Bon voyage messages

Bon voyage messages: Wish your friends, co-workers, family members, husband, wife, partner, colleagues or boss bon voyage by writing a touching message. Your wishes can be in the form of a sweet message on a bon voyage card, good luck text message, funny tweet or a simple Facebook post reminding the traveler to take care. Bon Voyage literally means ‘have a good trip’ and your message will be a form of emotional support whether the person is going on a business tour, family holiday, vacation with friends or backpacking trip.


1) As you pack your bags and leave for your holiday, I am praying that you never get lost along the way. Have fun my friend, bon voyage.


2) Your travels will form some of the most fascinating chapters in the book of your life. Bon voyage.


3) This beautiful world is God’s handmade collage, for your travels across the globe I wish you bon voyage.


4) Whether you visit beautiful Switzerland or the exotic Bahamas, you are bound to be smitten by the world’s beautiful panorama. Bon voyage.


5) After you are back you better take me out for coffee, because I am feeling sad that you going on a holiday without me. Bon voyage.


6) Discover, find, seek, search, rummage, explore, visit, unearth – if you like the sound of these words, I bet you will enjoy your holiday. Bon voyage.


7) To God I sincerely pray, that you have a safe and awesome holiday. Bon voyage my friend.


8) You are lucky to be able to travel so much for business, I am a little jealous of you I confess. Bon voyage.


9) Traveling with leisure is the treasure from which only some of us can take pleasure. Lucky you, bon voyage.


10) Travel with an adventurous heart and an open mind, and bring me home any exotic souvenir that you can find. Bon voyage.


11) Capture every landscape in you new iPhone’s panoramic view, for unfortunate ones like us whose holidays are long due. Bon voyage.


12) May you discover beautiful things, as you fly across the world on a plane with wings. Bon voyage.


13) Like your own life, may this journey be full of surprises and fun. Bon voyage.


14) A man’s life is only half lived if he does not throw a bag in his car and start driving in the company of friends, not knowing where the road will lead. Bon voyage and have an awesome road trip.


15) I know you think that traveling is must, may you always be bitten by such an amazing wanderlust. Bon voyage.


16) I know that your business trip is just an excuse, actually you just want to go there to enjoy the cruise. Bon voyage.


17) May your travels cure the biggest worries of life, I wish a safe and happy journey to you and your wife. Bon voyage.


18) Beautiful and rare sights in this world are many, but beautiful travelers like you are few. Bon voyage sweetheart.


19) As you pack your suitcase to go aboard, for your safety and security I will pray to God. Bon voyage.


20) Travel is the best form of education. So pack in as many new experiences as you can on your vacation. Bon voyage.


21) As you leave for your overseas trip, I am going to give you the only and most important advice you need to remember – don’t forget to take your credit card along. Bon voyage.


22) The secret to enjoying a holiday lies in turning off your cell phone, not checking your email, not logging into Facebook and not checking your Twitter until you are back. Bon voyage.


23) When you travel with the people you like, it doesn’t matter where you are going. Bon voyage and enjoy your family vacation.


24) Since you are not taking me along, the least you can do after you come back is to invite me, treat me to delicious food and drinks as you show me pictures of your trip. Bon voyage.


25) Get lost, run out of money and do crazy things – these are the memories from your travels that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage.


26) Don’t go sightseeing. Instead, go experience-seeking. Bon voyage.


27) Pack as light as you can so you can fill your bags with memories when you return. Bon voyage.


28) If you really want to enjoy your travels, you must stop looking and watching. Instead, you must start feeling and experiencing. Bon voyage.


29) Some people say travelling makes you wise. Some people say travelling makes you humble. I say, don’t think and just travel. Bon voyage.


30) Don’t be in a hurry to reach different places and new cities. Rather, take a deep breath to enjoy the cultures and new faces. Bon voyage.


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