Birthday poems for boyfriend

Sweet birthday card poem to boyfriend from girlfriend

Birthday poems for boyfriend: Writing a happy birthday poem for your boyfriend is easier than you think. Just think of all the love, the funny memories and the romantic things you want to say to him. Weave this all together in a sweet rhyme and write it on a card. Post it on Facebook if you want to make a big deal out of it by letting all your friends read your unique birthday wish. Whether you have just begun dating or you have been in a relationship for a long time, a cute poem is the perfect way to express yourself. After all, there is no point of being in love if a cheesy greeting card straight from the supermarket shelves is all the effort you are going to put in to make your relationship special.


1) I hope your birthday cake

Is as sweet as you

I hope that your birthday party

Is as cool as you

I hope that all your friends

Show you a good time

But when all the dust settles

You are all mine

Happy birthday


2) Today is your birthday

It is the best chance to say

I Love You, from the bottom of my heart

I have felt this way from the very start

I can’t believe how lucky I am

To have a guy, sweeter than jam

As I wish you a Happy Birthday

I hope you feel the same way


3) For every candle that you blow today

I am going to make a wish and pray

May you always remain so handsome and sweet

May your love for me never deplete

May we always be together and near

Wishing you a very happy birthday dear


4) Sometimes so sweet

Sometimes so savory

But out of all your tastes

I like you best spicy

Sometimes hot tempered

Sometimes so happy

But out of all your moods

I like you best naughty

Happy birthday hottie


5) There is no greater satisfaction

Than basking in our passionate attraction

There is no greater happiness

Than to kiss you and experience breathlessness

There is no greater pleasure

Than to cherish our love’s treasure

There is no greater joy

Than to call you my boy

Happy birthday


6) Everything seems so perfect and nice

Since we started dating, I haven’t seen a low

My life right now seems like a bright sunny sky

Highlighted with lovely hues and a beautiful rainbow

The love is beautiful, the romance is tingling

The passion is sizzling, the reason is YOU

This is all I wanted to say on your birthday

I hope that you feel the same way too

Happy birthday


7) I couldn’t help but blush

On the day you told me that I was your crush

I couldn’t help but break out in a jiggle

When you asked me out with a giggle

I couldn’t help but smile

For the first time, when you held my hand for a while

All I want to say to you on your birthday

Is that I blush when I think of you, even today

Happy birthday


8) Birthdays come and go

But you forever be

The guy who in my dreams

I adoringly see

Birthdays come and go

But my love for you

Is forever, permanent

Sweet and true

Happy birthday


9) We have been dating for a few months now

I feel like the happiest girl in the world

Thinking about you

Makes me blush, twist and twirl

On your birthday, I’ll give you a long kiss

When the whole world can see

This is only one way in which I can show you

How much you mean to me

Happy birthday


10) My dear boyfriend, you are

Hot, hot, hot

I really love you

A lot, lot, lot

I want your birthday to be

Fun, fun, fun

You are my boyfriend number

One, one, one

Happy birthday

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