I miss you poems for husband: Missing you poems for him

Sweet I miss you poem to husband from wife

I miss you poems for husband: Some couples spend hundreds of dollars for relationship counseling but little do they know that the power of a sweet message is far greater than any advice they can ever get. Open up your heart and write a few love quotes for your husband to take the first step in making your marriage exciting. Rhyme them up and send the short poems as texts, tweets, Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, emails and little handmade cards. Whether your husband is at office or has flown out for a business tour – these mushy poems will pave the way for romantic and funny conversations. By the time he comes back home, you both will be dying to hug each other and cuddle endlessly while basking in your newfound puppy love.


1) Nights don’t seem normal

When you are not beside me

Days don’t seem usual

When you are too busy

Afternoons become rotten

When you don’t answer your phone

Evenings turn bitter

When I sip on wine alone

Nothing is perfect

When your arm isn’t in mine

Without you, my dear hubby

Nothing is fine

I miss you


2) To my dear husband…

I miss you when

You come home late

I miss you when

You hang with your mates

I miss you when

You have an after work party

I miss you when

You are not at home with me

I miss you when

You have to work until late night

I miss you when

I have no one to hug tight

I miss you


3) Monday and Tuesday

Have passed away

Wednesday and Thursday

Are on their way

Friday and Saturday

I will spend without you

Sunday is going to be

Oh so dull and blue

This week will pass away

Along with a couple more

This month without my husband

Is going to be such a bore

I miss you


4) When you leave

The house becomes lonely

It falls silent

Turning very eerie

It becomes spooky

Without your presence

I get the shivers

In your absence

I miss you


5) When does day

Turn into night

When does darkness

Become light

I don’t even know

If I am alright

Without my husband

I don’t feel right

I miss you


6) I miss you

Waking up next to me

I miss sipping

On our morning coffee

I miss helping you

Tie your tie

I think I am

Going to cry

These small moments

That sum up life

Are being missed

By your loving wife


7) You are in

Another country

So far

Away from me

I am in

Another time zone

All by myself

I am home alone

I miss you

Real bad

Come back soon

Make me glad


8) To my dear husband…

You seem to always be

Working and busy

Even on weekends

You are away with friends

When you are in the house

We fight about a grouse

What happened to both of us

What has created all this fuss

I miss the old you

I hope you miss the old me too


9) Missing my husband

Has become my hobby

These days he never

Spends time with me

I do my thing

While he is at work, busy

I want him to know

That I miss him terribly


10) I don’t just miss you

When you are at office

I don’t just miss you

When I want a kiss

I don’t just miss you

When I have nothing to do

I don’t just miss you

When I am blue

I miss you without

Any occasion

I miss you in

Every situation


11) If missing you was a hobby

I would be an expert

If missing you was a religion

I would become a convert

If missing you was a job

I would be a pro

Hubby, I miss you lots

Is what I want you to know

I hope you get the gist

Of how much I miss you all day

I hope you come back home early

And make my day

I miss you


12) I want to rant aloud

But who do I rant to

I have no one else

To vent to, except you

I want to cry out loud

But what should I do

The only thing I know

Is that I miss you

I hate it when

You are not home

With your boss

I want to pick a bone


13) When you stepped out

Saying goodbye

It put my mood off

Making me cry

When you called to say

That you will be late

I kept waiting for you

Staring at the gate

Get back home quick

I miss you like hell

I will wait for you

To ring the doorbell

I miss you


14) It is not just me

Who misses you

Even your kids

Miss you too

Come back soon

We are all waiting

For a husband, a father

So loving, so caring


15) Whether you leave me for

A few minutes or an hour

Nothing feels the same

Even sweet becomes sour

Whether you leave me for

A day, week or fortnight

Everything feels dull

Nothing seems to be right

It doesn’t matter how long

You are not at home

Every second with you

Feels like an eternity

I miss you


16) My heart cracks open

Splitting into two

I don’t know how to explain

How much I miss you

My heart bleeds

When I miss you so much

It desperately seeks

Your loving touch

I miss you


17) My stomach churns

My heart burns

My pulse plunges

My diet crashes

My balance crumbles

My health tumbles

When I miss you

I hope you miss me too


18) Get permission

From your boss

Cancel your travels

Even if it means a loss

I miss you too much

When you are away

At home, right beside me

I want you stay

I miss you


19) Do you know

What I miss

Giving you a hug

And a sweet kiss

Another thing

That I miss

Is cuddling with you

To get bliss

Why do you have

To be gone so long

I am missing you

This is my heart’s song


20) You are the reason

My life is fun

You are the reason

I get things done

Imagine how lost

I feel right now

Because you are away

I miss you and how


21) Missing you

Is like a disease

It makes me

Very ill at ease

It makes me

Dull and drowsy

At night I am

Awake widely

I miss you, my hubby

Come back fast

Without you

I don’t think I can last

I miss you


22) My heart cries for you

Can you hear it

Sob day and night

Beat by beat

Can you feel the pain

Of this excruciating thought

Come back soon

Darling, I miss you a lot


23) I miss my husband very much

Even when he leaves for a while

When I don’t see him around

I just forget to smile

I feel lonely and sad

When he is not with me

I want him to stay by my side

So I can be happy


24) When you travel for work

I am tired, I am sick

Meeting you online

Just doesn’t click

When you are away for business

I am fed up, I am sore

On a stupid webcam

I want to see you no more

When are you coming back

When will I see my husband

I hope it isn’t too long

Before I get to hug you

I miss you


25) With texts and emails

I am obsessed

With checking my Facebook

I am possessed

Because that is the only way

I get to keep in touch

With my dear husband

Who I miss so much

I hate your job

I hate your boss

If you don’t come back soon

My life will go for a toss

I miss you


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