Good luck for new job: Messages for new job

Good luck for new job: Send your good luck and best wishes to colleagues, boss, friends, dad, mom, co-workers and other people in your social circle who have just got a new job. Use motivational quotes and inspirational words of wisdom to encourage them to be their professional best. Send funny text messages, write a post on their Facebook or write your message on a beautiful good luck greeting card – it will mean a lot to anyone who is about to make a career changing move.


1) Looking at the amazing new job that you have got, it seems that you already have all the luck in the world. Do you mind passing some of it to me? Good luck buddy.


2) You can get yourself a university degree by studying hard, you can learn a new professional skill by getting on the job experience, you can get a promotion by performing well in a job but there is one thing that you cannot get unless someone gives it to you – luck. So I am giving you wishes of good luck for your new job.


3) I know that you don’t need luck in doing work because you are brilliant at whatever you do. But you will need luck in dealing with your new boss. Good luck and show him what you’ve got.


4) You had a good job and a good boss. Now you have an even better job and an even better boss. It seems that you do not need any more luck because luck has been by your side all this while. Nevertheless I convey my best wishes for your new job, Mr. Lucky.


5) Good things happen to good people, which is why you have good friends like me who wish you nothing but good luck in your new job.


6) You were working for a great company and with your new job, you have secured the perfect role to give you career a significant boost. I pray that luck remains by your side and helps you realize your full potential. Good luck.


7) If luck truly favors the prepared, then you will be extremely lucky because you have always been constantly preparing yourself for the next big jump in your career by learning new skills and getting more qualified. With your new job, that big jump has finally arrived. Wishing you good luck.


8) You will not need luck for your new job. But your boss will surely need it to deal with you. Please pass on my best wishes and good luck to your boss.


9) People with perseverance, dedication, commitment, determination, fortitude and resilience rarely need to be wished good luck in new endeavors. That is because they make their own luck wherever they go. Best of luck for your new job.


10) The fact that you competed with hundred other applicants and bagged your new job speaks volumes about your merit. Good luck, although people with merit already have luck by their side.


11) Because you had good luck as a teenager, you always went out with hot dates. Because you had good luck in college, you came out with a nice degree. Because you had good luck as a job seeker, you got the best job in town. To help you continue your winning streak, I am wishing you good luck so that you do well in your new job too. Good luck.


12) I am wishing you good luck for your new job so that you get promoted quickly and give us a lavish treat. Good luck mate.


13) Good luck with getting your hands dirty in office politics, being manipulated by your new manager and dealing with difficult colleagues. I am not trying to scare you buddy, I just want to make sure that I wish you luck where you will need it the most. Good luck for your new job.


14) Since you already have everything it will take you to be successful in your new job, there is nothing much left to give you except wishing you good luck. All the very best.


15) I hope your new job brings you lost of wealth, prosperity and success. But most importantly, I hope your new job brings you perks that you can share with all your friends. Good luck.


16) Luck brings opportunities and opportunities bring success. Success brings promotions and promotions bring more money. So I am wishing you lots of the first thing in this chain – luck. Good luck for your new job.


17) LUCK is spelled out as Lovely Understanding Cute and Kind – and you are all of these. Wish you good luck in your new job.


18) Sometimes, success comes to those people who are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. And you have got the right job by making the right move at the right time. I wish that this good luck stays with you as you begin your new role.


19) You were one of the best employees in your previous job. I hope you carry on your legacy in your next job too. Good luck and have a good time.


20) You needed luck when you had to find a new job. But now that you have found a new job, you will need more luck to survive through all the pressures and deadlines. So here’s wishing you lots of luck for your new job.


21) I hope your new job brings you as much happiness as the amount of effort and hard work you put into it. Good luck in making your job enjoyable and productive at the same time.


22) A new job means that you will have to survive boring lunch breaks, do unpaid overtime and not get credit for your work. You are really going to need all the luck possible to come out of this rubbish alive. Good luck for your new job.


23) I think your company needs good luck wishes to be able to handle massive amounts of growth and success, because of the presence of meritorious employees like you. Good luck to you, and your new employer.


24) If you face problems in your new job, think of how you got selected from so many other applicants. It will automatically give you the courage and motivation to overcome all your problems. Good luck.


25) A new job means new friends, new experiences, new mentors, new problems, new perks and new problems. Good luck in welcoming a new phase of your life with your new job.


26) Some people get jobs by giving in fake recommendation letters, some people get jobs because of personal relationships and some people get jobs because of headstrong networking. But you have got your new job fair and square only because of your merit. Good luck and bring your top game to your new job.


27) Getting a job is the easy part. But performing consistently and maintaining your integrity and professional ethics is the part which is difficult for which you will need luck. Good luck to you.


28) Skills, attitude, determination and motivation – you are in control of all these predictable things. But for all other unpredictable things that affect you and your work environment, I wish you good luck in your new job.


29) If you give your new job everything you have got, your new job will return the favor to you by giving you everything you want including wealth, success, happiness and satisfaction. Good luck and give it your best shot.


30) You don’t need luck for your job because I am sure that a skilled professional like you will perform the best. But you will need luck to meet your wife’s growing shopping list since your new job means that you get a better pay. Good luck buddy.


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