Farewell poems for colleagues: Goodbye poems for co-workers

Farewell poems for colleagues: Say goodbye to your co-workers by writing a touching poem on a Farewell Card or a letter. Use sweet words, funny memories and inspirational quotes to recognize your colleagues’ achievements in the office. You can post the poem on your co-worker’s Facebook or Pinterest feed. Whether your favorite colleague is leaving for a new job or resigning due to retirement – show your gratitude for the motivation, mentorship and guidance he or she has given you. People become colleagues out of compulsion but being friends outside work is a choice. So if your co-worker is also your friend, say goodbye in a way that is a fitting end to your professional working relationship and an acknowledgement of your personal friendship.


1) Once a colleague, but always a friend

May our newfound friendship never end

Once a coworker, but always a mate

May we be sealed together by our fate

Once an associate, but always a chum

You kept my work life from being humdrum



2) FAREWELL to a colleague like you, so vivacious

F stands for you being Fastidious

A is for you being Ambitious

R signifies you being Rigorous

E acknowledges you for being Exemplary

W declares that you are Worthy

E comes again for you being Extraordinary

L is because you are always Lively

L comes again because you are so Luminous

By using all these adjectives, so precious

I want to convey that your work is thorough and vigorous

Whenever you were present, work was always so joyous



3) My best moments at work were not when

We won the clients’ heart and got their clean chit

My best moments at work were when

We got appreciation as a team, bit by bit

My best moments at work were not when

Our department emerged as the best

My best moments at work were when

Our joint efforts got singled out from the rest

My best moments at work were not when

We got awards and trophies new

My best moments at work were when

I got to spend time and work with a colleague like you



4) To my dear colleague….

You are leaving us and going away

That is going to be such a burden

We will miss all your insightful inputs

You were our employee number one

You have found a greener pasture

And a much better avenue

But you will be missed a lot

I wish a heartfelt goodbye to you



5) Do you remember

All those inconsequential conversations

All that casual banter

And those faulty decisions

Do you recollect

All that infectious laughter

And those never ending coffee breaks

Which we thought made us smarter

I will miss every moment

I spent with you mate

If I ever get a chance to work with you again

I would love to collaborate



6) Like a diver has to dive again and again

To find that precious pearl from the ocean

I may have to change many jobs to find

A colleague like you who is so much fun

Like an ant has to climb again and again

To finally reach the top of the tree

I may have to try very hard to find

A perfect colleague like you, for me



7) I can see that your Twitter feed is overflowing

With messages of farewell and goodbye

I can see that your wall on Facebook is brimming

With good wishes, I can see why

I can see that your contacts have pinned inspirational quotes

Wishing you farewell on Pinterest

These are from friends and family

Because for you, they all wish nothing but the best

Mine is a simple poem

That I have written especially for you, mate

May you have a great run in your next job

With only success, written in your fate



8) I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my boss

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to teammate new

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my client

But I hate saying goodbye to an old colleague like you

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my supervisor

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my manager

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my associate

But I hate saying goodbye to a wonderful coworker

Farewell dear friend


9) Take me along with you

To the new company you are going to

So that I can share your cabin space

And continue to look at your inspirational face

Because I am going to miss you a lot

Without you here, I hope I don’t lose the plot

So the best solution of this situation

Is to send your new company my job application



10) To my colleague….

Wherever you go

May your skills bring productivity

Wherever you go

Your talent, may your seniors see

Wherever you go

May your abilities fetch you accolades

Wherever you go

May your glory never fade

Wherever you go

Success, may you see

Wherever you go

May you always remember me



11) Farewell is said to those colleagues

Who leave and never turn back

But I am sure you will keep in touch

Of each other’s progress, we will have track

Farewell is said to those colleagues

Who permanently say goodbye

But I am sure we will keep meeting

And have the time to text each other hello and hi

Goodbye mate

12) You leave us on two notes

One good and one bad

The first one leaves us happy

And the second one makes us sad

You got a better job elsewhere

And that is great news

But that fact that you are going

Is giving all of us the blues



13) My dear colleague….

With whom will I discuss the stock prices of the day

To whom will I always have something to say

Who will I invite to my house for a barbecue

Who will cover up for my absence like you

It is a pity that I won’t see you at work anymore

Coming to work every day will feel like a chore



14) As you start earning big bucks

As you start meeting new mates

As you start getting aboard new projects

As opportunity opens its gates

Don’t forget your old colleagues

Who were fond of you so much

Don’t fail to recognize us months later

On phone and Facebook, do keep in touch



15) There is one person in the company

Who I admire a lot

He is the one who showed me the ropes

How to negotiate with others, he taught

That person is not my boss

Or anyone from senior management

I am talking about you

A colleague, known for his achievement



16) I wish all colleagues were like you

So easy to work with and so lively

If that was the case

Then work wouldn’t be going on so bleakly

If all colleagues were like you

Then work would be sweet as a cake

I would love coming to work everyday

And never need a break



17) With you, everything got done so quickly

I didn’t even realize when time flew

Even though my workload will remain the same

Things will be different without you

Now things are going to change

As you take up a job elsewhere

My work routine will become humdrum

Jokes and gossip, with whom will I share?



18) About your departure, I had a bit of a hunch

When you were sending job applications

But I deliberately didn’t reveal

That I knew your intentions

A new place will give you a good change

From the routine you followed here

I hope your new job turns out to be

A turning point in your career

This farewell message

Is meant to bring you

Many promotions in your new job

Which were long overdue



19) I was lucky to have a co-worker like you so fine

I am proud to have called you a colleague of mine

Together, we both made a super cool team

Of the entire office, we were the cream

With your resignation, I have lost a dear teammate

To get another one like you, I will have to wait

I wish you luck in your new enterprise

If it becomes an overnight success, it won’t be a surprise



20) As you tread along on a new path

You will face many obstacles

As you cross new nooks and turns in your way

You will have to overcome new troubles

Believe in yourself and the goal you have chosen

Then you will cruise along just fine

As I wish you farewell, I want to confess

That you will always be a friend of mine



21) As the goodbyes start pouring in

From the whole office

You will start feeling a little anxious

But you will also feel some bliss

Bringing change in life

Is one of the few tough things

But without a daring move

Your dreams will never get wings

Congratulations and farewell


22) The time has come

When you say goodbye

To lament the loss

Of a good colleague and sigh

The time has come

To up our hopes

That your replacement

Knows the job’s ropes


23) You are leaving us with a gift

Of a very valuable legacy

Of doing things with exact precision

Very carefully and very meticulously

You are also leaving us

On a solemn note

We will miss a colleague like you

Who has always made us gloat


24) You are leaving the job

But you aren’t leaving us

So stop grabbing all the attention

And making such a fuss

We will meet often

And regularly keep in touch

Now stop making us say

That we will miss you very much



25) Now that you are not around

There will be less noise in here

All the chaos will reduce

In the direction of success, we will veer

I hope you know that I am kidding

And none of this is true

This office is going to be a graveyard

Without a bubbly colleague like you