companionship

It means having the courage to break free

From the clutches or a toxic relationship


11) Single and ready to mingle

Is a phrase that rings true

When you are single

Guys will try to hit on you

Take advantage of being single

And make the choice

To be in a relationship or not

Whether to be sad or to rejoice

Everything is in your control

As long as you are single and free

Live life to the fullest

And be as happy as you can be


12) Single people are confident

Single people look cool

Single people attract others easily

Single people make others drool

Single people ooze style

Single people are happy-go-lucky

Single people don’t give a damn

Single people are always carefree



13) While my other married friends

Are busy making breakfast and meals

I am busy surging ahead and progressing

In my career by making million dollar deals

By being single I can also get

My dignity, respect and life back

At least I don’t have to worry about

My man being in another woman’s sack


14) Why desperately try

To be happily married and groan

When you can be

Carefree and happy alone

The feeling of being single

Is sweet, cute and funny

It is much better than sitting

At home with a pregnant tummy


15) Only single people know the joy

Of switching off their phones

And not being yelled at

In annoying and rude tones

They joys of being single

Are far too many I say

You can wear smelly clothes

And even forget birthdays


16) Being single means

Being carefree at the core

Being in a relationship may mean

A life which is eventually be a bore

Being single should not

Make you feel sad and cry

Being single is when you take

A new chance at life and give success a try


17) I would rather be

Single and not taken

Instead of being with someone

And then get shaken

I would rather be

Happy and alone

Instead of regretting

My relationship and moan


18) If you are single it means

That life wants you to take a break

Put your feet up in the air

And live for you own sake

If you are single it means

That life wants to teach you to let go

Be a little selfish and pamper yourself

So that you can stop feeling low


19) Being single can be tough

It can make life a little rough

But if you take things with a pinch of salt

And lock up your grief in a vault

You will be able to get past

Your loneliness, which will not last

And enjoy being single every minute

Without regretting your breakup even one bit


20) Single people can move around

Without thinking about anyone

They can shed the heavy responsibility

Of caring for their loved one

Single people can be free

To do whatever they want anytime

Enjoy this freedom while it lasts

Because it is nothing short of sublime


21) Being single is the way to go

That is the time when you will know

How much you value your own space

Life’s precious moments that you must embrace

That is the time when you will realize

Being single is nothing less than a prize

As it allows you to live life carefree

And be the way you want to be


22) Guys will flirt with you

By using silly pick up lines

They will try to get your attention

And give you flirty signs

They will pursue you till they can

And try to bag a date

Grab the fun that singlehood can bring you

For which, most people wait


23) Being single is an indication

Of the good things to come your way

So don’t sit there sulking

Go out and seize the day

Being single is a sign from above

That the heavens are about to bestow

The best part of your life on you

Where you will find happiness and how


24) Thank God you are single

Instead of being in the wrong relationship

Thank God you are alone

Instead of having mismatched companionship

Thank God you are by yourself

Instead of being stuck with the wrong guy

Thank God you are independent

And have given singlehood a try


25) Being single is not the same as being lonesome

Singlehood is totally fun and awesome

There is no need to be depressed and sad

It is way better than being stuck in a relationship that’s bad

It is your chance to put your life on pause temporarily

It is your chance to reflect and see

The things you could have done in a better way

So that your next relationship, can forever stay